"Dedicated to rooting out Toxicity"


Are you?
Here’s a suggestion.
Get rid of the ‘smart’ replacements for ‘gg ez’.
It’s funny for lower levels, but after 500+ levels of seeing this, you know what it is and you know it’s toxic/spam.

Other games actually have an auto-delete function on their chats when an ‘unwelcome’ word or phrase is use.

So, instead of letting people spam the chat with the replacements for ‘gg ez’, how about just setting up an auto-delete? I do not want to see responses of ‘report them for spam/abusive chat’ because I do and yet nothing has been done with this ‘transmogrification filter’.


  1. Remove the ‘gg ez’ replacements
  2. Add an auto-delete to stop the ‘gg ez’ (or similar) going through.
  3. Have the chat warn the offending player.
  4. Mute the player from the chat for the entirety of the match if they continue to try and use it.
  5. If they continue to try and transgress, suspend them.



This. Please, Blizzard. I’m constantly reporting people for it, because it’s bad sportsmanship, but why do the players have to be the chat filter?


I agree remove all players that type EZ and typing the word Cancer in game.


This is probably one of the reasons why the decent and friendly players are leaving.


Its not like GG in itself is used right, from what i see only the people who win bother to say that, like its just pointless to say gg once you beat a team that had 5 dps as with 2/2/2.


Yeah, but ridding the game of ‘gg’ would be too far. Just the ‘ez’ and any iteration of it.


Sounds like somebody got gg ez’d pretty hard. They’re not going to revert it because players will always find a way to mentally t-bag on other players without breaking the rules. Gg ez filters are just a more wholesome way to do it as many players say it just for those quirky one-liners rather than as a way to say ez which is the intended result of such filter. Whether you interpret it as toxicity or not is completely up to yourself because these one-liners aren’t reportable and reporting them counts as false reporting.


Or just when some one uses GG EZ you dont get mad and go on with your day ?



What about a double layered filter? One that simply censors, one that completely removes the profane/toxic message from the chat log of the person who doesn’t want to deal with it at all? No reason it can’t be both ways right?


That’s not the point.
Also, mocking me by adding ‘Simple.’ to the end of your post? Just goes to show that you’re probably one of those who prides themselves in using the ‘gg ez’.


No the point is if you have your way we end up with chat bars looking like this $*%# $@#@ $&$&# @@#

The problem even if they remove GG EZ or EZ or some slur you will find new walls to kick.

Just grow up and learn to look past it.


Very smart ideas. Should be implemented.


Or toxicity could be actually dealt with since it’s, y’know, their jobs…

That or they pay people to be the chat filter. I’d happily report ‘gg ez’ people for money.


Fun fact before the so called war on toxicity GG EZ slurs wasnt so wide spread,

Now that the word is filtered, it is overused.

this is what happens when u ban or try to fight sertain words.
just be like me and just dont care and look past it then it will die out really fast.

The moment u choose to not be offended by it, the word lose there meaning and power. in the end its all thanks to the whiny kids.


or if someone types gg ez you can mute them and not see anything from them again, its not that deep.


How about you stop being a little bitch


This is a good idea. Just identify the phrases and don’t show them, effectively wasting the players time. Makes more sense than changing it into a silly meme that can be easily spammed.


lmao, you seriously think you can prevent people from writing ez into chat? there are countless ways to convey this message to the opposing team. Nothing you can do about it, neither can blizzard.



I don’t really understand that obsession with “gg ez” … it’s just something people write, and more importantly it describes the game played, not you. If you’re in Hanamura defence, and you lose under 3 minutes, you have no business being mad on people writing “gg ez” because that game was exactly that - easy. You should be mad on yourself for allowing enemies to win in under 3 minutes(on a map that defence usually wins).
Basically, in most FPS games, it’s not about how to beat opponent, but how to beat them and then do something hilarious to humiliate them … that’s why for people who got here from FPS games, “gg ez” is something they write without thinking about it, and as person who played a lot of FPS, I read it as “I won, and now I’m cocky about it”(I’m so happy for the guy, but don’t care about them or what they write) … not sure why would it hurt you so much to report someone over it, but your choice, I guess … you can report whatever you find offensive.


my only question is why do you find gg ez toxic i mean why are u sucha crybaby really i cant stand people like you anymore you find everything offensive just play someone types gg ez you can just ignore it whats the problem with it that person might just be trolling and its such a naive trolling way i dont understand why do you cry so much over it honestly its not like he went on typing streak to insult ur living and dead family he just said gg ez and you label him as toxic for christs sake…