"Dedicated to rooting out Toxicity"


Sounds like a good idea in theory but banning something doesn’t do a whole lot to discourage an activity


I am not even a ggez writer but you are way too soft. You wont grow as a player when you can not even deal with such bs.


You are all thin-skinned. It’s all good fun.


People who regulary report that are not “crybabies” or “thin-skinned”, but toxic as well, actually even more. They’re not offended, they just want you punished - “how dare you win and rub it in my face”.
People writing “gg ez” might be bad winners, but people reporting it are sore losers …


Lol. Old thread but you can change the title because Blizz is known to breed and encourage toxicity.

The fact that “ez” is considered “unappealable toxicity” but “gg ez” isn’t, or the fact that D.Va’s voice line “I’m going to own all these noobs!” is more toxic than the things players can get banned for is just ridiculous. Blizzard is a cringe compilation…

SJWzzard Entercringement

Take note that acceptable names are determined by player reports and Blizzard’s decision

Acceptable behaviour is determined by player reports and Blizzard’s decision

That’s taken straight out of the Code of Conduct, what this means is that they’re letting people who shouldn’t even be on the Internet dictate what’s OK to do in their games… Or you can just interpret it as them letting ppl report out of spite just to get others banned, this on top of the “Action has been taken…” notifications adds up to Blizzard enabling and rewarding toxic reporting behaviour :slight_smile:

If Blizzard removed the automatic bans but perhaps kept the automatic silences (with an improved appeal system that actually works) then we’d be better off than right now. But that’s not enough. Every single person who’s ever filed a fake report should be banned. If a single “ez” post is an unappealable offense, then being toxic enough to fake report should also get you banned. After all, abusing the system is both harassment AND fake reporting… Whereas typing “ez” is only toxic in some contexts.

I was gonna do 40m multiboxing in WoW Classic but I’m sure as hell not going to support Blizzard now. The pathetic losers even lack conviction, they ban you from one game but they don’t even ban you from the others? What? You can’t make this up!! :laughing:

Maybe Blizzard isn't Greedy After All [?]

I say gg ez, even if its a good fight, its just memeing, sometimes i say gg after because it was a good game, but sometimes its fun to meme or say it to trash talkers


Personally I’m not a big fan of any form of censoring.
Instead I believe in consequences for ones actions.

But If you really want some sort of censoring system in place. how about we let the players create a personal blacklist?

This way people who really care about something being censored, have the control to do so.
At the same time, people who don’t want anything censored can just leave the blacklist empty.


Valve don’t censor. They also allow custom avatars and lots and lots of name changes. Pretty cool.