Dropped 3 divisions

I used to be silver 2, and lost like 10-15 games so far.
When I logged in today, I realised that I’m silver 5 now.
What could be the problem?
If i lose 15 games, then i should be dropped to silver 3, right?
Please, help me identify the possible problems.

Depends how out your MMR is fro your rank.

15 losses is what… 375sr in old money… So if each division is 100sr in silver, then it seems quite likely.

If your MMR was higher than your rank, you’d probably have only dropped 1.

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This is such a bullsh#t system blizzard is using

Not really, its just poorly explained, so people dont understand it.

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Hope you will get back to your previous ranking soon


If your skill really is higher than silver5, you will get there.

Sometimes you get rotten luck and the enemy teams just out play yours. Remember how they did it and keep an eye out for the same tactics in the future and try to stop those from happening in the future.

If you don’t play support be aware of them pinging enemy dps and help them accordingly. Unless you’re a tank and in a feisty tank duel at the time.

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Much prefer the old style from OW1.

Yep 10-15 losses is quite heavy. The big drop in divisions is to be expected but you’ll easily climb that back.

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It is very very consistent of playing because you will loose cuz:

  1. Your team is trash
  2. Someone is hacking
  3. You or somebody gets disconnected
  4. Somebody gets angry and trolls or just leave

You see that many possibilities apart of just a bad game/team are in factor. I stopped playing from my other account due to those reasons.

Honestly. Take it and enjoy the lower games.

The more you climb, the stupidier the games seem to get. So my advice… don’t worry about climbing, just have fun. What will be will be.

Greetings, @Solex0906, what did you expect? A few months ago I read a post from RodimusPrime, and it was true, he said: ‘‘Some people expect when they lose to gain points from that lost’’. :'D

As I said loosing is more likely than winning because you DEPEND on other people and their mood, supply and etc.

Not really. Most of my win rates are around 60%.

Same here.

I was silver on tank but climbed to Gold 3 during a 9 win streak. You can get back there easily. Good luck!

Most players will have moved up a little when the adjusted the MMR distribution curve over the last season.

It is why the most common rank as moved from gold/plat to plat/diamond. That is now the new “average skill” point.

Do you have proof of the opposite?

I have only my own experience on the topic, i’m a relatively avarage player and did reach plat.

Do you have any proof of your words? Where’s your source? It’s your opinion, not a fact.

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I said i only have my own experience of reaching plat and i don’t think i’m anything but avarage as a player, i haven’t said anything else based on opinions in this thread.
(Unless you mean rodimus’ post which i didn’t write)

This is harassment, just so you know.
The only proof you have of my supposed second identity is your own opinion. Could you please drop it?

This is a public forum, whenever you post something every person on this forum has the right to reply to it if they want.

Now what makes you think that plat isn’t an avarage skill tier?

What is “rating bashing”. Never seen anyone but you call it that. (it is called rank shaming btw)

And I was talking about mathematical distribution, something they mentioned in a recent matchmaker update. Not anything to do with you or anyone else specifically. It is the same reason why I’ve moved up ranks, because of that change to the distribution curve.

Also, please stop harassing Hieiko. She isn’t me, your vendetta is with me. As childish as having a vendetta like that is, keep it aimed at me. Not others. (I don’t care what you have to say about me, lifes too short. Petty vendettas are for those with nothing better to do).

Btw, the “proof” that you want (copying Bubs now…) is from a chat the “systems designer” Gavin Winters and “software engineer” Morgan Maddren had on Twitch with Eskay and Jay3 (about 2 weeks ago).