Forced 50% winrate is so obvious

forced 50% winrate is so obvious. I did the placement games and won 8 out of 10…
then was paired with potatoes only for 6 games in a row… as soon as I was back on 50% winrate from 80% I started to win again, but only then. forced 50% winrate = no skill is reflected in sr ever… it’s sad to have comp mode that has nothing to do with skill but matchmaking is forcing 1 sided games to stick to 50% rate…
You could literally not leave spawn for 20 games and still will be winning 10 games. It’s sad that they force you to lose when you could play well and force you to win when you are crap.


And yet people frequently do bronze-gm in <24 hours

And yet people still throw games to lower their SR

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There is no such thing.


In my experience there is this hidden stat thing like if you’re lets say plat rank, there is 3 different plat ranks “low mmr, mid mmr and high mmr” obviously your team and opponents are good at high mmr games at that rank you’re in.

And when you win games, you move up, with winstreaks you keep up in high mmr and gain more sr. Or am i just wrong?

This is why if you play at any rank and see someone doing bad choices or just blows straight up, then that player is low mmr at that rank.

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just played as healer… climbed 200sr, then endless loss streak of 10 games no matter how much break i had between games lasted as long as a fell back to 50% winrate. Consistanlty happening, so forced losses are real


If forced 50% winstreak is real then pls tell me why I managed to climb to master on my tryhard acc in season 13 or 14 and then to midmaster next season? And after quitting in season 15 and coming back this season I did the climb from mid diamond to master again. And that even with a f*cked up at ratio (wining around 5 sr less then losing)


50% win chance is implied within the strive for best possible match balancing, which is the primary function of the matchmaker. As you’d play against equally skilled players the outcome is roughly at 50% to your favor in these cases - thats the definition of balance.
Nothing to see here, move along.



Also, how can Blizzard tell if 6 people are going to have a good or bad game. If they have this ability, they are f***ing genius and I take back any criticism of the dev team lol.


So you want GM and Bronze in the same match as the alternative?


Ain’t that wat already hapens with them smurfs erryone complain about?

I have the same problem here as this guy. I play as a healer and win like 18 of 20 matches and once my win rate spikes up above 50 there’s an issue where i lose consistently because i’m just paired with crappy players that dont respond at all like they’re bots or something and my wait time increases considerably, probably to carry these potatos with low win rates. And it’s easy to calculate when someone is going to do terribly, their W/L rate is usually a good indicator. I consistently get paired with people that don’t do objectives… it’s usually by that point i wish we had a 3/4 vote out button. Just let the AI take over, it’s ridiculous when players don’t play. If they have an issue with a team booting them out, report it and let Blizz sort it out if they were in the wrong or not.


get rid of your tinfoil.
There is no reason for blizzard to make you lose on purpose. Its all normal fluctuation and combination of you having bad luck paired with your skill ceiling.


If the game (in terms of players skill rating) is fairly balanced, you should have a 50/50 chance of winning any match… so a 50% win rate is just a sign that that is the case…


What nightwing said…
When you have 2 teams, ever match has a winchance of 50%… So there is nothing wrong

People do bronze to gm in 24 h on new accounts ,with fresh mmr. Try that on an old account and see how it goes


You got the point there. I’ve been struggling to climb out of plat for months and instead I just bought this new account. I’m already hanging out in low masters.
Coordination or voice chat is rare in plat and below. Everyone’s just running around yolo and shoot anything they see first & blast all of their abilities in the first second of the fight.
It’s extremely hard for me to always carry them as a support.

Yes one might be able to stomp through and accross the ladder but the majority of us are mortal average players who no matter how hard they try they won’t be able to solo carry every game.

Either way the ranking system is pretty bad. If I’m truly plat then why did it place me me masters on a new account. Or the other way around If I belonged to masters then why it won’t let me climb any higher than mid plat on the old account?


This. I have a couple of accounts, one I got just to test this theory and there are 3 ranks difference between the two. Either I got really lucky or something isn’t right. Likewise, I found taking a couple of seasons break on my main seemed to boost me up the ranks when I did my placements, so…???


If a GM player has an account in bronze. View it with great suspicion.

They will have bought it as pre leveled bronze. And that his very much against ToS

You goobers need to take blizzard’s dick out of your mouths… you can find validation in something actually worthwhile. It’s clearly hard set at 50% so the weak can get some wins; this is to keep them coming back and spending money–dont be obtuse. I’m right and anyone that disagrees is wrong… you all remind me of school shooters.


Goes well got an old account of mine which I didn’t use from low plat/high gold to masters. Stomped nearly every match until high diamond. Had a 87% winrate with Ashe probably could have gotten an even higher one if I had tried to win every single round as hard as I could.

The account was from season 10 just for reference.

Before anybody starts crying about how I shouldn’t be proud of stomping worse players: I just used this example to prove that 50/50 winrate is bullsh*t if you are truly better then you will carry. At least as dps.