Forced losing streaks: Yes it is a skill issue… my teams skill

I am having around 55 % win rate all the way up to silver1, the second I ranked up at most ranks and it was especially noticable at silver 1 my team mates become mindless bots for the next few games and I go on a losing streak of pretty much unwinnable games. I deranked to silver 3 and my team mates become better so I ranked back up to silver 1 winning most games after the derank. The second I got back to silver 1 after winning most game my team mates become mindless bots again. I don’t want to hear “Your opponents just got better” or “git gud” because that is not the issue ATALL… MY TEAM GETS WORSE. I should be matched with and against better players as I rank up and Its very very clear that is not happening… I have good, competent team mates that seem to be at the same skill level as me and know what they are doing but as soon as I go on a win streak and rank up then I get matched with bronze 5 team mates with no brain. And no… I am not just saying they play like bronze 5… they are actually bronze 5 ranked by their own admission. So the game is like “Hey you are playing good and ranking up… here is some mindless bots as team mates, have fun!”…. Match me with players of my own rank/ skill level not force losses by giving me team mates many ranks lower than me that have no idea how to play the game and were my own sr seems to be the only sr on the team. Now Im not wanting to come across like “I’m the best, every team member I get is trash” because that is not the case and up until the point I go on a win streak and rank up my team members are just as good as me, maybe even better sometimes. So I have a win streak with these competent players on my team and rank up… then my team mates become mindless bots again… It’s a very common pattern and it’s extremely obvious this is happening.

I saw the title and laughed.

Forced losing streaks are not a thing. It’s not even a logical thing for the game to do.


Read the whole thing, I know the difference between players of my skill level and bronze 5 mindless bots.

I’ve scanned it and saw a lot of passing the buck.

I tend to just move past it when people just blame team mates.

If you think you are so much better, you’ll be carrying most your games and you’ll be climbing way beyond them pretty quickly.

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Your reading skills need work then, because I clearly stated some of my team mates are probably better than me and didn’t claim I am the best.

And if I am silver 1, then I am better than the bronze 5 team mates I get matched with, am I not ? Is that not why they are bronze 5 and I am silver 1 ?

Not necessarily.

You are matched on MMR and SR (both now hidden from view) not rank badges.

They could have hight MMR than you. Maybe provide game codes to show the issue, instead of ranting about it.

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Why are they in bronze 5 then if they have the same or higher MMR or SR as me ? nonsense

MMR is not ranks.

When you place for the first time in OW2. Your MMR is unchanged and moves along as normal.

Your now hidden SR drops by a good chunk (some saying between 500-1000 SR but sometimes more (there was an issue)), there is every chance youre getting similar ranked OW1 players that haven’t worked back up the ranks yet.

They arn’t working up any ranks. The players I get on my team before my win rate becomes too much over 50% will be ranking up. The players I get when approaching 60% win rate are staying in bronze.

You are aware Bronze 5 is a 1000sr window. It takes awhile to get out of. Every other division is around 100sr.

You don’t understand, the skill level of my team mates completely changes. It ranges from extremely competent to mindless.

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No it doesn’t.

You might get mixed performances. It’s low ranks, people are massively inconsistent.

It definitely does, I don’t know if you are just a blizzard shill trying to gloss over it or just play in a stack and are oblivious to how it works but I’m not the only one who has noticed this pattern and I have seen many many posts claiming the same thing. Its a system to slow you down and keep you at around 50% so you will climb slower than you would with a fair system and spend more time playing the game… that is the logical reason for a system like that.

No, just a player with thousands of games played, reviewed, and studied.

Oh, you’re one of those that think a specific percentage win rate is forced. Good luck to you.

Its too obvious, And I’m not even saying it because I have a bad win rate. Overall my win rate is around 55-60 and I am still climbing despite a few set backs and have not been hard stuck yet. That doesn’t change the fact I can tell the exact moment the quality of my team mates changes.

“too obvious”

What it is called is confirmation bias.

The match makers is a single algorithm working a few numbers. It isnt some adaptive learning ai that tracks your form.

I don’t even want to say it but… I literally score 100% on both pattern recognition and analytical thinking. I think I know when there is a pattern occuring :slight_smile: The system is rigged to give you low SR team mates every now and again, fact.

Thank you for making me laugh.
Well played.

I actually did tho :sweat_smile: I know you are in denial but that is how the matchmaking is working and it’s not even subtle about it.


You keep making nonsense up to justify your failings.

Good luck to you.