"Good Job Mercy / Ana"

Accepted, appreciated or hated - It’s about your pick, not your performance.

As an example: I just finished a game playing Moira, where I was top healer of both teams and without sounding cocky or anything, I do believe that I made a very big impact in the game, countering Genji for one.

Now, this game was not unique, because after we won and the game was over, team mates said “Thank you Mercy!”

if it was an Ana, it would have been “Thank you Ana!”.

But as Moira or even Lucio, you will never hear or read such words.
Because you are by default useless and people don’t like you, no matter how many times you save their lives, even if you totally carry them.

Because being “top healer” doesn’t really mean a lot.

Be like saying a DPS did the most damage, they spent 10 minutes shooting the tank and getting no elims though …

If you’re just heal botting your tank, but the ana or mercy is using their kit to enable people to do their jobs… They are doing more than you.

Moira maybe, Lucio no, speed too powerful.

I mostly play moira and i always get thank you from people .

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I don’t play support that much.
I’ve played so many games where our Moira or Lucio has been really good, but players just complain.

I’m just saying that I think some players blame other players by default, without even checking stats or knowing what they are doing. And this I notice is mostly about Moira and Lucio.

People complain, because they don’t know how to make rush comps work. So they always want a nano or a damage boost.

Sadly Moira is very weak in comparison right now, so rush comps usually use someone else.

Parasitic heroes that feel unfair to face have a stain on their name (Moira, Lucio, Brigitte most of all). And it’s understandable, I would be much happier if these heroes were not in the game so I won’t thank people who play them.

Says all that… Then looks at his name…

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Look, the game has to have heroes that are easy to get value out of. Otherwise half the players would just leave.
I’m sorry if someone playing a low aim hero bothers you, maybe just learn to counter them instead of complaining.

People complain about mercy being too easy to play as well but all of the supports mentioned take a lot of gamesense and awareness to get right, especially on higher ranks.

I’m sorry if there exists a counter to your main pick, deal with it like everyone else does. People will play these heroes regardless of your opinion.

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It’s mostly because some supports are more notisable than others. Unless you win a clutch battle with your ult you just get complained about.

I had a game where our tank kept calling both of the supports useless (used an abelist word) while we were continuously fighting for our lives against a sombra and a genji that our tank systematically ignored in favour of going for the enemy tank that was enjoying a double pocket.

We only made some headway after the ana and i stopped caring about the toxic tank and just kept our dps healthy instead, because they at least helped us when we got jumped on.

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Lmao your nsme alone is enough

Mercy could of been pocketing the person who said ‘Thank you’.
Mercy could of got some key rez’s off on the person who said ‘Thank you’.

That said, you played to counter the genji and likely his ult which should be a thank you in itself.

The comms have gone out of the game over recent times, and the end of match chatter, even the functionality when you can “Like” a players card at the end over a sort of MVP stat.

When the comms are alive in the team, then you can expect a “Well Played” or from a overall team perspective.

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These two heroes get thanked a lot, mainly because of ressing and nanaboost. I kept nanoboosting a Rein, to which he thanked me at the end of the match.

Sadly Moira doesn’t have anything to be thanked for in comparison. People choose to thank over ressing or nanaboosts than healing overall.

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That’s because Moira’s utility isn’t great. That’s what people notice.

She is still a good beginner friendly hero and will serve you with very steady avarage stats until you get to ranks where she loses that usefulness because people learn how to counter her.

In casual play however she can be very deadly on a long flank or as a distraction to the enemy backline while the rest of your team deletes the rest of them.

True. You can easily climb with her, you just have to abuse other people’s lack of gamesense and awareness.

I can carry games in plat/diamond with her without “playing with my team”. She isn’t difficult to get value. Just had the worst utility of all the supports right now. I can do the same but much easier playing Bap, but I have fairly good aim.

“using their kit” mercy holding Rclick on the widow the entire game, doing so much yeah :+1:

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Haha pretty much!

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That is part of her kit. Mercy pocketing a DPS while the other support keeps people up is the ideal way to play a support comp that includes Mercy.

Blue beam is far stronger and far more impactful than the healing beam.

then you just confirmed it’s not a matter of skill but if your hero is strong or not.

if you think mercy pocketing a single dps is a good thing, then it’s your problem

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Well it is. I dislike Mercy’s kit more than most. I think hard pocketing is a bad concept for the game. But the skill is knowing how to take the path of least resistance to a win. Same with any hero.

If one of your DPS is carrying, and you can play Mercy… Why wouldn’t you pocket them.