I'm having massive FPS drops in Overwatch 2

Dear technical support,

As the title says, I’m having a lot of FPS drops in Overwatch 2, and I cannot understand why. It takes a lot to load up the models/maps, my 60 FPS goes to 30 → 20 → 60 → 50 → 9 → 45->60->30, etc.

I’m already playing with the lowest graphics/video settings, disabled all background apps, repaired the game and nothing. It seems like the game is consuming a lot of my CPU/memory. Don’t know why this is happening since I played Overwatch 1 without any problems.

I’m making this post as I couldn’t find anyone with this specific issue.

Thanks for your attention.


Had same problem / crashes at first, on Linux.
Switching Lutris runner to Wine-Caffe 7.18 resolved it, now playing without problems.

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Hey, I’m glad you could resolve your problem! However, I play on Windows, so I don’t know how to make the changes that you made.
Really waiting for another solution!

Thanks for answering, though :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, these changes are for Linux only. And they weren’t made by blizzard, instead the wine-caffe devs fixed it for them, lmao…

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Drastic FPS swings in games typically imply some form of hardware throttling going on - as in, some external factor artificially reducing performance at times. We might be able to tell more accurately what is going on with some diagnostics logs of the computer (please just upload them to a service like pastebin, and post the link here).

I used to have a good frame rate (240+ fps) but one of the last updates ruined everything. At this moment I have 150-160 fps with drops to 120. The problem obviously not in the drivers or my system performance but in OW2 developers.


same, had consistant fps 144fps and above, now i bareley reach 100 fps, and it drops if too much is going on… happened after a “bug fix”
everything is up-to-date

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Hello, thanks for answering. Sorry for questioning, but I doubt about this being a hardware problem. I can play another games without any problems (but maybe I’m wrong).
Anyways, here the diagnostic logs (sorry if is in Portuguese, I don’t really know if this is what you were asking)

MSINFO : https://pastebin.com/say5cJBZ
DXDIAG: dxdiag - Pastebin.com

Really hoping that we can reach up a solution!

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I don’t know why this fixed to me, but try to disable Windows Game Mode at Windows Settings.

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Hy there, i know its someones post and that this might be rude, but im just wondering if you can check this out? Account hacked and need suport Just wana know whats going on and when can i expect some sort of reply/comunication with support!
Sorry once again.

same issue, except it goes from 60 to 4 then 3 and sometimes bellow 1 fps. makes it imposibble to play the game. had no trouble before the update before todays one.


same issues here. my fps drops randomly and my ping and ind also spike. not happening on any other games and just started happening a couple of days ago


Glad that solution worked out for you! Unfortunally, that seems to not resolve my issue :frowning:
Hope the technical support team can help us out!

Turning of Windows game mode did the trick for me. Went from 5 fps average back to 100fps like overwatch 1

They also imply bad programming btw, which for Blizzard seems like a VERY VERY LIKELY event. Well second likely to user-blaming I guess.

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