LGBT pride icons!


You’re thinking about it the wrong way. Equality simply means people aren’t treated different based on their traits when they don’t matter. SJWs talk about enforced equality, but that’s because they’re a supremacist movement, and that how they understand equality. That’s why they deserve to be directly targeted with aggressive disrespect and treated like second class citizens.

It’s only a problem because people make it a problem. If there are people in game who will react to a cross, rainbow, or rebel declaration like it’s a problem, then the game would be better off without them. Are you seriously telling me you prefer teaming up with the kind of people who would send their child to a camp to force them to act straight?

That’s all I’m talking about. New icons and sprays.

I don’t know. It’s not my flag.

@Ukill: Agreed.


There’s different ways of coming at this and I can see merits in the arguments that the flag brings attention to issues in the world. I have to come at it from my perspective though, which is perhaps a naive one, but it’s where I have to think that the human species is headed. It might take a few world wars for us to get there, but eventually I believe that we’ll evolve beyond the need for segregation, self imposed and otherwise.

I still say it’s better to have one single unifying symbol for all of humanity together as one single species. For example:

See, a flag is still a tool for segregation and that’s ultimately not a good thing. For example, I’m British so I’m supposed to have pride in my flag and I kind of do in the respect that I like how the Union Jack is a symbol of unity between Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, it is still a symbol of a tribe and therefor segregation. I like even more how the European Union flag represents a unification of even more countries. Ultimately though I’d like there to be one single flag for humanity as a whole. That’s the best outcome, and I apply the same logic to LGTBs and straight people. We are all human beings and most of us hopefully have the capacity for empathy towards one another.

“Pride” is what I feel when I can go half way across the world and meet someone in Indonesia and sit down, have a meal, chat and laugh. That’s because that Indonesian person is a human being just like me. The same applies to a gay person. We’re both people. We’re on the same team, the same tribe.

We are human beings.

Having said that, I totally get where people come from when they’re using the flags to draw attention towards issues in the world. Wrongs have to be fought and having a flag can help in that. I don’t like the segregation, and I look forward to the day when we can do away with it.


It’s your fault, not ours.

You were the one who disagrees with the argument:

No political symbol should be added

This is a debate so I will challenge your way of thinking. First, you disagree by stating that it is not a political movement but rather an anti-political movement. Thus, the argument can be changed without falling apart:

No anti-political movement should be added

Then you refute this argument by stating that Blizzard tolerates the bre4st c4ncer symbol, which is only right under one condition: That symbol was in regards to Blizzard’s donation campaign. I honestly still don’t understand how research for br4ast cancer and the LGBT community should be fundamentally the same but I rolled with that.

Of course, it would contradict the argument but given the fact that the contradiction is conditional, we can add that condition to the argument, too:

No anti-political symbol should be added unless it is actively supported by Blizzard in forms of Campaigns or investments.

So where is the hole here? If you can’t find any holes in this argument, then we come to the following conclusion: Its a matter of opinions now

Both sides, all in or nothing, are rock solid options. Just because you vote for all in, doesn’t mean that this is the absolut best option because you are just as right as the guy voting for nothing. If you can’t make the “nothing” argument fall apart, the only thing we can and will do is agree to disagree because there is no right and wrong here.


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Well I have nothing against that but that wouldn’t be fair if they do add them then i would want a flag for straight male and female you know equality.That would be really cool as well!


No one actually care about others Sexuality, I mean its fine to tell people so you can find someone who got the same interest as you, not as icons…No one really wants that, it’s not about homophobia :. and some people might take those icons as meme …we don’t want that.



If you want this sort of stuff go play the mini games on Facebook.

Wear your flag all day while you play snake.


Why does someone’s sexuality need to be worn and displayed like a badge? Being LGBT doesn’t make you special


Depends on your definition of special, however if someone would like to wear it as a badge then you should let them.


Well there are multiple reasons someone might want to advertise. For one, they may likely meet someone they can have a relationship with. For another there are some people who will unfairly target LGBT people in matches which puts their team at a disadvantage. There’s also the sad fact that there are a lot of people on this planet who are bigoted toward LGBT people. A pride icon is a good way to attack those beliefs. I support the creation of white pride iconography for the same reason.


If you want to advertise yourself, go to grindr, not to game, which is marketed to young teens.

If anyone is targeteing LGBT, set icons will only help woth targeting.

Showing something in peoples face is WORST way to make a counter point and attacking beliefs? Who are you to force your values onto others?

I support no political/gender issue/etc. logos in GAME, where they have NO PLACE to be. Want to make difference? Join rallies, then I will be all up for your rights to marry, adopt, etc. But leave out media which my children use to have fun before they are mature enough to understand sensitive societal issues.


Hooray, nobody cares.


Espacially because its for young teens, there should be a flag. To show young teens that its ok to be who they are. This can do a lot of good


Yeah, no. Parents have to explain it, now stranger on internet


This is not a platform for an agenda, it’s an entertainment platform, please keep political views and sexual orientation out of it. There’s other platforms, designed for education and debates, where it would be much more beneficial and doesn’t affect the main focus of the platform.


nobody cares.Then we would have to add 6000000000000000 flags because there are “infinite” genders. And especially in a FPS SHOOTER this doesnt matter. Nobody cares about your secuality


The freaking irony of this post. Imagine being this triggered over a flag. Embarrassing.


why would we have any? who gives a crap about someone’s sexuality?


Where is my h3tero (seriously, that word is censored?) pride icon?


if they also add a straight pride icon, sure.