LGBT pride icons!


“Shrugging” 18 times per post to hide the anger.

I have no problem with men loving women. I have no problem with men loving men. I have no problem with women loving women. You’re the only one crying.


You got me … I’m so mad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I’m so mad that I call names every people who disagrees with me insutling names … oh, wait … that’s not me, that’s you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I think Gavin will explain this better then me :stuck_out_tongue:
[18+ content - watch at your own discretion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]

Well, you’re the one complaining about how society is bad … I’m not. So, who’s actually crying? Not my fault you far-leftists are emotional hemophiliacs … but somehow, it only works for Americans and western people … all other can die as far as you’re concerned, right?

It must be nice to be a far-leftist … who ever disagree with you is biggot, homophobe, racist …
Who ever replies to you is crying, raging, …
But then again, it’s ideology, you can’t write something you haven’t heard someone from your role-models said before, you can’t behave any differently then what you see your role-models do … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


How do you steal a rainbow? I suppose America stole stars.


Hey Myrion,
I try to stay clear of such topics and only got involved on 2 or 3 occasions. Two of them I said this is just a stunt from Blizz for attention. The other one was a very obnoxious person, accusing everyone of BS.
You seem like a worthy successor, so my two cents for you:
He is having real fun with you, the more you trigger yourself and scream bigotry and other fringe things, the more joy you are bringing to his/her face. Also mine.
See, I love hypocrisy and militant indoctrination! You seem like a perfect specimen! Try and calm down a little. You are pushing normal ppl off with this militant posturing. Also, clearly you are so triggered, that you literally saw Hitler, I know.
Notice how I don’t spew any hatred towards this whole charade, because I know the real reason for this step, and it’s irrelevant. One of my m8’s is gay, he was quite sad from the manner, with which Blizz used his sexual orientation for brownie points. More ppl should wake up and realize that this is not de way!


Notice how almost every LGBTQ player wants rainbow flags, pink stuff, using “GURL” in every sentence, complaining about masculinity and yet “GaY PeOplE cAn Be mAsCuLiNe LiKe 76”


When you see the stars in general, you dont immediately think USA. When you see the Rainbow, you automatically think gay pride.


Clearly, you’re not a browny.


Yep. The group-thinking, lock-stepping, alt-right-lie-regurgitating people talk about indoctrination. You have no clue how funny you are. Sad as well, but mostly funny.

I know how you trolls work… you avoid the truth, you avoid the argument - because you’re allergic to it.


Can I get a translation on that?


Someone who is left wing is not automatically a SJW. You can lean to the left without going on the radical side.

That begs the question, what exactly did you mean with this?

I do understand that you tried to belittle Zeerax argument by saying that the word “lefty” get’s thrown a lot but it doesn’t really refute their argument, does it?


It gets thrown around a lot, especially when someone strongly opposes a comment that someone else makes, in this case someone whining that a character is ruined simply for their orientation. If it was lore/character assassination and a legitimate complaint, I’d get it, I’m a writer. But this wasn’t.


That’s a very bad reason not to have them. Ideally it should be a world where nobody picks on anyone for their icons. Saying x icons shouldn’t be in the game because it’s a reason to get picked on is avoiding the root problem.

It’s like saying, just sit at the back of the bus like all other black people and there won’t be any issues, and nobody gets hurt.


You mean the old outdated fake rainbow flag that is missing 1 color to be considered a rainbow? Get with the times lad, we need the black and brown stripes too to represent the black community + the white, pink and blue lines.


There are some people who consider the pride flag a symbol perversion and child abuse. They point out open (I’m not sure if the word I want to say will keep this statement from getting posted, so I’ll say) miner attracted people who use that flag. But ultimately, flags are flown my individuals. And that flag doesn’t mean what it means to the people who hate it. It doesn’t mean what it means to the movements to use it. It doesn’t mean what it means to people who feel like they have the right to pull down other people’s flags. Each flag flown, means what it means to the person who flies it.


You’re just generally too correct to be here, RUN!


But that doesn’t refute their argument that you don’t tolerate certain opinions.

The lefty comment was regarding your intolerance on intolerance, not regarding soldiers sexuality because that part was a continuation.


Mate, when you learn to argue and discuss, then we can take you seriously.
There’s no dicussion with a brain washed person who only repeats propaganda, and calls people who disagree biggots, racist, misogynist, Hitler re-incarnates… and then asks them “Why are you angry? Why are you mad?”. Well, people tend to get mad/angry when you insult them, but you know that, because that’s part of your “arguing/discussing” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. Make people angry by insulting them(calling them names)
  2. Wait for people to say something stupid because angry people say stupid things
  3. Use that against them

If people keep their calm … then what? Then you go with “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth…” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It’s hilarious as :basketball::baseball::football::soccer:

Well to quote far-leftists, having gay friends doesn’t make you less homophobic … you can have gay friends and be homophobic
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The example …

Tell me, how can anyone take these people serious? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Both the left and right are opposed to truth. From my perspective as a devout centerist, I only see politics in the context of how it makes things worse. These days people are using politics to justify their own bigotry. If you hate white (for example) people but don’t want to be treated with the aggressive disrespect bigots deserve, you’ll most likely try to protect your lies with lie systems like those provided by politics.


I don’t know if we really can judge politics like that. I’m not even sure if you can put the truth in the left-right spectrum.

Both sides can use the truth in their favor. It just depends on what the truth actually is. Regarding politics, it is seen as an absolute. It is the rule that everyone agrees on an follows. If you justify your action with politics, you basically say you dot it for the greater good, for society.

However, people forget that when they use politics as a justification, politics itself mustn’t contradict their action. Here is the point where many people fail. They try to justify contradicting actions. Things like assaulting someone because of their “inferior race” or shutting people with controversial opinions (like, in this case, homophobia) don’t follow the rules of society so using politics as an excuse for their flawed and immoral actions won’t work.

What’s most important is that we see though this. If we, as a bystander but also as a victim in some cases, believe the illusion and start blaming politics, we lost and the “bigot” won. We need to remember that not politics, but their actions are unjust.

And no, sharing controversial beliefs is not an unjust action.


youre right my bad! i suggest both so lgbt poc can use it, because i am not sure if a white person can use the poc lgbt flag?