LGBT pride icons!


I don’t need to refute an argument from a person who knows nothing about me. Their opinion is of no consequence to me, my views, or my personal life.


Then why were you trying to impact their views, their life? Why did you try to censor them out?


I’m not trying to censor them out. If I was, I’d have told them to go somewhere else. Just because I said they did not deserve an opinion, it does not mean they can’t express it anyway.

This argument provides me no purpose, so have a good life.


[Rant begins]

Truth can’t fit on a political spectrum because truth has no place in politics. Truth and politics get along like potassium and oxygen. They can only destroy each other. The political don’t look for truth, they look for anything to vaguely confirm whatever ludicrous nonsense they choose to believe.

“Black people commit more crime and have lower test scores. That means I’m right for being racist against them.”

“If you average all the money men earn and all the money women earn it isn’t equal. So It’s ok for me to treat men like they’ve wronged me.”

“Something bad happened to my dead ancestors. So I can blame all the white people for every problem I have.”

“Homosexuals have more STDs. So I have to send my daughter to this special church camp to save her life.”

We may never know how many people have had their lives destroyed by political lies, and the people who use them as an excuse. What we do know is that they pose a very real danger. We have to treat them like hazardous materials or improvise explosives.

[Rant ends]

Overwatch allows you to play as a variety of characters, from a variety of back grounds, with a variety of skills.

I am not a Mexican, trans-woman, cyborg, hacker, anti-villain. But I have no problem maning Sombra. Heck, Sombra’s by my gal pal. I’d hang out with her any time. And I have no problem playing her as a character.


Sorry, messed up the replies.

Even when she hacks your browser history?

“I know who’s been naughty”


What a frightening thought.


Everyone who knows me, already knows I’m down with the thickness <3

Honestly, I think I’d be most embarrassed when when sees I’m subscribed to MovieBob.


To try and get back to my original point in this thread…

The symbols and icons that give people strength should be given a place in this game. Not just for heroes, but for players. A Korean player may well wish to main Tracer, so let Tracer spray the Korean flag. A homosexual man (realy Blizzard? You censor that word?) may main Reinhardt. Let Reinhardt spray the pride flag. I am a proud southern man who mains Sombra. Please let Sombra spray the Rebel Flag.


Oh, if I could get mah hands on the Confederate flag.


I’d sprat it for two reasons. Pride in my ancestry, and to grief the he11 out of people who hate us.


I always admired the Confederacy. Well, I don’t believe the war was about slavery really, so my conscience is clear on that one. I also admire the patriotism. You know, Wish I was in Dixie and all.


I really am not sure if I can support this. I don’t want real life politics in this game. Sexuality isn’t politics, it’s a character trait, but the pride flag is a flag of a political movement. Personally, I’d love to have the pride flag in Overwatch but given the fact that I say no to any other political flag, I have to say no to this, too.


There are gender politics though, many of which involve sexuality. It feels like everything involves a level of politicking.


Things like gender, etc. are another thing. They may be a political issue but they are fundamentally character traits. As long it stays a character trait and not a political message, it’s ok.

With a pride flag or any other flag of a political movement, you make a political statement inside a game. Technically speaking, you could do that with a character who has the same mindset like you but it’s more obvious with the direct symbol of a political movement.

When forming an opinion, I always look if my opinion’s fundamental logic doesn’t contradict another opinion. You joked about the Confederate flags and personally I don’t want that in the game. Given the fact that, in its fundamental logic, it is a flag of a political movement, my argument has to be that I don’t want any flag of a political movement. This includes the pride flag, too. Kind of a bummer for me but you need to sacrifice something to keep peace.


It was a political movement. It isn’t anymore. Now it’s a flag representing my people. You remember what I was saying about flags before? They represent what they represent to each person who flies each flag. I fly my old flag in the name of individuality. A federation is a strong central government with week local government. A confederacy is strong local government with week central governance.

I apply the principles of confederacy to to social life. I am in charge of my mind and my actions, and so is everyone else. We can work together on goals, but we can’t put our heart into something we are forced to do.


The pride movement is still a political movement. There is still political issues regarding sexuality and that flag is still used to show supports towards the community.

It pains me to say this but I don’t want the pride flag in the game because I don’t want any representation of a political movement in the game.


There’s a difference between equality movements and political movements. You see, equality is the default position in the absence of anybody taking anyone else’s personal autonomy. Therefore inequality is protected by political reasoning. The issues facing LGBTs all over the world are caused or supported by politics. That’s why every equality movement in history has won by countering a certain political stance and every supremacist movement has sought to create political policies that counter equality.


For example: Feminism the equality movement sought to end institutional policies that restricted women’s rights.

Feminism the supremacy movement seeks to create political policies that restrict the rights of men.


By definition, a political movement is a social group that tries to reach a political goal. Equality is a political goal, too, so pride and feminism are both still political movements.


Would you support breast cancer awareness sprays? Anti-child abuse? What about Earth day sprays? What about “Support the Homeless” sprays?