LGBT pride icons!


Would you support sprays that support curing diseases or disaster relief? Opposing inequality is no more political than that?

What about a Furry spray? Or a hipster spray? Maybe even a cancer survivor spray?


there are literally pink ribbon sprays like. we already have this?
and like really. furries and hispters aren’t oppressed unlike LGBT people. hence the pride flags


I wouldn’t support any sprays, I don’t care how forward thinking it is. I just want to escape this beautiful reality around me when I play, and not care about the things I already don’t care about.


Forced equality is a big danger to any society, thing we ex-communists know the best …
We all know that USA, Germany, etc. have strong economies because of meritocracy. Once they spit in the meritocracy’s face - they’re done. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, we will rule the world once again after western societies learn about dangers of the far-left, the hard way …¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, most people just care about immersion(games, movies, etc.) … but explain that to the far-leftists who are always on the lookout for Hitler-reincarnates.


The political compass says I’m a left-leaning authoritarian (which you could translate into a hardcore Lenin-communist). Am I eeeevil by your standards?


Lets print the DSM-V on a flag


This is why I support equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. Everyone should have equal opportunities. However, that doesn’t mean that the results will be equal, too.

For this reason, I’m happy when character/lore designers get the opportunity to use sexuality, gender and body shapes as additional character traits yet I get furious when such traits are used to pander or “show equality” because there “must” be an x amount of g4y characters.


You claim to fight for equality, yet you insist on having special flags to show pride for an arbitrary trait such as sexuality, are you truly that void of personality that the only ‘redeemble quality’ is your sexuality/gender and the rampant need to force the existence and desire for acknowledgement thereby forfeiting said equality to place your aforementioned arbitrary trait on a pedestal and when confronted with such behaviour the criticism is met with ‘buzzwords’ and cries for toxicity?

This is a farce, if you truly want equality you should stop this, because i’ve heard enough cries of rage when people asked for a straight flag and why not include straight into the LGBT for that matter? you’re just one of many parties attempting to false flag for equality while placing yourself on a higher pedestal based on some such as sexuality, skin tone and what not, rather then calling out those that are truly homophobic/sexist and what not in a civilized manner we as a community are met with this rampant behaviour which will only result in the opposite as people will become annoyed everytime the word LGBT is seen due to behaviour commonly followed by it, its already weird to define a person by his sexuality or gender instead of his opinions, achievements goals and view on life.


If we use the equality argument, we would have 2 options: either include all flags or include none. Including all flags would be both tedious and bad PR because it would seem like blizzard has hit the peak of pandering and they would need to add controversial flags, too like the sw4stika.

So it would be safer and better to include no flags. Making an exception would thus be a double standard and therefore a no go for equality.


@Butch: The pink ribbon example was used to show that it’s not political to support the killing of harmful life forms. Using a machine gun on a group of people trying to kill a girl with rock is morally no different than using a scalpel to kill a bundle of cells trying to kill a girl by replicating abnormally.

And a why should a group have to be oppressed to have a symbol included? Even if that’s your standard, I’m sure we can find enough people who hate any demographic for them to qualify.

@BartFitz: I understand escapism. But I don’t think equality is forward thinking. Inequality only exist because systems were put in place to cause it. Thus real equality movements will only work to dismantle laws and social standards and any movement that seeks to create new laws or social standards favoring any group can only be a supremacist movement.

It’s not that you personally are evil, but you’re probably unaware of the evil you’re being tricked into supporting.

@urStr8Lover: Forced equality cannot exist. Any law or social standard that forces someone to behave counter to their choice in favor of any demographic is oppressive to anyone outside said demographic. I understand this can be confusing, most former equality movements have started pushing supremacist policies.

I would say competition is more important to Overwatch than immersion. And I believe all people should be allowed to express any opinion they have. And think about it. Wearing your pride on you sleeve can also be a tactical decision.

If I spray my stars and bars on the map, my team might have an easier time completing objectives because members of the enemy team are targeting me in an effort to punish me for my wrong think. Thus my pride becomes my teams advantage.

@FransBauer: Thank you for supporting the medical definition of trans as opposed to one the political definitions of trans.

There’s a deference between demographic pride and supremacist ideology. The fact that there are people who react to the mere existence of those demographics as if there’s something wrong with them is why those flags should exist. And yes there should be a straight flag, because there people out there who hate straight people and they should have straight pride shoved in their face for it until they learn to accept straight people or remove themselves from the equation.

I support the pride flag and many other flags because of my Confederate flag. I know what it’s like for people to act like you’re less of a person or less intelligent because of who you’re ancestors are, how you talk, how you dress, or because your beliefs are opposed to those of others. I know what it’s like when people treat you like a bad person just for being who you are.

@FatBlueDragon: Sup, brah?


I support breast cancer awareness sprays because it is linked to a donation campaign. A pride flag isn’t linked to a donation campaign. It’s just there as a flag for a political movement.

Furry and hipsters are not political movements. Those are subcultures. Punks and goths are also subcultures which is why no one complained about the thracer punk skin and the zarya goth skin, not to mention Sombra’s cyberpunk aesthetic.

Jeez, that took forevet to get approved.


I don’t really see any problem with that. I’m an authoritarian, I am for a nice, strong and centralized system. As far as escaping reality goes, I just don’t want to deal with the same things in a game. I couldn’t care less for a character being what sexually, I just enjoy the fuss around it. To an extent this is escaping reality too, it’s so surreal.

How dare you underestimate my personal evil?!
On another note, let’s agree to disagree on what’s evil and what is not, mkay?


I think Blizz in censoring the big C word.

Being homosexual or southern aren’t political either. Treating them like problems is political. Therefore, opposing bigotry can only be anti political.

@BartFitz: You’re suggestion that we agree to disagree only shows that we do agree.


Stop tricking my mind!


I can’t help it. I’m a Sombra main, if you understand what just happened, I’m not doing my job right.


I’m watching you. I never forgive, and never forget. Unless I do.


Oh, shush! You’ll forgive everything the next time I make Pharah fall out of the sky before she can toss a rocket over Reinhardt’s shield.


Absolutely. I prefer the idea of equity over a policy of strict equality.

I saw a brilliant little comic drawing a while back highlighting the issues surrounding the idea of equality.

Essentially there are three people trying to watch a sporting event over a fence. A short person, a tall person and one that fell in between. Only the tall person can see over the fence. With strict equality each are given a box to stand on. The box is the same size for all three.

So the tall person can still see over the fence and watch the game, the middle person can now see over the fence, but the short person still can’t see as the box was simply not big enough. Whereas with equity all three would be given the opportunity to watch the game.

EDIT: found the image.
Google “equality vs equity cartoon” as you can’t put links into posts.

As for the flag idea. I think a rainbow flag would be nice. Not sure if there is a need for the specific sub-groups, as I would be worried that myself identifying as being a specific sub-group of the LGBT spectrum would open me up to lewd comments or abuse, rather than help with inclusion.


Exactly. The pride movement treats sexuality as a problem. This is why they try to solve the problem by making sexuality equal.

The pride flag is still a symbol of a political movement. Therefore, like any other flag of a political movement, the pride flag shouldn’t be added.


There are LGBTs who consider straight people a problem. This does not invalidate equality movements.