LGBT pride icons!


Considering a group of people as a problem is a problem. Awful wordplay.

Are your goals bad if you are fighting for them for the wrong reasons?


LGBT people who hate straight people or think straight people are a problem are not working toward equality. There are LGBT people working toward equality and they deserve our respect. They should also be allowed to fly their flag.


I don’t know about you, I’m stingy with my respect.

But how do you select which of said people are allowed to fly their flag? I’m pretty sure there are people who want to fly the Confederate flag because of their heritage, and so on and so forth. While others may do it because they are racist hillbilly inbred white trash (buzzwords in italics). Now one group should be able to, and the other one also should be able to. In my opinion. Just one don’t look so good, and makes everyone under that flag a bit more fishy.


People are allowed to fly whatever flag they wish for whatever reason you wish.

Is you want to fly the nazi flag because you oppose mass r@pe. There’s actually a historical context for that.

I want to fly the Confederate flag in opposition of government overreach, but many fly it in the name of racism. And others want to take my freedom to fly my people’s flag from me because they refuse to see any interpretation of it apart from the one that makes them angry. And they hilariously believe that they have the right control whether or not I get to fly a flag that makes them mad. And they’re even surprised when they find out that the law supports my right to protect my property with shoving a knife into their upper spine. But I digress.


Gee golly man, a spine hit is never a guaranteed kill. Are you trying to be Batman and cripple them for life?


Some warnings get buried. Others get rolled around for a couple of decades where everyone can see.


I remember this young feller, selling albums I think he was. I buried him in the back garden.


Dude, don’t you know any pig farmers?


Sadly, no. I am a proper hick though, on behalf of coming from my country.


But the pride movement is still a political movement, isn’t it?


In some ways it is. But at its core it is an equality movement. And an equality movement is naturally anti-political. Truth, justice, and equality are the opposite of politics. In a way, the pride flag is less political than the national flags and symbols in the game.


I don’t see how a movement actively being involved in politics is not political. They chose to be involved, pick sides, battles, etc.


Which movements are also anti-political?

Would a movement to make love at any age equal also anti-political? This includes children, too.


Equality is involved in politics in the same way fire is involved in wood.


That ain’t it, brother, I wasn’t talking about equality, I was talking about the movement. That was some pocket sand action there.


That’s actually a pretty good point, until you realize how politics has caused age of consent laws to get out of hand.

There’s a point at which a child goes from being a human who is harmed by sex and a human who isn’t. The law acts like that age is 18 and acts like anyone over the age of 18 who has any sexual interaction with someone under 18 is equal to someone who sexually interacts with someone who doesn’t want to.

Equality Feminism is actually an anti-political movement. It seeks to destroy political standards that keep women in a state of equality.

I’m not sure if there name is censored, but the K to the E to the Kistan movement is (or was) an anti political movement that tried to get rid of supremacist laws that were placed by supremacist masquerading as civil rights activist.


consider the a Kek check


Would you want this to be in the game, then?


Yes. Did I not make that clear?

I’m aware that many of the people who use that symbol are supremacist, but I’m also aware that a great many equality feminist in countries where they are opposed with force might draw a great deal of inspiration from that symbol. And how poetic would it be for the symbol of a supremacist to be coopted by a legitimate civil rights movement?


That would be funsies.

I’d rather we don’t have anything even remotely politics related when it comes to symbols (aside actual flags of countries). But that’s just me.