LGBT pride icons!


But why should issues from the real word be in the game? Why should symbols, advocating for equal rights between genders and sexualities be in the game.

And if it were, should the anarchist symbol be in the game, too? After all, it is the absolute form of equality: Noone has to follow rules.

And if that was the case, shouldn’t be a flag in the game of an equality movement for p3dophiles that seek to destroy political standarts that keep p3doph1lia in a state of equality?

This one is an extreme example but by your logic, such a flag (if it exist) should be added because this movement is fundamentally not different from the others.


Representation? Political agendas? Just 'cause?

Good question though.


In a game with an internal story that is trying to maintain it’s own continuity, you have a point. In a competitive game that isn’t even trying to depict fiction, the characters should be used to represent the competitors as much as they wish.

And yes, the anarchist symbol should be included.

The difference is that those people would be advocating for the right to abuse people while others are advocating for the right to not be abused.

Those people have used many flags to suit their needs. There are even those have converted to Islam to marry children. Russia produces a great deal of their preferred photography. Don’t even get me started on Japan. There are plenty of people who vacation in areas of Mexico and Africa where they can abuse enslaved children. And let’s not forget that politicians and political activist are over represented in every crime statistic we have, with sex crime being especially horrifying.


That’s quite an interesting thought. If your claim is to allow every non-political symbol, including the pride movement, feminism and anarchy, and you leave no exemptions, then your claim is rock solid.

Maybe we shouldn’t see it from a moral/political standpoint but rather in a corporate point of view: Marketing.

First of all: the Target group. The pride flag (and other flags as well) appeal only a certain group of people. At the same time, it “scares” another group of people, those with a negative viewpoint of the LGBT community or the Idea to import such issues in games. So the question is: Which group is bigger? The “pro flag” group or the “anti flag” group?

I think it is actually the “anti flag” group. I realized it when you mentioned russia. Thinking about it, I realized why references to Emily in the game aren’t more romantic or, to put it bluntly, more obvious that she’s Tracer’s girlfriend. It would count as G4y propaganda. It would make Overwatch Illegal in Russia and this would be detremential for the company.

In statistics of other games like CS:GO, Russia has one of the biggest playerbases, next to the US. If we suspect that this is the same case in Overwatch, then it would mean that Blizzard loses around 10% of it’s global playerbase (that percentage is bigger in EU servers). Not to mention that there might be other countries with such strict laws, too.

While it would be no problem in western nations, I think the pride flag would cause more loss than Gains for Blizzard… exept… they filter such content out so you wouldn’t even see such content in russia. Or they could hide it by saying it’s just a rainbow and totally not the pride flag.


I think while this is an interesting theory, it doesn’t hold much ground. Again, think.

I find it hard to believe that people who otherwise wouldn’t buy the game will do so because suddenly there are different icons such as a rainbow with political intentions. I don’t think many people who would not enjoy the game or alreeady lost interest will buy it/return to it because they find this to be so encouraging.

On the flip side, some people would probably find this whole thing disturbing and leave, but most people just wouldn’t care. But as you said, some countries could ban the game for having icons such as that in.


The bigger issue is the legality of the game when an lgbt symbol is in the game. Again, in russia, it would be banned for g4y propaganda.


I learn something every day.


All communists are evil, what can I say … :hear_no_evil:

No such thing as justice, truth, equality without society, so it’s all politics.

Because they “woke” :wink:

Well, mate … if we talk about USA, where SJW numbers are strong, advocating violence is protected speech, initiating violence however is not. SJWs usually don’t know that, because reasons …

Never heard about “Black lives matter”?
“What do we want?”
– “Dead Cops”
“When do we want it?”
– “Now!”
But then again wanting no politics in game is bad, wanting dead cops is good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Social equality is always forced, it can only exist if you force people to be equal. We are not ants unfortunately, we are not equal. And I don’t mean groups, but one human(whatever category we may place him in) is not equal to another human.

So, what you do to stop that? Government forces people to treat you nicely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And that’s what social equality is all about … oppression.

That’s not true. It’s in human nature to desire to be better than others, not equal.
Government would need either to brainwash or oppress people for it to work, and we still witnessed it doesn’t work. All communist countries colapsed once oppression stopped.


Stop. Go outside. And have a nice walk around the park. Without trying to make Blizzard do this. It’s such a dumb idea, I mean… how did you even come up to this? Were you just scrolling around flag icons and decided that “Huh, Pride flags would fit in countries perfectly!”?


Life is short!
Make sure you spend as much of it as possible arguing with strangers on the internet about flags, rainbows and politics! :smiley:


Shush guys, it’s about to get interesting!


sexuality is not a character trait it is part of who i am and it makes me, me. people have judged and picked on me simply because of this reason so no it is not a political statement. i just want to show people that i am proud of who i am


It is a character trait though. Character traits define your character.


yea pretty much lmao you good?


A character trait is what makes you you, thus sexuality is a character trait.

The pride flag, however, is a political statement. It shows that you fight for equality for different genders and sexualities.

If you want to show everyone that you are proud of who you are just greet everyone with “Hi, I’m g4y”.


@FatBluDragon: You make a good point. It would be a poor business choice. We might have to wait until LGBT civil rights activist organize enough of an arsenal to help Russia learn what choices they need to avoid.

You seem kind of desperate for the symbol to not be included.

@BartFitz: You are correct. I’m sure there are plenty of SJWs who have still purchased this game even though all the straight, white, male, characters are to SJWs what Jewish characters are to Nazis.

@UrStr8Lover: No, things are true regardless of what people believe. Politics is what people use when they don’t have any real justification for what they do or want to do.

That’s because SJWs are political activist who pretend to be civil rights activist to avoid getting what they deserve.

Social equality can only be forced by abusive individuals having what they deserve forced on them. Equality is people getting what they deserve, after all. Equality: leaders acquire their power by deserving it. Politics: leaders acquire their power by convincing people of falsehoods.

I use my free speech and my right to defend myself. Some people listen, others bleed. Most just walk away because they believe what they want instead of what’s true. That’s why politics exist.

Politics has trained you to equate equality with equality of outcome as opposed to equality of opportunity.

@JustMe: Words to live by.

@butch: This.


Not really. Personally, I’d love to see that symbol in the game. It represents a part of me, after all. However, putting my selfish desires away, I see reasons why it shouldn’t be included.

This one is an opinion we just agree to disagree, but I don’t want symbols of feminism, etc. of such movements, mo matter if they’re political or anti-political. It would be arrogant of me and simply a double standard to make an exception for the LGBT flag. To me, it’s either all in or nothing, either all symbols or no symbols. Since all in is not an option to me, I have to go with nothing.

To cut it short: My selfish desires want the LGBT flag but my rational mind doesn’t and in such discussions, where we need to see the issue in an objective sense, the rational mind is stronger.

As an addition, I can prove that sexuality is a character trait: Tracer!

There is an actual reason from a character design standpoint to make tracer homosexual. Tracer, as a character, is a happy, goofy character that is always ready to fight. She is also very tolerant, even supporting the Idea of treating omnics as equals. In her cinematic, she also hesitated to kill Widowmaker. Ignoring widows plot armor, the reason for her hesitation was because she became furious when Widow successfully killed Mondatta, someone who praised the human aspect of omnics.

Here plays her sexuality an interesting role. If you choose to make a character homosexual (in an environment where heterosexuality is the norm), you show the reader that they are an open-minded character in terms of romance. This also guides the reader to the idea that the character is open-minded in general. Tracer being g4y shows that the character is an open minded character that treats people as equals, even if the difference is as big as meat and metal.


not really, by making her a lesbian they just made her love women not all this. she is empathetic but not bc she is a lesbian, it’s bc she’s caring


Have you ever wondered why Blizzard chose Orange as Tracer’s main color? Because the Color orange has meaning. It means curiosity, energy, and joy.

But it’s just a color. How can a color have meaning? Well, it does… and so does sexuality.

And here is a better question: If sexuality isn’t a character trait, then why do stereotypes exist? I mean, sexuality shouldn’t affect your appearence or personality yet why are you still able to assume someone’s sexuality with mediocre success?


People are born homosexual, black, or even Southern. There’s nothing wrong with it and there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that there’s nothing wrong with it.