Message to Moira Players


You have gold damage and healing, and the first thing you think to do is blame your DPS teammates.


If you had healed them more they would’ve been able to help you!
But no, you only self-heal, and then brag when you have gold healing at 3k after two rounds of 2CP.

(obviously, I’m not referring to every moira player, just the overwhelming majority that all do this.)


sometimes you need to do dmg to be able to heal others… if i use my healing orb, i have to wait till the cooldown is away to use it again, when i use my spray and it is empty and i still need to heal others… yeah i need to do dmg to gain healing.


You have to do damage to get healing juice as her. Doubly so when she’s solohealing.

If every single orb they throw out is purple or they use her ult to deal damage instead of heal, that’s a different story. But most Moiras know better than that.

Most Moiras also know better than to blame teammates for a lack of kills/damage in the first place.


You can’t really blame Moira players for this, I think that it’s the design of Moira that’s down right stupid. Her damage ability is unlimited, it’s one of the most furthest reaching beams in the game, it heals herself when she’s damaging and her dps design is better than most DPS in the game making her a stupid hard counter that puts other heroes on the bench for too long. But her healing ability is limited and she is supposed to be a primary healer, not to mention her ultimate does too much damage. In order to make Moira more supportive and make other heroes playable again she needs her dps side to be weaked so it shouldn’t have such a far reach, shouldn’t be able to have a vampire effect and shouldn’t be unlimited there should be a limited amount and if she wants to damage again then she needs to heal her team to get purple juice. Healing juice should be unlimited and a little weaker healing and the ultimate shouldn’t be able to go through rein or Orisa Shield and not do that much damage I mean none of the other support heroes ultimates dont even do damage except from ana but she has to inject someone


That’s all I have to say


I do feel like Moira is a spin off of old Sym, only with healing abilities instead of Utility and longer range


I agree that the right-click beam needs a range nerf, but that’s all it needs. The damage and lifesteal from it is rubbish, which is fair enough because she’s a Support. The healing she does is only useful if her team is grouped up-she’s probably the worst single-target healer in the game because healing people one at a time burns through her heal juice so quickly.

I really must disagree.
140 (heal per sec) x 8 (sec) = 1120 (total healing)
70 (dmg per sec) x 8 (sec) = 560 (total damage)
It’s literally twice as useful for healing than damage. Beyond that, if the enemy team is receiving any kind of healing or are able to get behind cover, a lot of the damage is wasted. Add in that she’s vulnerable while using it because she can’t use her shift.

Moira might be more dps-oriented, but she’s still a core healer.


You’re forgetting the fact that Moira has her healing/damage orb. Her healing orb can heal herself on top of her vampire effect so shes near immortal. But the main problem why I’m bringing up the damage is because the beam in continuous it’s unlimited so she can hold down right-click all she wants. And you say that the damage is useless but that’s enough to kill a tank, it can go through sheild and damage multiple people, also if the Moira player is even smarter she will through a damage orb for extra damage. The ultimate can only be blocked if you’re out of range which again is pretty far or behind cover which the enemy team could just be there aswell. When you’re talking about outhealing a Moira ultimate, you need to use either lucio, zen or Moira to heal multiple people for that duration and I find is stupid that you need to use ultimates to survive from a “support heroes” ultimate. Overwatchs two new supports brig and Moira are stupidly designed to fit more dps and hard counter most heroes keeping them on the bench. They need a real big change


If you can’t land a shot then there is no point in me healing you. If you get instantly killed then I can’t heal you. I’m doing damage because you’re not, if you need healing just to contribute then you shouldn’t have it: that’s called feeding.


As a moira, if i have a MERCY on my team, and i still have both dmg and healing gold, i will nag at round two.


If im healing with all i have and throw an unique purple orb and i get silver damage, fuc*ing yes, clearly the dps are doing nothing.


You can’t really nag If you have gold damage and healing Moira is designed like that which I find stupid and lot of the pro players say she needs a rework to get more dps off the bench and weaken goats so there is less mirroring and making overwatch fun again


What world are you living in?
Can I come over?


The only thing that can instantly kill is widow, hanzo, and certain abilties. if they die to widow and hanzo, its alerady gg because those heroes are stupidly broken and outclass EVERY OTHER DPS.

If they die slowly, it’s your damn fault for throwing out a damage orb like an idiot.


Sorry, but no. Gold and lower players only.


Be sure to always blame your healer for not healing you when you solo flank behind the enemy team and get taken out by the enemy Orisa using her fist.

Always accuse Moiras of DPSing too much, especially when you have zero eliminations and 75 hero damage as McCree.


Would love to see the healer stat you see on cards added to your profile stats.
The you healed x% of the total amount of damage your team has taken card (or something)

The stat you healed 15k doesn’t say anything. But a stat: you healed 50% of all damage done to your party, will say you did a good job.


Most moiras would benefit from going to spawn pressing H and changing to ana


Again, you’re assuming that’s where I’m coming from.
I’m coming from matches where idiots are not healing their team AT ALL, and the DPS are dying because they can’t frontline if their healer is trying to steal their role.
You aren’t immune to criticism because you picked support.


You have tanks sir !