MMR reset please


i know ill get some hate for this thread but…
this is actually becoming ridiculous, my main account is at mid plat, im trying to reach at least diamond on my main, but whatever i do it wouldnt work, i even dropped to gold for losing alot, so what i did is i bought another account, finished first 25 levels, done with comp placement… boom high diamond 34xx.
yeah yeah… (you will say you got lucky and got high SR, play few games and you’ll keep losing and get back to plat…), i’ve been at high diamond with the second account for months now, like seriously we need MMR reset at least every few seasons…
my main cant get to diamond, and my alt is stable at 34xx.

now come on show me the hate/dislikes/get gud speaches.


Had the same problem.
Bought a new account and got out of gold without problems. While my main is in gold since season 1.

I think the mistake is : Blizzard calculates your MMR over all the data since you started playing. Instead of the MMR of the data from the last few seasons.
So your current matches doesn’t change you’re MMR a lot when you played to many matches, even if you play a lot better. On a new account your MMR is changed a lot with every new match.


What do you play then? I have done the same thing when I was gold and I got placed mid dia and never fell out but I was easily able to climb out of gold into dia so I am just wondering if you are playing something like a dps or you flex.


Could not agree more… me placing at 3210sr then stopped playing for like 2 months, came back 1-3 quick matches then did placement and i placed at only 50sr lower and it just feels bad because i dont feel like i should belong to that sr.
Also i dont want to be forced to buy a second account just for a mmr reset.
What is the point with season’s if you get placed based on your other seasons?
I would not mind 20 placement matches instead of 10 as long as mmr is reset.


i agree with that, more placements with mmr reset is better than no mmr reset


I agree, have wanted this for so long.


I do like the idea of MMR Reset

But I will also say I have climbed out of Silver into Diamond, and i’m confident I can do this with anybody’s account, and not even by playing DPS.

I think a lot of people have a string of “good games” and it leads them to believe they’re sometimes better than what they actually are.


ya but when for a whole season you just ‘‘fill’’ instead of picking dps or anything i wanted to play, and your team just goes by take 3/4 dps without cooperating, thats just impossible to deal with, and in situations like that i dont even know what to take (tank or healer) cuz we have like 4 dps and cant do anything to the enemy team, if i took tank, we will need healers, if i took healers, we will need tanks.
oh and BTW i lost like 400 SR when i was ‘‘filling/flexing’’


Resetting your MMR won’t make your teammates suddenly cooperate and believe me I’ve been there, just recently I’ve dropped on a smurf from mid master to mid diamond after a chain of losses to trolls, 3-4-5 dps, leavers, feeders, you name it.

Usually you get a winstreak after that if you really deserve the rank you were previously at, it’s just going to be harder if you try to play characters you’re not good at to fill. Play your best, focus on yourself and make calls.


And lvl on your alt account? How many games you exactly played there?

You probably didnt play enough games there. My friend was boosted from silver to Masters and it took him two seasons until he dropped to his silver elo.

I am not saying you dont belong there but its one thing to be place there and keep rank and second one to climb there. Climbing is obviously harder. Mmr rest would not help you because everyone would be without rank. You were placed in high Diamond because system could determine that based on your play vs others who have already mmr known. Without it, you could easily end in gold or silver just based on luck in placement.


matchmaking in this game is designed do hold you where it for whatever reason thinks you should be, it will sabotage you however it can to keep you there


2 things

Firstly if your team goes mass dps like that, my suggestion is you have to have to just ignore this and play your best with a self sustaining hero, so someone that self heals or big shields like rein, mei, hog, and just play your best.

Still try and work with your team to see if you can make it work, but ultimately the attitude of your team mates will suggest that they’re not going to come back and save you as a healer, and you won’t get any heals to be a proper tank, so just go it solo.

2nd Unless you are 100% sure you can play a hero, NEVER fill. at least below 3000, don’t waste your time.
The bare minimum, have 1 hero from each class that you can confidently play and just go with those. I play Pharah, Mercy and Orisa, and that’s it.

If you want a healer, I’ll play mercy, if you want a tank, Orisa’s what you’re getting. Why?

Because SR gains and losses below 3000 are performance based. 4 Scenarios

You win - you play your best hero, you do great - good SR gains
You win, you play a fill hero, you have bad stats and were carried - bad SR gains
You lose - you play your best hero, you still do great - small SR loss
You lose, you play a fill hero, you have bad stats - BIG SR loss

I can explain further about Performance based SR if you don’t understand that concept.

Here’s what you do
If your team plays like a team, you join them
If your team plays like they’re playing solo games, you play solo your self and just play your best.

You can’t win them all, but make each game about improving and learning your own game, rather than what your team did, as you have 0 control over that.


That’s simply not true btw

Sabotage is not quite what it’s doing. If it finds you’ve hit your skill level, it will ensure you have balanced games, some that are easy to win and same that are hard to win to ensure you don’t easily climb to a level that your skill isn’t at, or fall to a level where you’re destroying your opps.

To consistently climb, you simply have to outskill the level you’re at, and this is based on the average skill level of all players across the board. As mentioned previously, I can explain this in more detail if you don’t understand what i’m saying


lies and propaganda, stop shilling


lmao. good luck in gold… and with your 35% winrate… good luck in silver too :wink:


Its nonsense, proove it.


Mm yes please lets put bronze and top 500 players in the same games, what could possibly go wrong


If you usually stay in diamond but are stuck in lower ranks, then not MMR but you are the culprit.

As MozartsGost explained. Plat and below uses performance based SR. The better you play, the better your SR gains. At diamond, your SR won’t change based on your performance.

Now logically speaking, as a Diamond player, you are better than a plat player so you should gain performance based SR fast yet that’s not the case. If you get less SR than in diamond, then you actually don’t belong to diamond because you are actually less skilled than the average plat player.

Win rates are also weak evidence because your success rates are less dependent on your own performance and more on your team’s performance. This means that you can have a 50% winrate in diamond, even though you perform like a plat player, because your team carries you.


my alt is at level 370+
i sustained the rank at high diamond for 3 season now, when i drop i reach around 3300 then get it back up.


I have to agree, my main used to be 3700 with a 3907 peak. However it started dropping until I ended up in low diamond. So I decided to make a smurf. Went 10-0 got placed 3444 and climbed my way up to a peak of 4093. And now I’m stable in grandmasters whilst my main is still in diamond. Kinda silly dont you think.