New Player here!

New player , any tips would be great , as my game is just downloading rn :slight_smile:


stop the download, find a better game.


find a character you really like playing.
the characters are unique enough that it’s hard to go from one to the other without needing time to relearn how to play the game as any of the others.

also go with your team, you’re atleast a little bit safer going with them than going by yourself, but ofcourse different characters do different things and some want to be in the front and some in the back and some in the center.

start with easier characters like dva , sombra ,soldier 76 ,moira which give you alot of leniency when you take damage and then when you feel confident try other high ceiling heroes .

Remember! This is a team game. You can’t do anything solo, and if you try you won’t get anywhere except the spawn over and over again. Don’t yolo solo.

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I’m familiar with team based games , so i should be okey.

so guessing you’ve tried it at this point, what do you think? what’s your first impression?

Just have fun, my only tip.

People will cry and moan at you… just ignore them.

(case in point the game I just played in open que… practicing doom, got told to “kill myself” because I wasn’t very good… lol)

Actually second tip… never play open que or quick play classis. It is rubbish.

And third tip… when it comes to ranked, never play at the weekend. Your sanity will thank you.

IT IS AMAZING!! Enjoying it so far , i like playing with Brigitte .
I though that it will be hard to get familiar with controls , but it’s all goo !
Love it .


Welcome, have fun. Try to focus on 2 or 3 heroes first. Otherwise best tip i can give you is to just have fun. You’ll learn the game while you play. If you have any hero or game specific questions, just ask.

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yeah , trying to main three heroes for now :wink:

Solid plan.

1 per role I hope.

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happy to hear it, enjoy yourself.

Exactly , 1 per role ! :wink:

One good tip I can give you actually is even though your fresh at the game, try to develop an early sense of when enemies have ults or when they’re about to use them. This is something that doesn’t come right away but the more you focus on it and develop a sense for it, the better it helps you get good at the game.


Who are the lucky/unlucky 3?

So far for Tank still can’t decide which one i like more : REINHARDT or ROADHOG , i like the shield from Reinhardt but from Roadhog chain hook. But mostly i choose Roadhog :smiley:
For Damage i don’t play much but i liked ASHE and MCCREE.
Support : BRIGITTE , i like this hero very much , and easy to play.

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Like when you see a reaper trying to creep up on you and your team grouped together, you kinda know he’s gonna Die Die Die

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all fine characters tbh, i really like Reinhardt and Brig.
but in all honesty what characters i have fun with more are characters i don’t like aesthetically.

and those are Winston, Lucio and Hanzo, the reason being is that they are a bit more rewarding in terms of gameplay because they have fun mobility and the things that they can pull off that is a little bit difficult is much more satisfying when you are able to pull them off.

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Delete game, Blizzard doesn’t want your custom.
They are horrific at making a good game. The amount of leavers is unbareable.