Overwatch crashes on startup


My game keeps crashing as soon as it launches, I will get a black screen for a second or two, and then it’ll close.

I have tried uninstalling every Razer program, and the issue persists.


the same thing is going on for me and i kinda just wanna play the game. please help someone


Greetings Virien!

Thanks for contacting us with this problem.

Uninstalling Razer software was a good first step, but I would invite you to try additional troubleshooting methods listed here.

@Ac0nit3: please make sure to apply the same troubleshooting steps and report back if problem doesn’t disappear.

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Currently undergoing the exact same issue, have tried every single troubleshooting steps and fix i could find on the internet. nothing is working, wanted to link dxdiag and msinfo but cant


The same problem. Have tried all troubleshooting steps, no sucesss. Where can I send you pastbin links to my system info files ?


I fixed my game by simply uninstalling all microsoft visual c++ versions try that see if it works for u. no idea why or how but it worked


Hello everyone,

If the steps in the article linked by Madkipar don’t resolve your issue, please create your DxDiag and MSInfo files:

You can paste the content of each file on a web like Pastebin and provide us with the links. If it doesn’t let you publish your message because of the links, try to paste them using the preformatted text option (</> button).

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thanks, here are links to my files https://pastebin.com/A8m9tNkv and https://pastebin.com/TtDzEDQ1, great if you can have a look at them and hopefully help me to get Overwatch started. :slight_smile:


Leqcity, could you please repeat a selective startup and update your drivers?

Please make sure you remove/disable all programs your system does not need to work properly (overlays especially!) and I would recommend a clean reinstall of your video drivers (so you’ll need to remove the version you have installed now - you can easily do that with Display Driver Uninstaller).
If you use a third-party software to update drivers, please perform a manual check and download instead - there is a more recent one available for your GPU/OS (i believe the last one is 411.70, released just a few days ago).

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Hello, I’ve had all the same problems, gave up a long time ago but just found this. Thanks in advance for your help.
https:// pastebin. com/DiKex7pQ

https:// pastebin. com/0k36eW7P

(might be dumb but filter wouldn’t let me post links so i put spaces, just remove them pls and thanks)


The problem may be RzChromaSDK64.dll_unloaded . If you actually uninstalled everything from Razer, go to Windows\system32 and delete all files you find from Razer.

Also check the folders AppData and ProgramData where you can find the folder from Razer.


It worked! Thanks for your help, it was just the first suggestion that fixed it.