Overwatch is a dead game


i haven’t played overwatch for a long time because it was dying, an out of balance game. i thought maybe with the new hero they fixed the problem. but i was wrong they didn’t there are to many problems with hero’s not having to aim, like moira and winston brigitte and reinhardt atleast need skill and timing. winston and moira just walk behing you while watching tv. Widow still has one hit killshots while if you shoot a widow in the head from behind with ashe, widow just turns and kill you no matter where she hits you. to be honest if ashe hits you in the head your head should have been blown off. genij still is and always will be OP. Hanzo’s arrows miss alot of times but you still die. so there are alot of things that make this game a broken dying game. many people said it before and i say it now. to be honest i do not care about how people reply because weeks ago i left overwatch and i do it again. because this isn’t the game i bought. so blizzard F you for making the game so freaking bad people leave. well done that is really something a company should do destroying their own game look at what a sh*tshow the new diablo is. and not to mention BFA


It’s the free-to-play games that are killing Overwatch.


there are no free to play games out there. Nobody does game development and operations for free, someone gotta pay and thats for sure not the game company.


Free to play, as in, you don’t pay to play them, basic game knowledge 101.

as for OP, the games not dead nor dying. Winston requires aim but not on weapon and is quite high on gamesense. Moira requires tracking rather than straight aim similiar to zarya or sym.

if you’re getting killed by winston/moira walking behind you, that’s your fault for being a dumbass, get out of bronze perhaps?

ashe deals less damage than a widow, so no you won’t one shot a widow with a headshot, but she will (300 damage).

genji has counters and isn’t op at all.

essentially if you’ve left, and you’re this moronic.

stay gone


just to improve my basic knowledge: who pays then?


People pay in cash shops if they choose.

They do not pay for the game

They do not pay for the upkeep of the game

It is a free to play game.

Want an example? Warframe.


Team fortress 2
Dota 2
Path of Exile
Heroes and Generals
Quake Champions

Yep cant find any free to play games, this guy is right


I feel like people complain no matter what happens to Overwatch. I say it sucks because that’s just me sucking (even though I’m at plat/dia rank) yet I always seem to end up playing at least 10 games / day, be it Mystery Heroes or Competitive.


People will just blame the game instead of trying to get better :man_shrugging:


Nothing in life is completely free, you pay with your time for playing this sometimes utterly annoying game instead of doing something constructive.

The problem with completely free to play games like Apex that its crawling with cheaters. Once you are banned you just create another account for free and continue cheating.


Apparently they ID your computer and ban it if you hack.


First of all, learn to ducking format your text.

Moira is fairly much countered by every tank, CC, and any hero that has any kind of long range dmg.
Brigitte was basically nerfed to the point she goes into almost the same category as moira.
Reinhardt doesn’t need aim because his main attack is hecking melee.

In what rank do you live in where your team lets a winston or moira get away with this? I’m in mid-high silver and I’m still yet to see someone pull this off.

She’s a sniper, duh. Counter her with dive or with another widow.

Now does she? A fully charged body shots takes out (I think? Someone correct me if I’m wrong) 100 hp. And Ashe isn’t a sniper, atleast on the same level as widow, so she shouldn’t have a 1 shot 1 kill dmg output. She still does a fairly great amount of damage, able to kill squishies with a headshot anda body shot.

If Ashe should be allowed to have 1 shot 1 kills, why shouldn’t Widow?

Brigitte, winston, mccree, mei, symmetra… Do I need to go on?

So hanzo misses shots, but still hits enough to kill you? I don’t actually see the problem here.


How the heck has fortnite not been mentioned as a free to play!?


I believe it’s 120 hp Widow does if it’s a body shot.


Just to enlighten you. Genji is not OP bro


It has. Middle of Dipplemunt’s list.

Fully charged bodyshot deals 120 and her crit modifier of x2.5 to make headshots deal up to 300.

In any case, the argument that a bodyshot is not enough to 1shot, doesn’t change with this extra 20 damage :slight_smile:


whoops i’m blind i skimmed through the lost sorry xD


the game is totally balanced , maybe it’s not the game for u if u can’t win, others win


I understand that the game is dead and i mainly started blaming the toxic players whoare making others take blame for there punishment and the company it self for letting the game slip into trash.
So dont worry your not the only one who thinks it s dead.


Ah yet another moron who thinks the game is dead despite the facts showing otherwise.

Whatever you say kid pats head