Overwatch Roadhog

Overwatch 2 better not have your bugged roadhog. With his OP 6 sec heal that heals more than 250 max healthpack. With his OP chain that stuns and pulls.
And his OP shotgun that can HS a 500health tank in 2 headshots.

Shame on you blizzard for having such a char in a so called ‘competitive ready game’ for years. Since launch Overwatch.

But Hog is easily counterable. Pick Ana or any stun hero when hes healing himself. Its so easy to counter him.

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True. It is a shame though that Hog is the only hero that can get value just existing.

Always despise the enemy team having an Ana when I play Hog, such a good counter.

Any good Hog will know to just take them (ie face tanking), thus freeing up his team to attack against no cooldowns. Sigma is a more effective against Hog, as is Orissa.

Same as Ball. You stun him, means you’re not stunning anyone else.

tbh, I feel like roadhog is pretty balanced. The only thing off is his healing: it’s too op and I feel like the cooldown should be increased from 6 → 11 seconds

If they reversed the change to the amount of ult charge you can get off him back to what it was… Then you would see a lot less of him higher up.

Lower down, the game is death match. So anyone who does high spam damage will always be strong.

It is rather powerful, but if the enemy team have an Ana, it’s a major gamer breaker.

RHog is quite easily countered by suppressing fire, and many other hero abilities. Simple well times stun can send him packing in n time :wink:

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100%! He has a lotttt of counters.

Can you provide clips of you hard countering him, I’d like to learn.

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Please stop harassing me.

You are harassing me though.

I’ve just asked for your help.

Me replying to your reply to me is not harassing you. You replying to me when I’m replying to Jinx, is.

All I did was ask for your help. You talk like you know how to tank and I’d like to learn.

Since when is replying to a reply harassing? Doesnt matter who you replied to.

You can keep telling yourself that, we both know it’s not true lol. It’s cute how your little friend is backing you up though.

Don’t patronise others.

I simply asked for VoDs to review so I can learn and be a better tank. As I’ve asked before (Rein), but you just want to troll.

Lets spread the knowledge and all improve together.

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You’re endorsement level 2. I hope you behave soon.

What does that have anything to do with the behavior? In general who cares about the level?