Question for anyone


Is the red team Orissa…
a) terrible
b) throwing
c) both

I have watched the game back and I am baffled by what they were doing. I have literally never seen someone play Orissa that badly… So I can only assume they were trolling.

I saw nothing wrong, just you being horrible as per.

They were playing Orisa just fine.

Can you please point out specific moments that you are talking about, because I’m not seeing it. I just see you being rude


Haha. Explains alot if you think they were playing well.

Although, I know you’ve not watched the code. You’re just a troll with a stalkers obsession.


Actually I did watch the code. He’s just a regular player, may not be rank 1 material but I see no problem at all, he definitely wasn’t throwing. This is just another reason to belittle people and troll them, as you do. I’m not the only person that sees it.

Sorry princess. I did reply to them but kept getting “object object” as an error (whatever that is meant to mean.

But to clear it up.

Even bronze tanks know not to hide at the back.

  • zero awareness of his shield
  • zero awareness of this cooldowns
  • no willingness to even try help his team
  • zero positional awareness.
  • at times appearing to deliberately avoid the point.
  • limited awareness of what was around him. (1st point never pushing past that ramp to the point, 2nd point just sitting on the edge of the map)
  • created zero space
  • took zero space
  • no map control

This plus thinking Rein Orissa was the play. That is only the “meta” in bronze.

This guy was clearly boosted, if not throwing.

But, amuse me, what rank are you playing in and would you accept that performance… Because his team were certainly aware of his “throwing”,

If this is what tanking is like you your games, PLEASE let me play against you. I would find it hilarious.

@BattleCattle , Greetings,you can’t say someone is terrible, or throwing if u don’t like someone’s gameplay,I think is a rude.On the same way alot people reporting each other.All best in the future! (1) Alan Walker - Darkside (feat. Au/Ra and Tomine Harket) - YouTube :slight_smile:


I can.

Just like everyone is free to watch that and tell me I am a garbage Widow. Because I am.

@BattleCattle,that’s something against tearms of conduct,I can’t tell to the player he is bad,if he tryhard,I can tell him into game to switch and try something else,but when u tryhard to do your best and when is not enought will be too much to tell him that he is a bad. Shortly ,is a toxic.

There is a difference between trying and it not working, and what that guy was doing.

That was clearly someone on a boosted account.

100%. It’s not needed.

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In game. I agree. Hence why I just laughed to myself as I took the SR.

But on review. No one knows how they are, and people should be able to review bad game play and learn what not to do.

And that was BAD.

In your opinion. Like they say, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it? :man_shrugging:

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Lets review some of your games. I will be nice.

Well I’m a higher tank rating than you so? :man_shrugging:

Lol. And? (hide profile so excuse me while I doubt).

Lets see what you do, if you are so much better

If you enjoy the game as much as you claim, you’d want everyone to be better players after all.

So you’re insulting me while we’re at it, not good for you.

Them not playing how YOU want them to doesn’t mean they’re throwing. It means… they’re not playing how you want them to. Because still had impact and were able to save their team mate, damage, and get kills

I saw awareness. I saw them doing good things.

Again, I just see you being needlessly rude.

Because whether you like it or not, this person is the same rank as you.
And you’re yet another example of someone who thinks they’re better than others at the same rank.


You? No. I called someone else princess. Because he is very precious.

Actually they were 800sr (probably more now) lower. But sure.

But I will humour you… if he is my rank… compare my last tank game to his… PEGN4G

(I am not sure why I would care if someone thinks I am being rude btw. I don’t know who you are lol)

Okay, my apologies for the attack. I thought that it was for me, since I had asked for reasons.

I’m just saying that you are playing with them.

And you have to remember that people have bad days. Not everyone is going to be 100% on top of their game 100% of the time.

You should take it into consideration. Why does this person thin I’m being rude?

We all have bad days. But that is not what they were doing. They were boosted, so were throwing the game.