Quick play matchmaking

It’s been like this for quite some time now. The QP matchmaking is just broken and takes the fun out of it. I’m not one to play comp because I like the casual aspect of QP but when I am matched with 3 players under lvl 20 and the enemy team has a 5 star silver and a platinum border I know that we’ll be steam rolled. It’s just not fun. I rarely get a fair game in QP nowadays. It’s always a coin flip coming down to which team has the low-lvl’s.
On top ruining my game experience it must suck for the new players. You get put against players who have played years of overwatch and you’re lvl 15.
That’s just unfair for everyone involved.


Low level doesn’t mean new player.

If you just 6 stack QP games with people you know, this won’t be an issue for you.

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Ah yes because I need 5 other people to casually enjoy a game. Good fix! I’ll try that! Oh wait no… my whole friend group doesn’t want to play Overwatch?! Sadly I can’t enjoy this game alone.
Blizzard needs to fix this! I had a 2 months OW break and after playing again today I quit after 3 games because they match people over lvl 500 with people under lvl 7. It’s a broken system and if your only “solution” to this problem is that I should just “6 stack” then you are a bootlicker and your “advice” means absolutely nothing.
Have a good day


Blizzard says that they have 40 million playerbase. But i don’t trust it.


Yeah I just uninstalled the game cause of this. Literally unplayable


This isn’t daily activity btw, it’s just the numbers of login over x amount of time so they’re not really lying.

People tend to make mistakes this way.

You can’t know truth if you are not working there. I play with same and vs same people, over and over again in mixed matches between 3 divisions (from bronze to gold) with awful ping. And i played only 75 hours overall. I have 1.3k hours in cs i never played 2 matches in row with same ppl, same in league of legends (1.5k hours), same in dota 2 (400 hours), same in warframe, same in DbD or Friday the 13th (dead game with 150-200 online, but still i have never met same ppl 2 matches in row). I came to this forum to find help with workshop and ping issue, but i only the same situation as in game, toxic same whiteknights with 100500+ posts and random ppl like me who occasionally came here for the help, but get bucket of spam on their heads about how’s game good and everyone else is bad. It’s pretty delusional, you know. The worst thing, that i don’t want to quit yet, cuz i played so little time since season 12.


Wait did Blizzard release the playerbase numbers?

Bootlicker? Because I suggested playing with like minded people?

You can make friends in the game too. At least you know the in game friends actually play, and you can befriend the ones you like. Easy.

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This is literally my exact problem. I’ve been playing Overwatch for about 2 years but lately I just can’t have fun anymore. I like to play quick play most of the time to have fun but I just can’t anymore. I get matched up with the same 500+ Level dudes with platinum borders all the time while my team has bronze level 20s who don’t know how to aim. That’s not even considering that half the time I get put into matches with a losing team that already started with like 30 seconds left. And when I do get into a new game I always get a leaver like it’s a curse or something. I really don’t understand how it’s that hard to find an okay team and game because my wait times range from 10-20 minutes on DPS. It’s so frustrating that I can’t find any good games on quick play.


quickplay isn’t fair but that’s the point, it isn’t meant to be.
it’s ment to put you in a game quick.

if you want more fair matches you play ranked,
some of you might say “but ranked is so try-hard”
well to that i say, it doesn’t have to be.
just play at a pace that you’re comfortable with and they will place you in a rank with other people that plays at that same pace.

just because you play ranked doesn’t mean you have to aspire to be GM/t500,
it just means you want more quality out of the matchmaker.

the QP matchmaker have never given you fair games intentionally and it never will, either you accept some wonky matchmaking and get to play some games quick or you wait a little bit more to get some quality matchmaking.

don’t be deterred just because it says “ranked”.
you’re not really being judged as a player for playing on a ladder.
it’s just a faceless system that helps ensure quality of matches being decent in an automatic process.

before these types of games with an automated matchmaker and ladders and such in order to get quality games you would have to go out of your way to find people around your skill level either in chat rooms, message boards or forums and the like and you would have to pretty much guess what skill level you were at and search for people of similar skill manually.

now think about that when you look at that ladder, that’s all that it is.
a faster more easy accessable match finder.

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This is why I called it ranked and not “competitive” like they try to label it.

The games are not that different to quick play, there is just a more visible ranking system (that some take way too seriously).

I just enjoy games with friends. Sometimes I climb to diamond. Then 2 weeks later I am back in low gold as our plans went down the toilet. Then we climb again.


you see, that’s what i’m kinda thinking about, why call it climbing? why call it falling?

to imply that you are climbing or falling is to refer to the system as static and unmoving.

but infact that the matchmaker is constantly in motion moving people up and down trying to place people in a spot where they ought to be and constantly refreshing where that spot should be depending on everything else that is constantly in motion.

for example if i stay exactly the same skill and make no adaptations, i might be still but my spot in the ladder isn’t.

the ladder can and will grow and shrink and twist with time and outgrow you making your spot in it forever uncertain.

if there’s only 500 people playing the game you’re basically in the top 500 right?

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You don’t really “climb” you get better and your SR goes up. Or you don’t and it goes down (over a period of time).

Ultimately, if you are having fun… play more. If not, stop.

Sweating over a arbitrary number isn’t worth the effort.

i mean are you really getting better or are you just facing worse players?
are you getting worse or meeting better players?

how good someone is, is only in comparison to others.

it depends what your goal is, if it’s to be top of the ladder then you’ll just have to beat everyone else, if that isn’t it, then what does the ladder really matter?
then it’s just all about the experience itself and not actually about winning or losing.

Yeah. I only play ranked because there is more of a structured base to the game.

I like a serious try-hard game, I also like the meme games where we all try random nonsense.

Ranked gives you a better base to do both of them. (unless you 6 stack in QP with friends).

random question.
have you ever had a difficult time picking what character you want to play?
in the case you just like a lot of the characters and have problems settling on just one?

that’s my conundrum when i try to get myself into fighting games more.
i can see myself playing a lot of them but i’m not really commiting to any of them.
it’s like none of them are clicking for me more than any other in particular.

i kinda think i might have to make a random pick among the ones i like and just go with it.

Only if I am playing DPS.

On tank, I know which ones works best on each map/point and who I enjoy most on each map/point.

Support, I only play Zen Bap or Brig really. Mostly Zen, then go to the others if my team need something else.

But DPS, I like doing silly things with Sym, but the rest I don’t find to be as fun as playing tank. Doesn’t help that DPS get a lot of grief for such a low impact role.

mhm, for me i basically go by archetype and feel and the complete opposite of those same archetypes.

for example i like simple brutes that are mostly about instinctual and primal and animalistic in nature, in games it tends to be like barbarians or tanky characters usually that go in and smash while they take some damage that fuels their primal rage.

however i like also the inverse of that just to mix it up so that would be something like a wizard or tactician that doesn’t want to get close at all and rely on being clever.

and then i have this fondness of evil characters and i also somewhat apply this inverse to that too.

so basically the most extreme in each direction, and knowing this i just analyze the characters that i get to choose from and limit my selection from that with those archetypes in mind.

and i have this nasty habit of picking the off-meta, the underdog because nobody expects anything from them which makes the pay-offs so much sweeter.

it just gets a bit difficult sometimes choosing one of these if you don’t know who is off-meta or know the game well enough that you get what you want out of that character.

Occasionally (and it is rare) going try-hard with the full meta comp can be fun. If played with friends.

GOATS was a really good one for this. A good GOATS v GOATS game was so much fun.

But most of the time, I prefer to be having a laugh. And if that means playing Sym Torb and tp’ing Torbs turret into weird places on the map, so be it.

Doing that in solo queue and moving the Torbs turret without him knowing is pretty funny tbf.