Ranking system is garbo (why is it this way?)


I feel like personal “skill rating” should be attributed to a player and not to a group, it doesn’t make sense to :

  • lose sr when you lose no matter how hard you carry
  • win sr for winning no matter how bad you perform and how hard your 5 other teammates carry you (skill = who gets the better teammates in this game)
  • sr remains unchanged regardless of the performance when tied
  • basically be stuck on some sr if you don’t buy a fresh account since you are stuck with your previous season sr forever if you have regular lucky losing streaks making your only way to gain sr is to play 1000 hours in ranked and hope for good teammates (sr is too dependent of luck)

It doesn’t look like they changed how sr is gained after role queue per role :

  • you don’t even need to do your job to gain sr, heck you can even throw and still win sr (we all know throwing needs “SKILL” after all right?)

Why does it not vary depending on YOUR performances since it’s a PERSONAL “SKILL rating”, this is such garbo

(REMINDER : this is a discussion, spare me comments like “git gud”, “the game have always been like this so like it or leave” and other useless comments that violate community guidelines and/or don’t contribute to the discussion)


Agreed. Worst ranking system i have ever seen. You can purposly lose all placement matches and still get the same rank you had last season.


with role queue people kept their previous ranking (for some they are still stuck on low ranks no matter how much they have progressed and for others they are way too over ranked because their one trick isn’t that effective anymore) it can’t be like this, and after the match ends your “skill” rating is affected by that 100% luck factor (especially on low ranks where the outcome is always decided before the match is even played and no matter how hard you try or how passive you stay, it will not affect the outcome but it WILL affect your sr.


I agree, the manner in which you can climb doesn’t really work when you are relying on the cooperation of an entire team. So much hinges on securing that win to climb up the ranks.

If you’ve played since the beginning then there are anchor stats to consider too, those are stats which the system takes into account since the day you started playing. Now, there is no definitive statement saying that these stats exist but there is mounting evidence which you can learn about here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMCYd52RiQE

Sadly, when we talk about competitive being broken, the blanket statement from people who came to the game a lot later and placed higher is that everyone complaining should just ‘git gud’ which doesn’t add any value to the conversation.


I’ve seen quite a bit of people saying they were stuck on low rankings then bought a new account and they got actual rank really quick

why does the season “change” when literally absolutely nothing changes and your placement matches are played with your old season sr and gain/lose normal sr from it (like if you would’ve just played 5 regular additional matches in old season)
at least reset it every season like wtf jeff? we get placed low because we are new to the game and there is no way out unless we spend 1000 hours in comp (or get lucky with teammates) or buy new account?


I play from 1st season and I was stuck on gold whole time, eventually I grouped up with few really good players (1 was master on other account and diamond on actual, other diamond and 2 plats) and after 2 seasons I reached plat, while I was playing quite average. Slot machine is trying to do its best to give you feeling of balance, which means, you have won last 3 games, we give you player who lost 3 times and deal with it. It happened to me multiple times, that I beat someone and he appears in my team right in next match, so that’s kind of stupid and usually loss guaranteed. Also you get 3:1 Win vs Loss and you are on the same rank. Really rewarding system :slight_smile:


you want even more egomaniacs in overwatch? I don’t think its a good thing.

yes, you stick with your rank. What an epiphany.


egomaniacs? you should get rewarded for your efforts is all i am asking for, rather than being rewarded for your team luck

yes i am asking for the sr to be reset (maybe not entirely to avoid gm vs bronze) but at least for people who perform good to have an actual chance to climb to proper ranking (why even bother doing a new season and calling it “placement” if literally nothing changes)


All points in this thread are very valid, however after hearing the Blizzard advice it seems like a scam.

The answer was to buy a new account to reset your SR.


Performance based SR is still a thing in ranks below 3000 SR, in the long run, you should rank up if you perform better than your team (you lose less and gain more SR). You can’t gain SR when losing a game because that would make no sense as the other team would also gain SR. The ladder would then just be broken and not accurate at all.

When you lose, yes it’s a chance that you did not deserve to lose, but you did, and next game you may have a better chance at winning as long as you play your best again.

I don’t get why some of you say that the game takes anything other than SR (MMR) into account when matching players. It’s completely random who you are faced with or against (other than SR), it doesn’t take into account your previous games or something else. It’s just your SR. Maybe when you create a new account and stuff like that, other players “respect” you more (because you’re low level and a “smurf”), allowing you to perform better. And usually when you stop caring about your SR, and focus on your own gameplay, you will improve and rank up.

MMR (SR) reset can NEVER happen, as we saw in the first hours in S18 (before it was reverted to beta again). It will just be a mash of all players, COMLETELY random, and the first like 6 months will be a mess to play for everyone. And then you have those with 10 accounts who will forever have a smurf to mess around with in the lower ranks. It’ll just be a feels bad for everyone.


Agree with this post 100%

Rainbow 6 Siege had this issue where hackers were being paid by people to carry them to the high ranks basically 4 people sit there while a cheat aimbots the enemy team every round so these sad morons get to Diamond rank.

Feel the same when I play comp its all down to the team you get per game.

I have noticed that if im playing well each game win or lose, I seem to then get teammates that are awful and have been carried to that rank

So my theory is there is a hidden rank on how well you play personally each game so say my friend and I try our hardest to win everytime we play we will then get 4 people that dont put much effort and have bad stats per game and dont play as a team but are in the same rank as we are, then the other team has 6 people that all try individually

put it like this each team has 100 skill points to spend on a team of 6 people Team 1; player 1 and 2 are good so take 50 points, the other 4 are skill rating of 12
Team 2 are all average and are skill rating of 16 meaning they all try and have no weak links


My skills should move me closer to rank of players with same performance under similar circumstances, no matter of the outcome of the match. Than after little settling I would play with players with similar skills. It should be about feeling that everyone did its best to win the match, not that I have to win at all costs. That’s why you have cheaters, trolls and all other kind of sociopaths taking over, rewarding system is asymmetric and poor, producing demotivated and frustrated players. 1 can poison game for 11 others etc. Simply bad design, these people will not vaporize and you should have solution which is not punishing other 11 players in the game. You should teach youngsters it’s important to try and there is no problem with failing. If other player performance will not impact yours, you will probably be much less toxic and helpful to those with lack of skills. And you will know loss didn’t mean you are bad, but that team you were in was bad, but your personal performance should reflect your personal performance! Not a random generated number. :slight_smile:


i meant for people who perform good to gain sr and those who perform bad to lose sr no matter the outcome (so the ladder isn’t just broken but rather more fair)
by a logic of “yeah this guy is performing better than guys at his rank, let’s rank him up to where he can actually improve” rather than the mentality of “yeah this guy is doing good, well good for him except he lost so he might as well get lower rank”

the new account thing is the fact that you only get a real sr reset and actual proper “”“PLACEMENT”"" matches chance when you play your first ranked on an account, old account will just use your previous season ranking in new season and does it’s best so you won’t climb much or at all, a lot of us are feeling that when you perform good you are more likely to get the guys who performed badly in their latest matches (including various type of anti-gameplay people most of the time) which will give you a lower chance at winning just because you did too good for your current rank rather than trying to match you up to proper rank and many people say this issue is fixed when they buy a new account


The SR rating is so weird, i have mained tank for like a year and been in high gold/low plat (solo queue ftw). And when I first tried out the 2-2-2 comp, I got placed like mid/high plat and now in this season I got placed silver. Can anyone explain? I really think I should NOT be in that rank.


i feel like they didn’t change how sr is gained per person, they use the same old system on 2-2-2, it feels like they totally forgot about how 2-2-2 will affect :

  • ranking
  • general balance of heroes

we have to wait till the end of the season to hope to have a change and if that change wasn’t enough well we will just have to wait another season for another change of how it works


Agreed, I used to be in low-mid gold dropped a few times to high silver but always climbed back up until my controllers where less than optimal, coupled with the fact my ps4 spits the disc out randomly leads to a huge SR drop I looked at buying the digital but am not paying $100 for a dead game which was its price when i checked. I ended up beneath 1600Sr which from past experiences is a tougher rank to climb out of you get a lot more griefers and bad dps players that think they main genji/hanzo/tracer/widow, its almost impossible to carry as a support short of dps moira but thats dependent on if your enemy doesnt know how to coordinate. Tank is a lot easier to win/carry and self sustain, dps is almost impossible to get into the role with so many refusing to playing anything but.

This Role Queue Beta season I struggled with getting good dps poor luck more often than not I got a genji not a smurf like genji a bronze genji in a meta that just introduced sym and sigma they get super wrecked.
I won 90% of my matches with tank 80% as DPS and 20% as support but according to the SR Ratings I placed best at tank, then support and then worst as dps both my tank and dps have remained in high silver but support has dropped into bronze and my god i have given up i spend the entire match in fits of laughter because of every wtf moment. The 1 or 2 games I actually got semi-decent tanks and won I gained less than 10SR which I felt was unfair average gain should be 20-25SR if you aren’t throwing question I ask myself is would I get more SR if I played super irresponsible focused less on making sure everyone was healed and rack up more kills for myself or every single perfectly timed counter play because in Bronze nobody covers you as support no tank peel or dps peel your on your own I cant remember the last game that I didnt have someone leave on my team or the enemy. Which from what I understand messes up SR gains. The system is confusing and shot to hell I have gained more SR in games where I played for crap than games I actually gave a lot more input and felt I impacted. I noticed the support seems like you might get more stats keeping a player alive thats actually getting kills from your healing but if you just focus healing 1 person they get boosted by staying alive longer than anyone else by having a pocket. Which may lead to think they are better and doing more than the rest of the players being ignored.


I actually noticed this and one of my main gripes with SR system. After you win 3 consecutive matches you end up in a higher placement match with players deranking from higher ranks and its a lucky draw of who you get in which role slot. Sometimes it does a ridiculously stupid thing like gives a plat+diamond duo that play tank+dps then give you a plat that support mains mercy then you get a couple silver dps that still think cheese picking bastion or sym(oldsym)/torb is valid against higher ranked players. Even de-ranking from a higher rank the Plat+diamond dps combo are going to output more impact than a plat mercy its not even.

I had another similar instance when I started getting mixed plat games and we had a silver BASTION dps playing into a full team of plats. Lets say his fixed sit on cart tactic was easy to unearth by plats heck I can do it in silver especially since he couldn’t aim or position behind a shield common sense.

Another instance I was the higher rank at mid gold the enemy got 1 1100SR bronze dva can’t really do harm there just fill in matrix and my team got a Bronze dps Duo 1200SR+800SR they played Torb+Widow badly needless to say we lost the Bronze Dva actually tried to do her role. It was really 4v6 with the duo everyone else on team was gold. I cannot queue with any of my friends this rank at 2300SR but… they sure as hell can be matched with me.

I have also had a Bronze and a Diamond in the same game this is completely unacceptable the diamond may have dropped SR into high Plat but the skillset is worlds apart. Comp needs to be limited to 1 SR rank apart so if I play a game in Silver I should either get placed against bronze or golds not both in the same game. Because what happens more often than not at least in my games the Bronze is a bad genji/hanzo main or like a bad torb/widow and the rest of the team is trying to fill the void 1 dps down.


if you ever feel like youre stuck even though you feel better then the others in your rank, theres 1 thing you need to remind yourself: Why would you climb instead of someone else if you are not doing consitently better, why would you get on a winstreak out of elo hell instead of anyone else? Thsose things aren’t done by luck, a lot of it is forcing your luck by playing well.


There was no need for feelings, you could use Oversumo app, which compared how your performance was in comparison to same hero players across the field. You could see you (on Gold) did same like Diamonds, for 2 hours and you were just losing rank. + It aggregates historical data, so your tiny 2 h Diamond performance was nothing against your historical data? That’s why they are not reset each season, players can’t improve over time? How consistent you mean?


Lots of valid points in here. I’m personally having my worst game experience since I bought the game at release. I feel hopeless in my attempts to influence the game results. It does not matter what I do, I cannot prevent a loss.

I feel I’m getting matched with people who came to the game recently, don’t own the game as long as I do. They get placed Plat, where I’m stuck long term, and they are ruining my gaming.

Maybe the game think I’m good and matches me with less good people to balance the match. I don’t have high opinion about myself… But… If this is the case, you cannot play that good, to win a game with rubbish lower ranked player. You cannot carry in this game. The team has to carry and the team is only strong as it’s weakest point.

When I played on PTR, I have had awesome games. I was having so good matches, it’s unreal… I was so hyped for the game again. Then it went live and it’s totally different experience. I WANT MY PTR EXPERIENCE ALL DAY EVERY DAY. GIVE IT BACK T ME!!!

Here is a crazy idea. What if winning does not give you SR and what if loosing does not take SR from you??? What if we divorce this… Imagine you have tried your hardest, you were on your game, you have been doing a fantastic job and yet still loose. Now why not gain SR based on the good performance despite the loss? Hit me