🐗 Reinhardt "main's" are the worst

Everyone other Rein charges an enemy team in the first 15 seconds of the game, and finds himself alone behind enemy lines where he gets obliterated, so you spend half the game playing 5v6.

They don’t know what is their job in the game, so all they do is walk behind the payload, and argue that it’s X person job is to do X, but it turns out everything is other people job, and they don’t need to do anything, lol

They refuse to play anything else, regardless of how badly their Rein is countered.

They might die 7 times in a row a 10m from the spawn, but they still are going to play a melee tank which can’t even DPS anyone at range, thus counter enemies which are killing him, lol

Unpopular opinion:
Rein should be blocked for all sub-diamond ranks to save people from such hell :skull:

Same could be said for Junkrat mains…

Probably best not to flame others. You are on silver, of course your tanks are not going to be very good at tanking. Silver is not the rank where good players reside sadly.

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fixed it


If I’m diamond OQ, am I allowed? Haha.

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Oh Marjin, for the hell which are your pseudo-criticisms we need to block whole rank spectrum :frowning_face:

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that’s your idea in the opening post- only consistently further developed

live long & prosper

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Meh, 2/10 deceptive rhetoric, but I will allow it.

Here, have a cupcake :cupcake:


Yeah it’s annoying seeing Reins run far forward soloing. I’ve seen some just charge into a whole group of enemies, which is basically instant death.

That is more use than a shield bot though.

Would take a Rein that tries to make a play over one that stands, shield up, in choke doing nothing every day.

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as a dva main is soooo annoying a reinhardt just charges you and just gets half of your health away and when they destroy ur mech there is just no escape :rage:

That is either

  • a good charge by the Rein
  • poor positioning by you
  • time for your team to kill the Rein, and you’ve done your job tanking the damage.

You can fly over him. But yeah once they pin you, you can’t do much but take his swings.

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most of the times if you try to fly over him it will just still pin you

Depends on the shoulder he’s pinning with. One will boop away, the other will suck you in. Can’t remember which way round it is though.

This opinion is so stupid that it’s borderline trolling.

Cherry-picked fallacious comparison.
On top of that, trying to argue that Rein charging blindly into an enemy team is some kind of play is just dishonest nonsense. Reins which charge into an enemy pretty much always die, compared to that of a bot rein who just holds shield can be sustained, and he will actually participate in the fight making it 6v6 instead mostly 5v6 with constantly dead Rein.

Talking nonsense that you would rather take blindly charging Rein who will be mostly dead over, an alive Rein is just absurd. Either you’re just trolling for an argument, and disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing, or you are simply incompetent.

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Shield bot Rein is worthless, bar the 4 seconds his shield is up.

He doesn’t make space, he doesn’t take space.

All the enemy has to do with play LoS and break shield and hes a waste of time.

As much as they are bots, they still exist in the fight, they still can hold space, they still can soak damage, they still can kill someone.

Your charging Rein can’t do anything because his dead.
Your argument is absurdly stupid. Go away.

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Only one hero has value through “existing” and that is Hog.

If you Rein is standing still, you are wasting time.

No Rein blindly charges, it might turn out to be a bad play, but everyone is a god player in hindsight.

If you charge, you are making space, making them use abilities and more. If you team follows up, it should be a fight win.

There’s no point dude, no-one on these forums will see that.

Having different views on the game isn’t trolling. Or we are both trolling. There is no middle ground here.

He has a different view on the game and how Rein works to me, that is cool. This allows people to have discussions.

Personally, I am playing tank in plat/diamond games. Rein isn’t really a good option as spam is too strong right now, and Lucio is weak. Unless you can get everyone fully committed to playing rush, it isn’t really worth your time and you can get easier value else where.

This is where my views on the shield bot style Rein. Heavy spam games, Rein is just cannon fodder. If you need shields, Orissa Sigma is the way forward (return fire on the spam), or you can play more mobile and rotate round them with something more like Ball D.Va.

I’m in a Discord community where a lot of games get streamed in the various channels, from all ranks, so I know gold, silver, bronze, you tend to see people insist Rein Zarya is good (I wish, most fun duo to play), or someone instalocks Hog and you’re forced to play a more death match style.

N9DTKB - my last game tonight, I played Rein, because the enemy asked me to. So I thought it would be fun.