Reporting System Open to Abuse?


As above.

I just logged in to find an abusive chat warning when I haven’t even undertaken any in game communications that could be misconstrued as “abusive”.

As someone who has played from day one I was perturbed to received my first warning and subsequent account silence a few weeks back. Since then I vowed not to get involved in any comms and have stayed that way.

As such I am now questioning the mechanic that triggers a warning. Assuming it is based on numbers is it open to abuse from a small group of players? I have even taken to culling my friends list to avoid doubt.

Anyone else get warnings for abusive chat when they don’t actually talk or type in game?

Its my contention the algorithm is open to abuse!?


Not really. You can trigger the system many times but measures come from GMs.
With the chat they are pretty accurate, with the gameplay sabotage … not so much.


Had several friends “muted” for saying “Why are you still playing X class it’s stupid, you’re being countered and you only spawn to die”

There is a reason why i never say anything in the chat, for what ever reason they do jack Filtered word because you can’t swear here oversensitive pos with people being abusive in voice. Would almost remember why i stopped playing this toxic game all those months ago.


That’s why I report all 11 players. You never know who is an evil smurf or throwing or being toxic(I guess I’m not the master on microaggressions topic, so will leave fine people at Blizzard to decide). So, since Blizzard never bans people that don’t deserve it, there’s no issue whatsoever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I think it is the case that the system is letting small numbers of collectives take advantage to punish innocent individuals. Given the plethora of game companies that advocate restriction of choice its no surprise. but to get a warning for literally saying nothing is a little tiring. I assumed I had played well and someone didnt like it so their group reported me for something fabricated.

I’ve just logged in to another warning and have played 2 games since the previous. Either someone has it in for me or Blizz is spamming but this is ridiculous. People are berated for not using comms and punished when they do. I havent used comms at all and apparently have been abusive. Passive aggressive maybe? Angry silence!? I’m stunned sort it out Blizz


You can just play another game when you get this warning so you don’t get banned. Reprots decay so you cann be back soon, that’s what I do.

Well, according to people in diamond, “switch your fvcking bastion” isn’t toxic or flaming so Im not sure waht do you see as toxic.


yes it is, always was.


Oh there is buddy.
When they check out someone is falsely reported, they can see who did that report, like for example reporting as “abusive chat” someone for saying “lol”. Then you get the “present” on your account for false reporting :smiley:


The fact that he is here after reporting everyone and getting people banned is the proof you are wrong. And the fact that you have no evidence about what you are saying also points you are wrong again. You should stop spreading wrong information on forums.


Absolutely false. You literally are making this up from confirmation bias.
He provided 0 evidence so we have absolutely no reason to believe he is telling the truth.
You are just choosing to believe what he says and claim its a “fact”.

Get your fact straight pal and learn to difference a statement from a fact. What he did was a statement, not a fact.

And yeah, i believe he is lying, plain simple.
You should stop telling people what to do when you cant even know the difference between a statement and a fact.


As you can’t show any proof to whatever you say, it seems you are liar around here ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Thanks for the replies everyone.

Not sure how this went downhill so quickly but just wanted to highlight a technicality.

Statements can be false and true. Factual statements can only be true. Ergo when it comes to highlighting a difference between fact and falsehood both can be contained in a statement. A false statement or a factual statement. Both statements in themselves. :slight_smile:


Not really, he is the liar and you are someone who has 0 clue about the issue so you believe whatever fits your criteria.

Google confirmation bias. You are embarrasing yourself kiddo.

Sure, but like i said, there are absolutely 0 facts to back up that statement or none has been provided so this dude is judging purely based on confirmation bias.

At best its a tie :slight_smile:


Mate, don’t take my word for it … report all 11 players for a week straight, see what happens
You’ll see there are no “gifts” whatsoever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So you can call anyone liar with zero evidence but when someone calls you liar you start insulting them calling “kiddo” hmm. Your words are really reliable we should all believe you :rofl: ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Mate, dont be dishonest and cherry pick one sentence and take out the context so you can try to make it seem like you are right. Here is the full sentence :

"When they check out someone is falsely reported, they can see who did that report, like for example reporting as “abusive chat” someone for saying “lol”. Then you get the “present” on your account for false reporting

What i said is spot on accurate. You are just lucky that nobody you reported was actually checked, which makes sense. If you report totally innocent people, nobody is going to catch you buddy, because NO ONE will look at that person’s reports :joy:

Your 12 year old position and reasoning doesnt speak numbers for you pal, you are literally showing the depth and logical reasoning of the “HAHAA” (nelson) kid of the Simpsons.



Nope, it’s wrong. By your claims, it would mean that if someone insults you hard, and you get silenced, all these persons that abused you will get a ban. It doesn’t work like that.
Also, how do you think someone will figure out that your report is false? They’ll listen through hours of voice chat? They’ll watch hours of video material? I’m sure someone will pay for that, because it’s of utmost importance …
And, btw, CoC says that you can report everything that you find offensive. Depending on context even “good morning” can be offensive…

Mate, you should not do any gambling … you’re way too gullible.

Actually, when I did my social experiment, I was getting couple “thank you” popups every time I login … Guess I should buy a lottery ticket, because I’m that lucky ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


How about a big mushy group hug?


You really have poor reading comprehension mate, no offense. You are literally drawing a conclusion from nowhere and then …

You are asking questions already answered in my previous posts. Cool stuff.

Yeah im going to call BS on that too. Basically because ive read the TOS and the COC, the game one, not the one on the forum so you literally made this up :joy:

I think its more a case of “you think you know way more than you do” but hey, you do you and your “social experiments” hahaha, that was a good one. A modern day excuse to backpedal about a claim that has absolutely zero data to back up and its just based on “i did this and you have to believe me”.

Good day mate.


Oh, cocky are we?
Ok, so lets see what you wrote exactly …

So, if I report inocent people, no one will look at those reports and no one will punish players - thus no false reports. If I report people who are to be banned, then they wll be banned - thus no false reports(since, obviously these are valid reports).
So, you’re saying there are no false reports, but you’re also saying that you’ll be banned for false reports. Makes sense. To a 12 year old.

Well, seems it’s not me who have reading issues …

You may not use language that could be offensive or vulgar to others.

Note that you’re required to be a psychic and know what’s offensive to random people ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nope, what you wrote is this … quote

Which makes no sense at all. First of all, system is fully automated, you get reported enough times - you get punished. Were you writing “lol” or whatever is totally irrelevant. It may be relevant only if you’re mic is off at every single report time, so when you appeal, if you manage to get a nice CS agents, they may look at text chat data and unban you, but that’s very very rare.
And let’s not forget your claim that when you report innocent people, no one checks those reports, right? … so, there’s no chance to be falsely banned, right? Yep, checks out … I saw the other day Blizzard’s CS job application, they said “All participants must have psychic powers”. Seems legit.

Well mate, you’re defending your claim with counter-arguments, I don’t think you know much about anything, but this is not a job interview … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And you don’t have to believe, you can try it yourself … but you actually do believe. And here’s again your writing, quote

Basically, what you wrote is perfectly in line with “you can report 11 people every game and won’t be banned”, actually your claim supports it. So, I guess you do believe, only you don’t know yet if you can write that you believe or not, guess will need to ask Blizzard to decide for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It seems to me you don’t actually understand what you’re writing, you’re using counter-arguments as arguments. It’s hilarious as balls :wink: