Role queue makes it more boring :(


I used love random natures of competitive game - who knows what kind of teams you end up with - and win!

2/2/2 lock has zapped the fun from it.

And, if you want to play DPS for a change, well get ready to waaaaait.

Why you do this Blizzard peoples?


Crazy how this very aspect is hated by some and loved by others. The randomness.

Personally, I would have preferred if they left role q out of QP, so that could remain our “no rules everything goes game mode where we can get games fast”.


Well i dont like the “randomness” of everybody locking dps and staying in a stallmate of if someone switches im also switching. The queue times are bad but if you can find someone else to play with its not that bad. Overall its a compromise and one i will gladly take over the sh.tshow that is dps instalocks :slight_smile:


Crazy how this very aspect is hated by some and loved by others.

Yet the people who claim to enjoy it don’t have a single reason. Almost like they’re just following each other in a circle blindly.


If you look at old forums, SO many people advocated that role queue needs to be implemented because there would always be 5 dps insta-lock and that it was a much needed feature. Now that it is here, all anyone can do is complain.

For me, queue times are not an issue for main tank or DPS because I am a fairly new player in a lower Elo. I agree however that queue times are very exessive and it is a move on Blizzard’s side to not address this more and work harder to fix it, because it is definitely the biggest problem in the game right now. But Blizzard will eventually have to fix this issue, even if it takes some time.

My games have been a lot more structured, coordinated and less toxic because of the update. I personally like it because you know what you are getting with composition. The random natures of comp is what most of the player base hated about the game.

It is a big compromise, but with meta changes, server fixes and new content in the future, the game will be a lot more enjoyable. At least that’s what I hope. You never truly know…


The only different thing I’ve noticed with forced role lock is that games are way more lopsided because the participants have less room to respond properly to the situation. And yes, if a support player decides to go DPS because they know they can make a bigger impact this way - by all means do so. People who believe only a certain combination will win and everything else is an automatic loss are all narrow-minded anyway.


“blizzard peopleS”



Play mystery heroes…? I mean, I love Mystery heroes, but dear god, if you want to play comp just to have no kind of idea what kind of composition you’ll be getting, and you feel like that’s fun… Go see a shrink /s


I’m the type of person who actually puts thought in to things and makes a conscious effort not to just blab whatever comes out of my mouth without some reasoning behind it. If I like role q, rest assured there’s a reason why, and I have no reservations admitting that my off tank main status has something to do with that. It’s a small bias I don’t hide.


The quality of matches has noticeably dropped since they introduced role queue.


They always put a reason that doesnt change because you simply ignore it.


4.3 peak on this account.
4.4 peak on other acc
Now im playing with 3.3 guys who hit 3700 in this season
I can’t even describe what kind of sh*t this game became


This sh*t comp become like “team that lucky got dps mains that counter other team dps mains are win”
bcz now a player who can wido to take off pharah for example - simply cant swap from tank role


And thats a hero balance problem not a role lock problem

If the only way to counter something is to use a high skill cap hero at a high skill level its not a counter

Counters are supposed to be minimal effort for desired result otherwise its just a skill match not a counter


Role queue is just a massive drag. I have to do 15 placement games, of which 5 (dps) takes at least 10 minutes to queue to get a game.

Now I have 3 SR ratings meaning if I win a game ONE of my THREE SRs will only slightly improve. Big whoop, such reward, great incentive to play ranked.

So now I just force myself to play 15 placement games (including almost an hour of accumulative queue time for the dps placements), after which that I honestly can’t be bothered to play more for the rest of the season.

sidenote: before rolequeue I played either fill or support and I enjoyed playing the game daily, nowadays, not so much.

I don’t mind rolequeue tbh, but splitting the ratings is a joke.


By all means, enlighten me.


Thats EXCATLY role lock problem, because playing all heroes on decent level is impossible for any average player, thats why everyone have few heroes pool that he play. And NO LOCK was providing that whole team had heroes that could be played at least by someone from 6 players. Now if none of 2 dps couldnt play wido vs decent enemy wido or pharmercy > team just being rolled, because even if tank player could play wido - he simply cant pick her


we’ve forsaken the ability to flex in those situations you mentioned, for the assurance that every game will have a balanced team composition, ie; two tanks, two supports, etc.

We’ve got that, and games do feel more balanced when you compare them to bad games we had in the past, pre- role queue.

But that doesn’t excuse the fact that Blizzard will never get their s*** together when it comes to balance. It’s just the reality of the situation and the sooner we all accept it, the sooner we can just calm down and relax when we play this game. IT WILL NEVER< EVER BE BALANCED.

Role q didn’t come to magically balance this mess in one day, it came to simply give us stable team comps, as opposed to goats or 4-5 support mains or dps ending up on the same team.

If the mmr is borked, if the mm is weird and pitting us against players way outside the logical brackets, if hero balanced is always, constantly, up and down in a never ending spiral, it has nothing to do with role q. It’s always been that way and most likely, it always will be until the last Overwatch server shuts down.

If I had to honestly critique role q at this point, after wanting it, as a tank main for a few years, I would say I like it. It does make games feel better for the most part, and the biggest faults I see with it is simply the lack of interest the community has, and has always had, with playing tanks. There’s not enough of them and whenever something becomes meta, it’s always just a couple of them that matter. I sometimes imagine how the game would be if we had 10 tanks, 10 dps and 10 supports. The variety and diversity would be amazing and maybe we wouldn’t have 10 minute dps wait times now. In fact, I knwo we wouldn’t simply out of more players actually wanting to tank and support.


Games are currently very one sided. It’s either we easily stomp them or they easily stomp us. I’ve either got ridiculously bad team mates that are impossible to work with, or we absolutely crush them with ease. These are not quality matches.

I had games yesterday where it felt like quickplay as we had a terrible comp, people refused to group up, there was no anchor, it was just headless chickens running around getting picked off by a free Widow.

Then another game we absolutely stomp them and I’ve got zero deaths. Easy peasy.

It feels like this started when role lock was introduced. Sure, it might not be role lock itself that’s the cause and it might be the SR system, but something has caused the quality of games to plummet. This is design failure. I don’t want lop sided matches all the time. I want good, balanced matches where both sides feel competent and capable.


Personally, i play lots and lots of Dps & Support. Now, i cant even play Doomfist/Ashe anymore just becouse all the time you have to wait for like a 5 minute match (i play quick play only).

But all in all, Role Q is alright i guess, but i swear blizzard, leave it out of Quick play, just dont.