Smurfs are ruining the game

Smurfs, I know about 8 people that i used to play Overwatch with every day, but they’ve all quit, to the same reason which is smurfs. They make the game boring, there’s no fun in it, and what do you gain? Going in games in a lower rank than where you’re suppost to be.

Smurfing just isn’t fun, I just got timed out in the Overwatch chat because i keep running into smurfs and I just don’t think it’s fun. People report me for “being a cry baby”. No! I paid for the game to play it right? Not to be held in spawn by a smurf. So please, if you’re smurfing, please stop


100% it isn’t fun. And the people doing it should be embarrassed.

But, until Blizzard pull their fingers out there is nothing we can do.


Smurfing in competitive and quick play is scummy, but man I just wish there wasn’t MMR in arcade. I rarely play Overwatch these days because I’m just so tired of having to tryhard every damn game even in the most casual game modes just because I’m a diamond-masters player. Sometimes I don’t want to play hard, I just want to pick Doomfist and do random rollouts for fun in pubs. I miss the old days of open matchmaking like WoW Battlegrounds and Call of Duty lobbies where you can just mess around.


start playing a good game :slight_smile:


Does anyone honestly think blizzard care about smurfs… “oh no we’re selling yet more copies of the game”

Just accept that the game is broken and move on, they don’t care about us and they definitely ain’t fixing it anytime soon.


They don’t care. The day Blizzard was taken over by Activision was the day they stopped caring about the players experience.

OW2 may fix many things…,. But it will not fix their business model and attitude towards the player base.


You can’t get better at a game if your getting smashed in the face by people that much better than you, but your just gonna say ‘git gud’ so why bother arguing.


I play on Xbox and the smurf accounts on here are ridiculous,… You get like a level 8 genji just going round the map absolutely obliterating anyone new who tries to pick up and play the game. Its a shame cos they will probably just switch to something else.

Its also an issue for people leaving matches… they can just rage quit from ranked and then switch to their other smurf account and not be banned.


Your game maybe. My game is being ruined by 2/2/2

This is such a stupid argument, its called “balance”

If the characters are not balanced you get an unfair advantage with that character and makes using other characters pointless.

Also people are at different levels in the game… someone new coming onto the game for the first time would not want to be put into a match with a high level diamond player… Which is what is happening with these smurf accounts… then inevitably they get smashed hard and get discouraged cos they “should” be put into a game of equal level.


this game is broken and i really dont get why people still play it serious , on twitch its so far on the bottom because everyone knows its unbalanced and no skill needed


Well people clearly are still playing and I imagine enjoying it, I am certainly. My advice to you would be to not play it if you don’t enjoy it, infact i’m not sure why you would want to read a forum dedicated to a game you no longer enjoy, unless it’s to troll.
I wish you good fortune in whichever game you choose to play and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do Overwatch.


not trolling just telling how it works now the game is broken and blizz doesnt fix it so steer away and find another game if you want to play serious thats all .

And im on the forums because i hate that they wrecked this game i used to like so dont see any harm in there .

My advise would be to no put energy into answering these type of post cause it will take you all day and you be better of playing this broken game i think ?

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Care to elaborate? You just sound like a salt monster to me

Get a refund, at this point I honestly would not recommend overwatch to anyone. It is one of the worst experiences I have had in years when it comes to gaming. You are far better off getting a good first person shooter than this :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for not replying sooner but i’ve been busy playing this game that I, and it would seem many others, still enjoy :slight_smile:

I do hope you too find a game you enjoy soon, best wishes to you.

If someone is better than me, I couldn’t care less. What matters is when someone is so ridiculously better than me gets put into my rank - high plat low diamond - that I cannot possibly win. Do you know how hard it is to coordinate with 5 strangers? Our entire team shouldn’t have to focus ONE PLAYER on the enemy team in order to leave spawn.
I like what Nightwing said because it’s true. If you’re trying to learn to box and you get put up against Mike Tyson and he’s not even instructing you, you’re going to get beat up constantly and then get discouraged. You need to have someone a LITTLE better than you - aka someone close to your rank - beat you, and also be able to visibly learn from what they did. “Oh that Genji used deflect at THAT moment” vs “This Genji is so fast and aims so perfect and animation cancels every time and their team is pocketing him so hard that we can’t even react before we’re dead.”
Which do you think is more fair to play against? Someone who’s a little better and honestly beat you, but you have a chance to beat them? Or someone who’s on a smurf and their other 5 accounts are all in Grand Masters and they have 600 hours on Doomfist and your team is trying to counter him with McCree and Sombra but they don’t have that many hours on them and can’t play them too well because they play other DPS more?
Get real, dude. There’s more important things in life than moving your mouse well and pressing buttons at the right time. If someone is a level 27 and they’re an unstoppable DPS in Gold…they’re a smurf. No one level 27 understands the maps and heroes well enough to be THAT good.


Imagine, you’re in Plat. You just got out of Gold by working hard and practicing a lot a few seasons ago. You’re proud and you’re slowly but surely climbing and getting better. You get a ranked game with someone who is level 32 on DPS. They choose Genji and you and your whole team get Nano Bladed about once a minute if not more, because with 5 strangers on your team it’s hard to coordinate and the Genji is actually a Top 500 smurf. Your whole team tries it’s best and you finally kill Genji, then the rest of the team and you’re able to get some objective. Then, they all respawn and wipe your team instantly again because your Ana is in Plat and she can’t hit all her sleep darts like ML7 can.
Would you not be frustrated?
It’s not an issue of people being better. It’s an issue of someone being A LOT better and being in a rank WAY lower than they should be in ABUSING their power on people who couldn’t possibly beat them. It’s a power trip, nothing more.
I LITERALLY don’t care that people are better than me. When it’s not okay is when they’re in my Plat game and I can’t even get healed by my healers because they’re getting wiped first because our tanks aren’t paying attention. There’s levels of ranks and gameplay literally for a reason. Different skill levels. Imagine Kobe with a bunch of 5th graders playing basket ball. He’s going to be unstoppable. It’s going to make the kids not want to play bc they don’t have a change. It’s not saltiness, it’s feeling indignant.


I think this may be the 5th time I say this SMURFS ARE BAD, WE CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. give a suggestion on how to stop smurfs. u cant. its impossible. there is no point taking up space in forums whining about something that cant be fixed. its like me making a post moaning about the fact that I don’t like how ow looks. yes smurfs are bad we can all agree on that, its a 50/50 of egotistical c**ts and people who just “want to play with their friends”. just stop trying to change it, its never gonna happen

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Yep, smurfs are in virtually every game and are the plague of overwatch. Just accept it.