Stop penalizing players for leavers

Case in point. I don’t care what argument goes in the heads of the developers. If we get leavers all the time, stop counting it as a loss. Bare minimum, count it as a tie. Bare minimum, don’t update ANY MMR of the losing team because they had a leaver.

Getting real tired that the higher I climb, the most common it is to find leavers. It’s several A DAY. It’s just disheartening, can’t do nothing about it except watch everyone leaving after 2m followed by the Defeat screen.

Yes, this is a rant post. No, I don’t care. Upvote if you think the same.


yep reported this exact issue here multiple times:

One day, I hope they listen. I provided my own solutions to this problem also.

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Only way to be heard is to upvote and comment this every chance you can.