Stuck in silver as a healer what to do?


i feel like my place is definitely not there (i am plat tank and high gold dps so i am not just saying my place is not there out of salt), i was at like 2k after placement gaining 30 to 100 sr per win (until like 2k3) then i entered a gigantic losing streak and now i am in silver and no matter how hard you heal there, if you get the bad team there is no hope, first loss i lost literally 1 sr then a few 2 to 5 then 10 etc and now i am losing 20 and 30 sr per loss (rarely perform bad, almost always top healing) sometimes i feel like dps are lacking damage so i play zen and i get top kills as well as top healing with zen yeah
i don’t get it why do i have to lose sr and gradually faster just because i have bad luck on the team i get?
isn’t sr supposed to be personal “skill rating” and not who got less lucky on teammates? i really feel like you should win sr if you perform well whether you win or lose and lose sr if you perform bad even if you win, why is this not the case?

NOTE : i know this effect is reversible once i get the good teams but with the luck i have i will never get the winning team and even if i do, directly after it i will get the losing team, this is purely luck based ranking, i will need to play 100 matches to actually get proper placement.


Having rank based on wins and loses is dumb as hell. We cant control tbe other 5 ppl on our team so why do we get punished if they play bad.

The entire rank system needs a huge rework.


Play different healer and change ur playstyle.


I played all types of healers (except moira, i am not desperate enough to pull such a move YET although i might be in a few days if this continues)
also what do you mean by playstyle? :

  • i tried pretty much only healing during the entire match but when you get the losing team they will never get anything accomplished no matter how hard you heal or, in silver they will suicide (like jumping in the enemy team and then complain about how i can’t heal them faster than 6 enemies can do damage to them…)
  • i also tried playing zen, i was pretty much always taking care of both enemy dps (snipers and reaper mostly) with zen (cuz i have learned from the matches where i only healed that you can’t count on silver dps to take care of them) WHILE having top healing with zen and we still lose

I don’t know what much else i can do, any other things i can try? really any suggestion is welcome


don’t play team based games. You’ll always be punished for the failures of your teammaates. Other than that, there is only one thing left to say here: git gud.
You are not supposed to climb indefinitely, you’ll stop at your rank until you improve significantly, thus you’re probably a silver player for now. Doesn’t have to be a bad thing tho, play the game and have fun with it thats all that matters.


Congrats! Welcome to the life of supports!

A tip that floats around here is going dps support, Moira, Zen and Lucio! Or better yet get a friend or two and team up!

And this issue with SR! Yes the flaws do shine trough when it comes to support!


i tried going dps support a few times and didn’t work out too well (so far at least) also doesn’t the amount of healing you do as a healer affect how much sr you are gonna win/lose or is it purely determined by the match outcome and streaks regardless of stats?
if it’s just determined by win then maybe i really should never heal rather than bother trying to keep my team alive after all many healers have better damage than some dps


git gut :clown_face:


If you’re dps is skilled enough then I would recommend playing more aggressive and damaging support so you can carry on healer. Try playing some moira or Baptiste. Zen could work but he relies heavily on his team to stay alive so won’t really work in silver


Thats true. In tbe end i dont really care what my rank is but for me games are much more enjoyable when im with a team where ppl know what tbey are doing. Unfortunately in lower ranks that is pretty rare.


Healer is the hardest role as you can surmise from your own experience. You will get targeted the most, you will have the least amount of survival abilites and you have to focus on 11 things at once (6 enemies, 5 friends).

One good first step to learn the role is to pick Ana - who is probably the hardest healer but also the one who is most “pure” in a way. Sit back far away from the action and pump healing into your team. Being far away means you have an easier time of assessing the situation and are less likely to be jumped on, unless someone goes for a deep, deep flank.

People will tunnel vision. But the further you are from the action, the more of the action fits into that tunnel of yours.


Тhat mindset is part of your problem, Moira is the best support in the game in terms of raw healing output. Not picking Moira is a mistake.

Surely, later in ranks her healing is overshadowed by utility other supports bring to the table but in Silver, Moira is the way to go. She can easily pick up the slack of the other support, evade flankers with 1 button, keep everyone near frontline alive and even pick off low hp enemies with no hassle to secure kills.

Beyound that, accept that sometimes teams don’t know how to push, getting stuck in chokepoints gradualy getting mauled where not even 3 moiras, not even Allah, can outheal that, and they are really not supposed to. Invest time in learning map strategies, so you can give some sort of suggestion for your team.

Encourage your team to enter voicecoms and call flankers when they aproach your backline. It’s DPS job to stop figting on the front and help you out. If backline dies, tanks will flop.

And you say you outhealed the other supports as Zen? That’s incredibly crappy result for any support. Even taking Trancendence into account, they shoud easily outheal zen. Ask them what is up with their healing, maybe the dude is getting killed all the time.
If something like that happens, forget about transendence, your team is in desperate need of healing. Switch to moira and let other support pick zen if absolutely nessesary


Here’s my advice:
When I notice my tanks and dps aren’t performing well enough, I play a main healer even though the other support is playing a main healer as well. In lower ranks it’s more common to miss shots and have bad positioning, so your teammates are gonna have less picks. However, if you pump more healing than the enemy support, your team will win.
Let’s say you have two genjis fighting. But the enemy genji is better at landing his shots than yours. If you pocket your genji, he’ll live long enough to clumsily win the 1v1.
Think more healing, less causing damage, and shot-calling. Try telling your team to combo ults in text chat (that advice alone can win you most fights.)


I am just hoping that when 2-2-2 gets in qp we don’t have to deal with stuff like this, pretty much everyone will be trained to basics and know what to and what not to do because if it’s your first time on ranked you basically have no clue what is happening, most people i see use habits that are clearly earned from qp

I got out of silver with the help of a friend recently, surprisingly we won all the matches we played, all you needed was 2 people who really try to win apparently (i wouldn’t say it was pl i did quite good too) it actually is a pretty similar situation in low gold but a bit better at least


I was plat support last season and dropped to silver with 30% win rate as I tried to learn Bap.

Then started try harding again. But plat is a lot easier than silver to support.

One game I had five golds and 35% damage healed and we lost.

I noticed that Moira on the other team was just throwing 100% purple orbs and doing tons of damage. I was out healing them, but they were winning.

So played a few games with almost all damage orbs and started doing a lot better.

Then suddenly my teams greatly improved and I started winning a lot more.

Currently 3 of 3 on placements and getting great teams.


so i tried playing moira on my placements to get ranks where something else is viable
one game i did 14k damage and 17k healing (gold both and also gold kills and objective, what more can a man do? still lost and probably lost sr for placement (NICE SYSTEM where the faults of your team affect your own personal ranking) and at the end of the game i am like wtf? i have 4 golds i was literally doing everything and my team starts trash talking about how there was no healing while i was using healing orbs to clutch their ases with that 120 hp/s and they still manage to die and do ABSOLUTELY nothing while being kept alive for a while, and it’s my fault? apparently having (easily) more healing than any 2 of their damage combined is not enough and nor is helping them on the damage side with gold damage

i am starting to understand that it’s just a fact no matter what you do, when you get the trash (yes trash sry for the word but i can’t see anything more proper to describe them) team in low ranks you WILL NOT WIN NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU CARRY (this system needs to change speak up everyone) and with my luck it’s never my team who is better and whether i carry on keeping them alive or on killing enemies or on BOTH, we still lose and i get flamed for opening my mouth and saying the truth, that would be “i feel like most of you guys aren’t doing much, i have 4 golds and i don’t think any healer is supposed to have that much ever”


Agreed but in fairness in lower ranks it is very easy cor moira to get most gold medals with very little effort.


i know how no skill and overpowered moira is especially in lower ranks (which is the reason i kept her as a last resort) but my point is i am keeping them alive and they are doing absolutely nothing meanwhile (moira with top damage and top healing means neither the dps nor the other healer are even trying, you can easily be top on one of them but when you are top on BOTH, it means your team is not even trying)

and it doesn’t just stop at moira, i have already had both golds on zen several times (sometimes even 3 golds with zen) , it’s just an unarguable fact that at low ranks there always is a team who can’t win on the other


My point was the line between moira and zen being dps or support is very thin. They can dish out massive damage more so then some dps characters.

But ofcourse if the dps arnt playing to wellits even easier.


Just keep on getting the golds with Moira.

If you lose you can be proud of your medals.

However, if you keep on getting tons of medals, you’ll start winning eventually.

I’ve been in similar fallow spots before. Crap team after crap team. Loss after loss.

But string together some games with great kd and you’ll start getting good teams.

I lost 16 games in a row with crap teams. Then played Moira and got a forty kill streak.
Still lost, but almost immediately my teams became excellent.
Climbed back up with 80% win rate.

System doesn’t set up fair games.

It looks at your stats and gives you an MMR score.

If your MMR us below your sr, you’ll get crap teams to make you drop.

And vice versa. Forty kill streak convinced matchmaker that I belonged higher, so got good team mates.
Good team mates meant more wins. MMR rises, get better teams, etc.