Stucking In Elo Hell


Hi everyone! I love playing overwatch and want to rank up BUT I CAN’T. I try my best, I try everything but I still loose. I play support or tank to help team. Forexample: I played moira as a SOLO healer. I got 4 golden medals and got the play of the game. But my team takes widow&hanzo and feeds. Last night I fell 200 sr straight…


i’m only silver but in the past i’ve played with friends in diamond, in my solo ques i’ve found if i’ve been drinking and chilled out and talk to team on mic i’ve had a wayyyyyy better experience. i usually play late at night but it seems more social and ive won games with randomers who have also been drinking. Just communicate in mic with people even if no one else is on mics if you tell them where the enemy is and just keep it chill and don’t take it too seriously you will win (providing skill etc etc) at the end of the day its just a game and should be something to be fun and not be loathed at for losing. If you take out the stress of it being compet and play it like a qp you will find you’ll have more fun and start to climb as you aren’t beating yourself up over losses. and this is coming from a guy who used to take cs:go way too serious and even uninstalled the game for half a year after rage quitting.


Do you join team chat and use a microphone? I havent won a single game where no one talks.


Yeah man just interact you’ll come across toxicity but don’t be baited into being toxic


To maximize your own impact on the game, you should play a role with a large impact - namely off tank. D.Va if your team has healing, Roadhog if it doesn’t. Use cover as often as possible, especially to recover your health, work on your hook accuracy, because every hook has a high chance of leading to a kill. So you want to be hard to get but at the same time have that one-shot potential that will drive the enemy insane and make them hunt you - which in turn creates the space for your team mates to play better. Whenever I play QP to play a specific tank or support, I ask whether or not someone might want to play the other role (be polite, don’t demand, just ask nicely). Most people are aware that tanks and supports are generally helpful to have, so you already have some good will on your side to maybe convince someone. 1-1-4 still sucks, but it’s a lot better than 1-0-5 or 0-1-5.


mate, add me as i’m having the exact same problem.
i was part of a decent team and we done quite well (we were in gold) but the team fell apart and went to play different games.
my win ratio on QP is around 60% nut on comp i can’t buy a win it seems, the last 4 games there has been a leaver and one were a group of throwers.
i now solo queue as the pre mades are worse i find.

im a decent support which makes it difficult to climb i find, the last few games i’ve ended up with 4 gold medals as support and one game i even managed to get 5 golds with Hog as we had no healer and i’ve been a 4 rated with endorsements for a long while so I cant be that bad.



Don’t flex to heroes that you cant play on the rank you are in comp.
Especially when you are below diamond. You will ruin your MMR and the chance you will win is still low. So you will still get - SR but because of bad MMR will drop harder then when you have played one of your mains.

You will win/carry more games if you have more heroes that you can play on the level you are in. So it is smart to practice at least all heroes in the role you want to play and at least 1 hero on different roles. Check out the stats on good players you see that main one of these heroes and see if your own stats come close. And see what you need to improve.

Look during matches what heroes would be the most useful and if you cant play him yet start practicing. Like; since ana is at the moment the best healer he should be the best support pick. But ana needs a lot of help to stay alive against dive. Like a lucio , mccree, offtanks etc… So the team needs to play a bit around/with an ana. This almost never happens in lower tiers. So maining/one tricking ana in lower tiers is kind of a waste. In lower tiers its better to main a healer like moira or lucio. Who can keep herself alive. Or at least have them in your hero pool next to an ana. And swap as soon you notice ana will not work and will die to much. This count almost for all heroes. Like a mccree is at the moment very strong. But to be really be useful he needs a shield tank to play with.


you obviously miss an essential detail of the rank concept.
You can’t climb indefinitely, at some point when you reach your rank you’ll stuck there until you improve your play.

Shifting focus of the game onto climbing and a worthless number is a bad mistake IMO. Playing for rank induces additional, unneeded pressure on you, which will for sure have a negative impact on your performance. Play for fun and winning, that’s all that matters - rank is secondary.


have you tried reviewing your own vods


Hi Kartel, Here are some tips and general rules for getting better at the game.

Your over all settings (assuming you’re on PC) Do some googling otherwise i’ll end up writing an essay but here’s some tips

  • Have low sensitivity on your mouse, for most as low as 5 on a normal 800 DPI mouse
  • Low graphics to maximize your frame rate, and have field of view at max
  • Use a Microphone, or at least the generic voice chat’s that the hero’s have (Hello, I need healing, My ultimate is ready)

Generic tips for an FPS

  • FPS games are like 20% aim, 80% positioning. Especially for healers
  • It’s more important to stay alive than anything else, concentrate on staying out of positions that get you killed, and learn to recognize those situations.
  • Never stay still, make yourself harder to hit, use the map, the terrain and shields to your advantage, keep spamming movement, crouch and jump buttons at all time

Tips for Overwatch

  • Try not to flex crazy amounts (switch to lots of different hero’s) the main way you climb is by performing good. Choose a very small pool of hero’s that you’re consistent with, and focus on improving with those alone. Don’t just switch to Ana because somebody asked you too, if you know you’re only good with Moira for example
  • Go to QP, try every hero in the game for a couple of matches and see who you’re naturally good with. You might find You keep dying when you try with Zen, but actually you’re a pretty good Lucio, or Any hero for example. I have climbed to Diamond with both Pharah and Orisa, 2 very different hero’s
  • Don’t focus on your team’s playing, only your own. You can’t control your team, if they’re going 3 DPS, there’s nothing you can do about it. Some games are unwinnable, the only thing you concentrate on, is doing your best, and learning from your own personal performance, regardless of whether you win or lose.


Trying to play solo in a team game is a truly stupid advice.
Sometimes your hero pick, depending on the rest of the team, can turn the match (assuming you are decent at what you swap to).


I think you have misread what I have said. No suggesting there to play solo so don’t put words in my mouth :slight_smile:

My point is clear, the only way you climb is by performing well (Your SR is rewarded based on your performance)

So you have 4 scenarios here
You win, but you performed bad as you flexed to a hero, and you were essentially carried - You will be rewarded only a little SR

You win, and you picked one of your strongest hero’s and you did the carrying, - a feelgood game, your performance was great and you’ll get a nice amount of SR

You lose, you got annoyed and you threw, your team went triple DPS and so you figured you’d join them and go sombra. You will lose a lot of SR for this, because your performance was crap.

You ignore your triple DPS “pros” and stuck with your guns, played your heart out, you still lose, but you only lose a small chunk of SR because your performance was still good.

You can still play well and lose, but the point is, if your team plays as a team, that’s a bonus, the only thing you can actually focus on is your own performance and your own improvement


I’m not really vocal, but I join vc always.
If theres even 1 guy doing some call outs, like retreat.
Then I’m aware, that if I flank now, its a 1v6.

It is really helpful if theres some communication.
Ofc don’t comment every single thing you do.

I have a hard time using vc, speak and actually play decent. Therefore I usually be quiet but I listen.
I prefer to focus on my performance to play on my best niveau, which doesn’t allow me to really talk intensive with my team.

I try to hear every foot step, every breath, and every voice line.
So I know where what to expect.

Granted I play tracer, during the op double rezz mercy, i played her more, abd could easily talk to everyone about everything.

One of the reasons why mostly the supports / tanks do shotcalling in pro teams.

Dps is busy focusing on aiming/awareness etc, especially as a flanker.

Just from my pov as a high plat player.


Stop crying! Game is r3tarded memegame now. Deal with it


^ u’re basically a meme already


Sended the request. Add me.


I know it may sound cliche but stop focusing on golds, focus on your impact on the game. Firstly what rank are you in? I don’t know but for the longest time I was stuck in bronze, and I got good aim, worked on gamesense on tracer, went from 20% accuracy to above 40% every game even on the bad ones, and I would get called a smurf tracer, alot. In fact 2 days ago, someone from WEEKS ago remembered me as the “smurf tracer” he had to play against. But I still lost. Taking out support with a bad team just had no impact at all besides that I would lose a bit more sr because of my golds. This season I have been a one trick Lucio and it got me out of bronze (I also got called a smurf alot). Well, that doesn’t apply to me, I’m in plat!: is what you might be thinking, well I think it still does. See with alot of people stuck in a rank, they say they did their “job”. What’s their job though? With tracer it was to take out support then the tanks and dps in the team fight once support couldn’t heal. But if my team was bad, I couldn’t do this because they would be dying, and trickling in. With Lucio, I also took out support, and any squishy character, but I could heal for my team, peel for my team not only by killing the attacker, but by booping them away and healing so they don’t get the last shot or the last melee they needed. I can help my team through chokes and stop enemies from contesting the point when we are 99% with boop. (Yesterday I just climbed out of silver and at oasis university I booped rein into the hole in the middle so that he couldn’t contest, which meant his team couldn’t get on, so no comeback, no ult combos). So my point is to find something that has a bigger impact on the game, or get good at your character to the point that you have a bigger impact on the game. Don’t focus on getting your job done, focus on doing more than your job, because that’s really what carrying is. If you find a good team that absolutly worked amazing together and steamrolled the enemy, compliment em, as a whole, (WE DID AMAZING, you guys worked well together I think we could form our own Overwatch League team!), or individually, (soldier, don’t think I didn’t see those plays you kept dropping, amazing!, Widow, how do you keep hitting that genji mid air, you are insane! [although stuff like that might make em not switch in other games so you really have to be careful with it, its an art form to master that I haven’t yet]), and getting in a group can really increase your chances of winning, and in groups you don’t need to ‘carry’ as hard to win, you just need to work together as a team really well. Good luck getting your 200 sr I believe in you.


Oh yes, I always go to qp to warm up and I stop playing once I am completely satisfied with my carry (because carrying in qp is easy but I want my mechanics to be better warmed up so I need to see that before I go to comp. Also play OSU! to work on aim, brought me from 20% on tracer to 40%+.


Could you maybe help / tell me how to setup osu to use the right ow settings?
And do you think its a worthy improvement?
Since I play ow on pretty low sensetivity, in osu I use a pretty high one.

Comparison: ow i play pretty much only aim depending heroes like tracer/mccree/widow and I’m 2.8k and can hold 40% and above sometimes.
But I fall below 40% too much imho. (on tracer)

In osu I manage to SS hard maps with DT&HR (so normal 3* maps + mods) and i struggle a little bit above 5* where I can’t finish the map.

Since I play both games often I feel like it would be beneficial for me to set this up.

(i try to not play both games close to the other bc of the dpi differences)


Oh man I honestly can not even do 3*'s (edit: I do 3*s i just don’t finish them lol) yet because i struggle with the stacked circles, but I dont play with low sens and DPI so its worked for me and I can’t really help you there. I am also only silver right now 1770 (was 1300 yesterday and gosh its good to be out of bronze) and I think it might be harder to aim in 2.8k. The only time I used low sens in overwatch is when I played a widow headshot only game for like 3 hours straight, (Note I was a terrible widow and getting 5/50 kills in those at first and I honestly don’t even know why I kept playing it for so long, cuz I never play her in quickplay or comp and never planned on it), and when I changed my sens to low and dpi to high I started getting just under 20 kills each game which I think is because of OSU!, with the jumps and also because once I stopped playing OSU! I went back to being a terrible widow. Sorry I can’t help you here and you are probably better than me already.