This is the hardest game I've played in 23 years

I’m ashamed to admit most of my life has been spent as a no lifer, playing games. My competitive online gaming began with Ghost Recon, roughly 23 years ago. I have been an avid competitive gamer the whole time since. I’m pretty good at games.

I have been playing OW since about a year after its release, and I’ve never, ever, ever, ever, played a game that was this hard to acheive wins and gain rank. Ever. I simply cannot comprehend how good you actually have to be to climb ranks playing by yourself. I’m stuck in gold.

Some of the killcams I see of peoples mechanics makes me want to ***** end it. Full on trackpad style aim and movement, yet they’re sitting in the same ranks as me.

The ranking system also seems stupid to me. Why are their so many ‘top tier’ ranks - i.e Plat, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, Champion, Top 500, when such a minuscule amount of the playerbase exist there? There is like 5 ranks where surely <1% of the playerbase reside and everyone who isn’t disabled gets put into Gold and might hit Plat.


I’ve had to go full God-mode just to get this account into Diamond in S9…



Playing solo is definitely a chore.

The old SR system was so much better than what we have now even after all of the updates they’ve been doing to bring it more back in line with what OW was. It’s still isn’t there, it’s still not as good as, or better.

Heck, the updates still do not come up post match regarding your rank. It’s like they’ve broken it.

That’s why people who want to actually rank up play in groups or create new accounts.

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They do. Despite there being no statistical evidence to back up that strategy.

It’s all just a placebo effect… Ultimately, whatever works for you, keep doing it.

Hey Mr Blizzard Defending Secret Moderator, full of st, that can’t base his comments on neither knowledge or sources. Hence, most of it coming from your a-

Because I have statistics that prove that some accounts were held back by forced win rate, at least before the new ranking system.

I have game statistics from two different accounts (no smurfs), clearly showing that one account is being forced-hard-stuck by the MM.

But you probably wouldn’t understand the data. I wonder if you know what you are talking about at all.

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Oh. I see what your thread was talking about. The paranoia lol.

Forced win rates aren’t a thing.

I even predicted your reaction. Nice.

Lol. 2 accounts, what an experiment! Lol

Well said I had the same experience…

I even documented my results elsewhere…

:pouting_cat: :+1:

I would. But you fell over at 2 accounts, and I also don’t care enough to ask.

Given you that twice now bub.

Why have you gone weird just because someone’s told you you’re wrong as forced win rates have never been a thing. If you just applied logic you’d realise it would be impossible to do anyways.

I always wonder what event occurred to make people so paranoid about a video game. It’s not messing with you champ, they don’t care.

Some people have made up their mind and ignore any and all evidence which undermines the supposed integrity of the rank system…


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Some people just have a brain and aren’t following deluded conspiracies…

Don’t be, you had fun while playing!

But if you think OW2 is hard, You clearly didn’t play Apex Legends.
If you didn’t, then I can highly recommend it, even though it’s 1000 times harder than OW. Apex makes you improve your FPS skills, simply because you have to.

But I’m in the same situation as you, and I played OW1 from start.
I was diamond season 15 or 16 in OW1.

Unfortunately, here is no way that I’ll become diamond again. I struggle to stay in gold.

However, to also confirm your struggles, OW2 is something that OW1 was not, a free game. And there is an obvious reason for that, wrap your mind around it, and you’ll figure it out.

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