Tracer - The highest skill ceiling hero is the worst


Skynet. Please just stop.


Because? Nobody can legitimately be t500 and have this much misunderstanding


Maybe not, but plats can.


So you just take his bronze level perspective and apparent t500 rank at face value?

Re-read his post and read mine, because you have serious reading incomprehension if something doesn’t smell off to you after reading his post.

real t500 tracers don’t have nor complain about the issues this kids whining about


I don’t say OP knows 100% of every fact.

But i trust him to have more knowledge about Tracer than a low plat Zen main with a grand total of 28 minutes on Tracer.

I’m playing Tracer at ~4100MMR and have several houndred hours played on her. I can relate to most of the issues he complains about, although i may not agree with all of them being as big of a problem as he make it seem. Nor do i simply agree with every idea of how to “fix” her.

It’s like a student telling a professor that they don’t know what they are talking about. because they themselves have been misinformed elsewhere.


If traces was something like S76 where you have to play with the guns recoil then id say she was more skill’d but she doesn’t have that option. Shes just track and spray. Other dps not only can they use Tracking but they have Pre-fires and flicking.
Imho the highest still cap heroes are the once who are the best with aim bots.
That shows that if they are play’d perfectly they have no counter.
But good luck playing like an aim botter.
If tracer has an aimbot, Mccree, Widow and Ashe will still win vs her.
Only exeption is genji since his the only hero that has to play without seeing the screen animation and rely fully on knowing exactly how much you need to move the mouse for a 180 dashes and stuff. Aka ghost dashing.

Tracers skill cap ends when its time to use distance or reach enemies on high ground. She’s just capp’d out when it comes to that. Hence why i said, shes not that high skill’d. She has stuff capping her skill ceiling.


Skill ceiling is the amount of skill required to get the max output from a character.
It’s not what hero will win based on their design if both are played 100% perfectly.

There’s a difference between skill ceiling and theoretical max value.


Skill ceiling is the amount of skill a hero lets you apply to them.
Skill requirements is a different matter.
Tracer is skill demanding but her skill ceiling isn’t as much as on hit scans or genji. She might be more skill demanding then some of them but doesn’t have a higher skill ceiling.

Just did a little digging and yeah, Tracer is the most skill demanding hero.
Because it takes a lot of work to play her as her peak.
And why is that? Because shes cap’d as some aspects.
This stats are kinda old as well. (from 2016)

And this isn’t skill ceiling it’s still requirements.
An Ashe/Mccree and Widow with perfect aim will win vs a Tracer 100% of the time. Because they have a better skill ceiling.

On how this data was collected a dude run’d bots


Mind rephrasing that?

If you really want to go this way

A widow with perfect aim and positioning is countered by Shields. It’s pretty simple.
A Tracer with perfect aim, blink management, combo usage are countered by what?
Can you mention anything that wouldn’t also counter the Widow?


A hero can be unkillable to a Tracer if they just go to a place Tracer can’t.
Because Tracers skill ceiling ends there.


There’s actually not many places a tracer can’t go.
and even if the tracer can’t get there, the tracer can just stay out of this players vision which makes her unkillable to this player as well.


Ok, how can a Tracer win vs aim bot Ashe, Widow or Mccree?
Even if Tracer her self had an aim bot. Aka perfect aim.
Don’t get me wrong, Tracer is hard to play but just not the best skill ceiling hero in the game. She has stuff that are capping it.


I mean at this point it comes down to weather or not absolute perfect blink timings would be able to dodge aim bot.


It can’t.
It can even lose to pre-firing.
Something Mccree, Ashe and Widow do.
Even tracers dashes are cap’d by a fix distance every time.


well there’s the thing called latency and netcode.
If the aim bot perfectly aims on a target, and this person blinks the exact same time widow shoots. If the blink is registered by the server first, then the aim bot will miss.


But the game is player to player, fav the attacker.
If something hits you on there end, it doesn’t even matter what you do.


Have you seen this video?
They actually tell us that the netcode doesn’t favor the shooter like this in the instance of using blinks for example.


That’s a bit old for me to trust. But even if its still the case.
Aim bot hit scans will beat Tracer 10 out of 10 times.
Even if the map was open world or with objects to hide behind.
You can hit Tracer mid dash and you can hit her by pre-firing at the distance she will dash.
And yet aim bots are flaw’d but “perfect aim” isn’t.
If it was a smart bot that takes the fact a Traces uses dash, it will just be aiming at the place her dash ends.
Like Taimou on Mccree shows this the best.
He just kills a dashing Trace about 80% of the time.
Since the moment a Tracer Dashes she’s lock’d in an animation.
Just like when heroes are Jumping.


You don’t trust the developers talking about how they have created the netcode?

Now you talk about perfect prediction as well. this also applies to blinks.
This will just end in a paradox.


It can end in a paradox.
But fact is Tracer is dead in one hit, and she needs 0.8 of a clip(a little less then a full clip) to kill something.
I don’t think its fair to do the mat as if Tracer is hitting bullets and the other player isn’t.
On top of that her, recall is useless to one shots.
That’s another cap.
She is cap’d by the fact that range plays a huge roll in her kit, on an open map if the other player is more then 3 blinks of a distance away she can’t break that skill cap.
And like i said, they are places where Tracer can’t go to.
Like on top of the anubis choke.