Tracer - The highest skill ceiling hero is the worst


If this is how it works. Then hanzo should be the highest skill ceiling hero as he can prefire shots around corners to kill any1 without him ever being in their vision.


Nah since Hit scan is faster then Projes.
And hit scan will pre-fire better then a proj.
You can’t out play perfect hit scan in my point.
Especially if they one shot you.
Its a good thing a “perfect” hit scan doesn’t exist.


Pre-fire. Around corners.
even without anything to stand behind if both had perfect aim and prediction, it would end in them both dying at best.


For Hanzo to Pre-fire behind a corner he needs to show him self once.
I can agree on the

part, but a proj can be dodge’d un like hit scan.


But he will just have to predict when the widow is about to walk out from another corner. shoot and be back behind his corner before she peaks.

Not with perfect prediction?


Hot him to fire an arrow at something, he needs to show himself. And hit scans need one pixel or less to kill you.
I’d say that Hanzo will get kill’d before he even shows himself or sees the other player.
(only if we are talking “Perfect”) And like i said. Ty god its not a thing or even close to it.
Over all a Perfect Genji deflect will beat everything.
Hence why i said that his king of skill ceiling.
He can just be the best at everything if play’d right.
And his the only hero that can play faster then animations.


So the answer is yes, you take their entire post and believe everything at face value, despite everything in their post screaming

“i’m not t500”

You’re at 4100 yet neither of you can count to 3 for healthpacks?

Neither of you realise the way armour works in the game is why Tracers damage is bad against it? As though she wasn’t meant to be fighting the tanks?

Ultimate doesn’t do anything? So if you stick it to a squishy (like you’re supposed to be doing) it won’t kill them?

Believe that every hero has a possible oneshot against her when in fact they don’t?

Are you serious? Because if that’s the case, you have 0 right to say anything anymore in this topic.

More like it’s a 5 year old trying to pretend to be a professor and screaming bloody murder when they’re obviously found out.


yes if the widow is already looking at the corner.
Now think how it would be if the hanzo was already looking at the corner widow peaked from.


The only way for a Hanzo to win that is for his arrow to be flying at that location when widow is peaking. And if that’s the thing as you said it might end in a Draw if Widow is perfect as well. Since hit scan is still faster then a proj.


Skynet, Stop with the assumptions and get on with your life plz.


Then stop being stupid? There’s no assumptions made, everything has been made in his post and yours.

neither of you two know what you’re doing despite being at much higher ranks.


As much as i would like to keep arguing more about this stuff.
I got some other stuff to do. Cu guys around i guess :slight_smile: