TRACERs Abilitys needs polishing


stairs is a game of chance, since her blinks are sometimes caught by the steps and she only blinks half the distance.

if tracer has X number of HP and takes a big healtpack gets full hp user then RECALL a second after taking the healtpack sometimes Tracer will go back to
X number of HP that she had before taking the big healtpack.

when you throw Tracers ultimate and you see that the bomb leaves Tracer’s hand but Tracer dies immediately afterwards the ultimate will disappear as it never existed and tracers ult charge
is empty as if it has been used, and it goes through the floor, and sticks to other targets after the bomb has already been on a target, and the area of ​​effect area is unreliable.

and for God’s sake, fix Tracers cooldowns in low
respawn time games like deathmatch,
i want all my blinks back when respawns as tracer in dm NOT 1.


All of these seem to be L2P issues.


i dont know what L2P is please explain it 2 me


The blink only goes horizontally, it will not scale any height/vertically.

If you try to blink up steps it shouldn’t work but if you try to blink down steps it should put you in the air and then you should drop to the ground a few yards away from where you started.

Recall issue sounds likes, verking as intended.
She goes back in time by 3 (?) seconds so if she had 50hp, takes a medipack to full hp and then uses recall, she will revert back to the health she had then (50hp).

I think if you are healed by a support class or 76 then you keep the health when using recall, it’s just a mechanic that affects medipacks/healthkits.


go to the training area and take some damage from one of the bots until you are 50hp then take the big healtpack right next to you and see how many times you recall back to your 50 hp,
I’ll tell you, it doesn’t happen you will always get back your 150hp, but it will happen from time to time in competitive
the place where you least need this bug,

The blink probleme is just irritating and should have been fixed.


When Tracer blinks it should leave a Nyan Cat style LGBT rainbow trail behind her for more SJW brownie points.

That’s the kind of polishing this game needs!


No recall is not supposed to leave you at less health than before, that is how it is made, the bug sometimes do. I rarely experience this, but have heard of it. Blink is iffy yes. I don´t really like it either but can live with it.

The bomb thing is how most ultimates work, if the use animation is cancelled by death, you lose the whole ult, that is how every single hero works apart from very, very few. Mei throwing her ult and dying also loses it.


I sometimes blink for 1 milimeter on a flat ground, not only stairs


Is this a thing are you kidding?


The recall thing annoys me only when there are people saying its wrong.
I can work around that even if it feels wrong.

Pulse bomb
Would be nice to know how long it actually takes to be active.
I’ve heard “gottcha” and the stick sound, and the text stick and the pre-explosion sound. Died ult gone.

As for me, a stick is a stick, no need to survive more seconds.

Thrown ults (tracer, mei as examples)
I’d say it’s kinda fair for mei… As its a big area that can win you a 2cp b point.
Those ults should be canceled by abilities, but straight 2 seconds after usage is kinda long.

Blink is ok imho.
Better don’t change the most important cd to master, and put bugs in it which where not there before.

Just accept the fact that you go straight forward.

Keep up playing and you will realize that its actually not that often that your pulse vanishes, since you will ult more safely.

Or do my trick (which is good until diamond for a 100% save stick)

Right after ulting, instantly recall, which will guarantee the pulse bomb to go out and actually explode.

Sincerely a 2.9k tracer main.


Recall work this way.
You had 150 hp got down to 50, recall to gain back 150 hp.
You had 150 hp got down to 50, took healthpack, and got down to 100 hp and recall with 3 sec or less from the time u took the healthpack ull get back to 50 hp as before u took the healthpack just cuz u recall after took dmg after the full hp of the healthpack

Hope u understand


This is exactly my experiences with this kind of behavior.
I can approve.


Fully support. Tracer often has problems in terms of their abilities. A lot of characters who have an instant ultimatum ability experience this problem. An instantaneous ability should not disappear if interrupted.It must reach the target and be activated or not cancelled. It is clear, if the ability is cancelled from such characters as the Reaper, Soldier, Hogue, Genji, Torb and others. But instantaneous ability such as" Hacking"," bomb Tracer"," Freezing Mei " - they should not disappear in flight if you have already used and then died.
I love playing for Mccree as well, and I wouldn’t mind if I started using the ultimate ability, and in the process I was interrupted, and the ability was completely revoked. But if I’m playing for Mei, threw a freezing bot, or a bomb playing for Tracer, and then died, and the ability was never used, but also canceled, it is very annoying.
Moreover, the miserable bomb Tracer and so extremely weak is capable of doing very little damage, and in half or even most of the cases, it is simply covered with shields, cured, and so on.


Now add an additional 1 second to her blink ability and she’s perfectly balanced.


My dude i dont mean to be rude but i have 700+ hours on tracer distributed among several accounts i don’t need your advice good or bad,
i want Blizzard to fix my nr1 main hero to be optimized as best as possible
this goes for all heros


Polishing? Weird way to spell nerf


I have a better proposal: tracers abilities need removal.
Together with the hero…


Any video proof of this happening ?


i cant post links but u can see this old clips and still existing bugs here,
google (twitch tracer’s recall is bugged) and (twitch tracer’s pulse bomb bug)
All these bugs are still in the game to date


I think you wanted to say half the Y distance, because if tracer was to travel the same Y distance on stright ground and stairs that would mean that she travels more distance when climbing stairs.

I miss the old forums where you could dislike posts.