TRACERs Abilitys needs polishing


Oh yeah, I miss it too.


If you do not intend to make good counter-arguments to this post why are you here then?


just to tell you that this c4ncerous hero doesn’t need “polishing” but a huge hit with a nerf bat.


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I guess I’m just stupid since I still don’t get it working,
English is not my first language sorry
but if you google
( twitch tracer recall is bugged )
then you will find many old but still existing bugs for Tracer


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This happens only if you have ping, since the game is ptp.


These are all intentional. Only issue I have with tracer is sometimes the pulse bomb will either get stuck to people when it clearly shouldn’t have. I’m talking about teleporting pulse bombs.


Correction to title = Tracers abilities need REMOVING!..

that is all…


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Stop removing your posts and commit to them


Can’t you remove yourself instead?!
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can’t you just nerf yourself instead?!
since i’m not interested in reading about your complaining against Brigitte, thank you in advance


I do not understand people like you, participate in a discussion and then starts talking about something completely different


The biggest issue imho is tracer does not forgive any ping issues.
So the higher your ping (mine is 50ms as example,) so I kinda have to go recall before hanzo even shots, since I would be to slow reacting to him. If his arrow would hit me.
I first thought its an ability like rave form of zarya bubbles, which is before the “favor the shooter” but as far as I’m aware it only counts if you are early enough to be faster than his shoot with your ping.
But i guess this counts for every ability.


i was responding in kind…


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Trace and brig situation is a completely different case… Brig was a broken hero for a long time and she actually got nerfed by blzrd 5 or more times, which proves that she really was overpowered. Tracer, although annoying for you and many is not op and she only got nerfed once and it wasn’t even needed. Haroes are not objectively broken because you personaly dislike them grow up.


Trust me, even at 15ms ping you still get problems with the teleporting Hanzo arrows. Basically the hanzo shot you on his screen but takes time to send the packages (ping doesn’t matter).


As a Tracer main, I have never noticed anything strange when blinking on stairs.
What I do find problematic is its interaction with walls and especially some doors. If you are touching a wall, yet aren’t looking at it, and are even able to walk in a straight line, you will sometimes get caught on the wall anyways and go nowhere.

This is not a bug.
If you are at 50 hp and grab a mega, but then take damage down to 25 hp. you will be returned to the 50 you had 3 seconds ago as this is higher.
if you want to return to 150, you need to NOT go lower than what you had 3 seconds ago.

This is one of the issues plaguing tracer due to latency. She is one of the heroes who have the most annoying interactions because of this. Sometimes you can even hit the stick and it will still disappear on death.
The bomb however is not the only thing affected by latency issues. Have you ever used Blink but are somehow stunned after, just to be teleported back and your blink charge is gone? Yep it happens very often, and you can even be teleported back from multiple blinks with every charge used being gone.

Yea this is somewhat annoying, since pretty much every other hero will simply have all their cooldowns refreshed on respawn.