TRACERs Abilitys needs polishing


As long as the damage you take after the health pack is lower than the damage you had taken before, you recover all your health.
Practice range is horrible for testing this.
SR also has nothing to do with this.


of course SR has something to do with this, the higher the SR rating you have the more seriously the game is.
And when a bug like this happens in a sereous game, it can change the outcome if you win or not.
PS you can bug test the game just as effectively in the training area as if you are in a regular game, it depends on what you are going to test of course.


SR shouldn’t increase or decrease the chance of bugs happening. Yes a bugs existence may seem more impactful the more serious the game is. But SR has nothing to do with a bug being there or not.
Low or high SR, a bug is a bug and shouldn’t be there.

Have you testet the effects of dropping below your initial hp after mega pickup?
This is difficult (not impossible) to test properly in the practice range since the training bots simply deal too little damage.

It would be easier to test something like this in a custom game with a friend.

Also, while this has been seen as a bug to many people. It has been debunked many times, by people going through thorough testing in custom games.
So my initial argument still stands.


he never said this,he said that a bug like this should not be in a game that has a professional scene,i’m not sure but in your text it seems like you agree and disagree with him at the same time,correct me if I’m wrong.


he never said this, he said that a bug like this should not be in a game that has a professional scene, and i’m not sure but in your text it seems like you agree and disagree with him at the same time, correct me if I’m wrong.


If it was a bug, it shouldn’t be there at all. No matter the skill level it’s played at.
This is why i said it doesn’t really matter. So yes, I agree that bugs should be fixed.
However the only reason i would see it necessary to even bring up SR, would be if it had an impact on the frequency of the bug. This is why i made this comment.

In any case, it doesn’t really change that people have figured out how to recreate the effect and determined that it’s most likely how it’s meant to work, rather than being a bug.


You do realise that the time taken to send the packages is literally what Ping is? If you have a ping of 15ms, it means it literally takes 15ms for packages from the server to reach your computer and visa-versa.

What you are describing sounds more like package loss… I’d check for that on your network if I was you.


I’m not sure how you see this description as possible packet loss?
Packet loss is when a packet is lost as the name states. He described them as just taking time to be send.

It does however seem like he may be slightly misunderstanding how ping affects the gameplay.

This is pretty much correct :slight_smile:

Also, the developers made a video quite a while back, explaining the netcode which gives some insight in why stuff happens the way it does:

With that said, I believe it’s fair to claim that ping does matter?


Because if he has 15ms ping but some events are randomly delayed, this is an indication of package loss. I didn’t say its 100% that, but it sounds like that.

I don’t believe anyone said it doesn’t but if he is claiming hes actually physically seeings a 15ms delay, well, no, thats pretty much beyond human capabilities. A character can’t move more than a couple of pixels on anyone’s screen in that time.



I’m just going to quote him again from a bit earlier

Let me know if this is just a misunderstanding from my part :slight_smile:


Ok missed that bit :slight_smile:


I just saw the Dafrans bug clip
and this is not how Tracers’ recall should work,
he was robbed a life there.


Can you give a link to this?


no sorry,i don’t get this link feature to work,
but it is quite easy to search,
just search (twitch Dafran tracer recall bug) or something similar,
That’s how I found it.


Ahh, Think I found it. just had to use another search engine.

Guessing it’s this you are talking about?

He has 50hp, takes the mega, Mccree headshots him to 10hp and he Recalls. With the way Recall works, you should expect to only get back to 50hp here, which is exactly what happens.

However if he only took a bodyshot before the recall, he would be returned to 150.

You can argue that you don’t think it’s the most fair way for it to work.
But it doesn’t mean it’s a bug. Tracer players will have to learn this and play around the mechanics of this ability.


no Tracers E should not work like that, when using Tracers E then you will get the highest number of HP Tracer has had in the 3 seconds,(IF) recall works properly.


See that’s what i thought as well, because that’s what every1 who hadn’t actually truely looked into how it works told me. After looking into how it works i quickly realized this is not the case.
Again Simply because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.


Since I’m working in the IT, i try to do it always as the system wants it, not how the ppl would love it to work.

Therefore I adapt myself and try to fit into this.
Hearing how others experience this, it sounds verry consistent.

Consistent = no bug, more like a intended functionality, IF THE DEVS WANTED IT LIKE THIS.
I couldn’t find any dev talking about tracers recall interaction regarding her HP restoration after using a healthpack and getting shot lower than before.

But I know how it works, so I play like this until a dev update says something gets changed / fixed or whatever :slight_smile:


if it is so Consistent and not a bug
then why are all the Tracer players saying things like
etc, etc,and this players are not new OW players,this is experienced Tracer players in GM and up.


I’m a Tracer main, Play her at ~4100 MMR.
100% of the time I’ve experienced this, it has worked this exact way.
Before i learned how it worked i also reacted like this.
And yes, there’s still GM players who haven’t learned this yet.

Just because people haven’t figured out exactly how it works. doesn’t mean it’s inconsistent or buggy.

I can assure you that if you were to test it repeatedly in a custom game. You will most likely get the same result under the same conditions every time.

The only inconsistencies I’ve ever experienced with recall has been due to Latency, which has nothing to do with this.