Unlike Blizzard, Epic Games says it won’t ban players for political speech


Fortnite developer Epic Games said in a statement that it will not ban players or content creators for political speech. The message comes after Blizzard caught fire this week for banning a professional Hearthstone player for shouting a statement associated with Hong Kong protesters.

“Epic supports everyone’s right to express their views on politics and human rights. We wouldn’t ban or punish a Fortnite player or content creator for speaking on these topics,” an Epic Games spokesperson told The Verge .

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Epic is one good company, getting better and better. Free to play games, always supporting their players and now this. One company goes down the drain and other goes for the skies.


Its all marketing though. They presumably saw where the public opinion lies and took advantage of it. Gullible people of course start worshipping them as they no doubt predicted.


Doesn’t change the facts.


It’s all BS. They saw opening, saw huge playerbase against blizzard and decided to butt in. I will never touch Epic, as long as I have Steam.


Doesn’t change the facts.



I’ve purchased many games from Blizz and they have never leaked my bank details.

The first game I purchased with Epic Games, they leaked my bank details.

Screw Epic Games? :woman_shrugging:


Actually that is apretty dirty move by Epic, kicking their competition while they are lying down for their own gain! In fact it might come back to bite them in the but in the future. I’ve been over this several times, I don’t think Blizzard has done anything wrong. The executives have the duty to protect the jobs of the company, and getting banned from the largest market in the industry is a pretty certain way of wasting unanounced project investments for last couple lf years, whic if they fail, will cost jobs, and a lot of them, its not just about money, but if the product cannot be sold, then you cant keep developing it, and you will have to fire people.

Blizzard cannot put its name on things that will hurt its bussiness. The rules are there for a reason, and its not greed, its about people, Blizzard does not have a political reposibility for anyone, thus politics are not permitted under the Blizzard label, it has nothing to do with views or political opinions, its about Blizzard being politically neutral, to avoid getting politically rolled by forein governments. If you sell products its pretty smart to have someone to sell them to. As a consumer its also your right to chose not to buy it, and also for political reasons. Thus Blizzard is in a no win dilemma, if they didnt ban the player in question theyd lose a market, if they did ban the player they would lose a lot of market share in their home market. Blizzard has had no choice to first ban the player, and then since slack off when the heat build up in the west.

I actually feel bad for Blizzard they really have no good options. But Epic Games choosing to jump into the feud for profit, if you dont imediately spot that as greed too… wow… ofc. they are trying to pick up consumers from a competitor by passive aggression through attacking their competitor, now my ethical mind wont allow me to support Epic for that very reason. They are just as bad if not worse. If you turn to epic on the basis of Blizzard being greedy… wow… i have one word for you: Hypocrite! The risk of doing buissness with totalitary states will always be turning a blind eye sometimes, staying neutral. But let be be straight, the video game market is so saturated and stressed that the western market cannot support the number of developers and publishers on the market. Demand is simply too low for Supply, so you go elsewhere, its the same with banks investing in oil. There is always a risk someone says no you cant do that. Which also leaves the consumers with an extraordinary ammount of power. If you think EA or Blizzard is too big to go bankrupt, think again. The profit in the buisness is so volatile and swaps company with every big realease of a game. Popularity, dictates the entertainment business nowadays. If you can manipulate large amounts of people to hate or love a product, case, or movement. Then you can literally sway elections. Epic doesnt waste a second on adding fuel to the fire at Blizzard, they have an interest in making Blizzard look like a scoundrel while appearing as the savoir holy angel company, which they most definitely are not. Ethos, Pathos and Logos… use Pathos less and Logos more, before letting your self get offended. Business is business. And yes it doesnt look pretty and you might even say Blizzard build the bonfire them self, but lighting it and watching them burn… that falls back on that one player who broke the rules and didn’t respect Blizzard’s tied hands, and then the consumer who uses this as a reason to stop supporting Blizzard, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pull your support. But Blizzard’s choices really amounts to the likeness of chosing which way you want to die as a soldier. Yeah you could have not enlisted in the first place, but that wont help you now. So yeah i feel sorry for Blizzard. Last year they got unmerrited critique for a mobile game, which they now have to sell on a market… now they have to chose to scrap that entire market, or take massive losses on the homefront. Its not fair, but its not a fair world either. I still support Blizzard, I don’t support the oppresion of Protests in Hong Kong. But i absolutely despise Epic for this deciet they are trying to pull.


So epic leaked your bank details huh, that is a nice accusation which might get you sued. Show us your solid and legal proofs about your accusations. No? Ok.

I have been using epic launcher for a long time now and my bank details have never been leaked. Weird?

I purchased games from blizz and epic and only blizz is spamming my mailbox with bullsh.t game ads and asks me to verify id for trying to contact customer support. Like anyone is stupid enough to give id to blizz.


Wut? :sweat_smile:

The proof is that my bank told me they leaked my details.

That’s not how it works. You ask the question, then I answer it. That’s how questions work.


Nice solid and legal proof you have there. Good documents.


Why should I care what other company does ? If you are unhappy with Blizzard stop buying their products , don’t come here and praise some other company regarding their politics (which is pretty much bull** aka marketing strategy) .


Good to see people telling others not to buy blizz products. Helps the cause. :+1:


And? It doesn’t change that it happened. You’re just a troll, after all. I’ve seen your type before though. You expect me to go out of my way to prove anything to you? :yum: Either people believe it or don’t. I believe it, because it happened, and that’s why I won’t buy anything from that store.

Now, I accuse you of being a figment of my imagination. Provide proof that you’re made of flesh and blood or this conversation needs to end. :sweat_smile:

I don’t have proof though, because I never asked, nor wanted it. I never expected to have to provide proof to some troll on the Ow forum. It just happened, I had my details changed and got a new card, and that’s the end of that. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah this is why I answered my question myself. Knew the answer before you answered.

Cool Story Bro.


Like I said. I don’t need to prove anything to you. You either believe it or you don’t.


Like I said : Cool Story Bro.


Epic games are on the right side of history on this one. both in principle and in terms of business. They’ve had a few days of free market information at the cost of Blizzard, they’ve seen how much gamers hate this kind of censorship and the backlash Blizzard has been getting. This is not only very good timing on their part business wise, morally they are on the right side of this too.


Did you say that? I don’t believe you. I’ll need proof.


I’m not telling anyone but you. Stop advertising for another company here.


Thanks for your support on making activity on this topic. I appreciate that.