Why are low ranks ignored?


I refer you to my first comment again.
Read it, especially the part regarding “low skill” vs “high skill”


If you want me to read a spesific line in your post quite it its not hard.
Games like CS, Lol, Dota are game gigants because they balanced only for the 1% or so players. Games that care for casual players get killed because there is no point into respecting that AKA WOW, HOTS, Hearthstone.


At this point, you just don’t want to agree, that’s fine.
But my time is precious, so I’ll stop wasting my time trying to convince someone who’s just here to shout instead of discuss.


Im just descusing my side of things like you do your.
I still fail to see how this game will not die once its balanced around the majorety of players.
And btw stating that 99% of the players are at the same skill level isnt really ture as well.
I just want an example of how low skilled players or the “99%” as you call them are getting ignored or have the game not balanced for them as well. Since i for sure am not part of the 1% yet im happy with the game getting less causal.


I saw it multiple times on this forum where peeps claiming that “most of the players are in gold” anyway why should we care about lower brackets. I wonder where do they get such a stats from, it’s like pulling monkeys out of their As.
Blizz does not provide these kind of game statistics, other sites are not trustworthy/reliable.


Because people in Bronze shouldn’t be listened to? You listen to those who can play the game properly, not who can barely aim in the general direction of the barn door (let alone be aware of the barns existence)

The fact you’re autistic is irrelevant, and going by so many people if you were listened to, you’d still have Syms autolock which never belonged in the game in the first place.


Lols, go sit in a corner m8 :wink:


Blizzard have made nearly everything public from the blizzard api, to inspire people to make programs, apps and sites that track the info they wanted.
Every stat tracking site uses Blizzard api because its public.

“Welcome to the Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal: the place where you can integrate with our APIs and connect with other developers from around the world to craft best-in-class experiences for your community.”
“Create or manage an OAuth client to securely access our data and empower the creation of new and exciting community experiences.”
“Read our Getting Started guide and learn how to use OAuth to access our APIs. Discover how our APIs work, and all the amazing things you can do.”
“Connect with our developer community, learn how others are harnessing our APIs, and share your work with developers from around the world.”

Pretty much all the data comes from there, question is if blizzard are showing real data or stuff they want us to see. But i think its real.


The tips in the videos are true for everyone. Low ranks aren’t ignored.

He’s right tho, you have yourself to blame, not jeff if you are stuck in lower ranks.

If reaper is really that problematic in lower ranks and he has crazy winrates, they’ll do something, hopefully.

Tldr. Get better and you’ll see that once you’re at higher ranks, not only Reaper will break your nuts :rofl:


Anyone wanna play Lucioball?


The game SHOULD focus on higher ranked players. The top tier players are gonna make or break game balance FIRST.

I strongly advise you to look up a video on trickle-down balance to explain this concept in more depth.


Whether it’s can’t or don’t want to isn’t really the issue. If you look at the majority of the player base they play for fun, some may be very committed to improving as much as possible, some maybe not but ultimately the one thing they have in common is they want to enjoy playing. If that enjoyment stops and the situation doesn’t change, they’ll stop playing the game and move onto a game they do get enjoyment from. That’s not good for Overwatch, it’s not good for OWL and it’s not good for Blizzard or their bottom line.

So if you’re a main tank or main support or whatever and a Reaper keeps walking up destroying you, sure you may try and improve, try and work better with your team or pick a different hero, but ultimately unless you find a solution it’s not fun, and if it continues to be not fun the vast majority of players will stop playing.

While its logical to say the game should be balanced from the top down, if this balance makes the game unfun for the majority of the player base, they will stop playing. And ultimately those top levels of the game whom the game is balanced around cannot survive without the rest of the player base, as without that player base Overwatch will die.


NOO! GET GUD. Otherwise we have the Warcraft situation all over again. FREE LEGENDARYS TO EVERYONE, LFR LOOT (can be) AS GOOD AS HEROIC RAID LOOT. WALFARE FOR THE NOOOBS!!


It’s funny, because all you need to get good loot in WoW is … a group. So, playing solo is being a noob, playing in group is being good.
That crap should not be in FPS games at all, but hey … we need to indulge minecraft generation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Point in MMORPG’s is to make friends thou. That’s why vanila was the bomb…
Atm you can max level in wow, fully gear yourself, without even leaving the town.
I miss the good old days when you needed kays and stuff, then you had to go infront of the instance that will be fulled with palyers from the other faction that just want to kill you. Btw no flying mounts… So you need to actually engage the other players and not just fly above them.
ATM you dont even need gold and anything in wow, you just que for stuff and its a done deal. Not to mention how easy it is to get pve loot.


Yeah your problem is, that the only way to make a game that “Works”, you have to balance from the top and down. Most of the issues we face, are from this ideal situation, not being implemented since launch. Brig is one of the major contributers to the games inbalance for a long while, so was Mercy, both healers made for the majority of the playerbase.

No matter, people leave, when they do not find it fun yes. But fun is subjective. Yet we have loads of evidence showing, that the games doing the best on the market in the long terms are the ones properly balanced, so that you have goals to work towards and ways to improve. No one likes a game that has “unbalanced” elements for long stretches of time.

The more you balance around the middle of the pack, the worse the game becomes at the outliers, which means that more players will leave at the high and lower level. That means that the middle now become the high, low and middle and you have new issues arising. All of those issues have fundamental problems that can no longer be solved, by a players own ability and will to improve.


But man I just want to start a game and be rank 1 in a weak just by holding M1 maybe use an ability on cd here and there.


But this is not a normal fps. It’s more of a moba.


It is an FPS, first and always. It has elements from other genres, that make it fit better, now especially with all the none shooter heroes. A hero shooter. Yet majority of the things in game still require “aiming” in first person.


But its not a moba as well. So theres no point calling it a moba. Characters can have abilities even ults(long cd abilities) and still be part of MMORPG or Hack and Slash garner.
The only thing it has incommon with mobas is the health packs that spawn on the map. Since moba games have elements like that or they have NPC’s.
Overwatch is just a hero shooter, nothing less nothing more.
And even so they still used the world “shooter” meaning that some shooting will happen but sadly goats removed that aspect as well.