Why is it so easy to lose rank, but not gain rank?


its really easy to lose rank, but really hard to gain rank…??

why is this?

and im not talking about its easy to faceroll a game/easy to play bad vs hard playing good,…,.
im talking about same play style


If you play bad in your said role you lose points faster with a loss… So try to win constantly and get your points back

Try to knit fog while garggling hydrochloric acid to the tune of motorheads the ace of spaces while hopping 500 miles on 1 foot holding an otstrich egg on a teaspoon without dropping it all while searching for the holy grail and golden fleece…

It would be easier than finding consistency in overwatch


yes ofcourse, playing bad makes you lose point faster… i guess?

but im not talking about “playing good” vs “playing bad”
… i dont know what im talking about tbh…

it just feels so random! with a slight fix-ratio towards loosing games & loosing SR.

its really hard and time consuming to gain 100SR, maybe 10 wins = +100sr(even with gold medals!)
while its rather fast and easy to lose 100SR. 3 lose = -100SR (even with gold medals!)

And it really frustrating.

simply put: i feel like theres alot of factors that need to lineup for winning games thus gaining SR…
so very few factors that need to lineup for me as a player to lose the game/lose SR.

i cant really wrap my head around why…
but it feels like : in the long run… you always lose SR??

Like there is something that blizzard have thought about and said in there internal workgroups:
“hey lets put this invisible forcefield around SR, so the player base needs to figure out for themself, it will be another layer of fun for them!!!”

i dont know, i try to be active in voicecoms during games becouse i thought that would help me gain sr…
but it seems … so very … zzz…
almost more frustrating and so much energy involved trying to explain that i did however said that x hero is not needed/counterd hard…
and in fact i did not say ANYTHING about that players ability to play the game… etc etc etc etc… zzzz


That’s mostly because when you first do your placements, you usually get over-ranked. In other words, when you’re first placed, you’re probably about a full rank (500 SR) higher than you should be, so you will drop, and you will drop hard. Once down, you will be where you belong, so you will get your 50% win rate until you improve a bit, increase your win rate, and thus climb again.

The same thing happened to me and multiple other people that posted such things on the forums.

okay THAT is humour :ok_hand:

Yeah sorry… i feelt i was under ranked after placment, i won 8/10… in 10/10 i had 3+gold medals… i got placed at 2.2k… i am now 2.4k…

and i think i got +200 SR becouse …

  1. im starting to recognize theese trends, some hours of the day i just dont play at all becouse i know its when schoolkids(?) get home etc…
    im talking about the crowd that rather play hero x, then try to play the enemy and win the game (then its VERY easy to lose 400+ sr in 2hrs)

  2. i try to “carry” the voice coms, taking responsobilitys for everyone…
    nagging teammates in chat to join voice…
    warning for flankers
    askinkg people to change heros to better fit the match
    call out targets
    and i also only play tank or healer (cus i rather win then play dps)

while its fun to win etc, it requires alot from me and its a strain…
a big energy dump… and in the long run it just isent fun…

hence this topic.
as if i dont do all theese things, 8 out of 10 games, i will lose.
and since it my gold medals dont mean nothing really for my SR in a lose game…
i will lose SR in 8/10 “casual” games.

on a positive note thou, i wont be reported for “toxic behaviour” in thoose games… zzz.
(gg blizz!)
last season i played, i was @ 3k at highest rank…

so no, your pretty much wrong on everything, as you say it is also stated on “your and all others” opinions of the placment system… and none of you know how the placment system SHOULD work… so… meh on the things you say.

This is just a better way for Blizzard to see what skill level you really fall under. By gaining sr slower compared to gaining it faster it shows your level of consistency when it comes to comp. Players that are less consistent in winning games will be put in lower ranks while players with more consistency - who win more games and grind - will be put higher on the scale.

Jesus Christ, that was a chore to read. Next time, maybe try English.
Considering your level and your hidden profile, pretty much none of what you said is in any way believable and it shows utter lack of understanding of the actual game (e.g. you talk about a previous season yet mention the outcome of your placements as if that is what I could have meant mentioning placements - very obviously I was talking about your very first placements, because any subsequent placements aren’t even placments)
But sure, you are awesome, all hail you, yadayadayada. You win everything you want to win, etc.

If everything you say is true, here’s your story:
a) Hit 25 - did placements, placed highly (around 3k)
b) Since placements overvalue you, you dropped and dropped to around 2k
c) New season, you got a bit better, so you climbed away from 2k with the 10 “placements” bringing you to 2.2k and some more games to 2.4k.
If that’s the case, everything I said was correct. If it’s not correct, there’s just not much that could have happened within those 60 levels you have.

Partially depends on how well you smashed them or got smashed.

In addition, skill ranking systems such as ELO tend to be exponential in nature.

That is to say, the further you deviate from the middle (average), the slower your gains.

It is completely possible to climb with less than 50% win rate. It all depends on how good you are at the character.

This EXACTLY. The hours when kids come home from school etc you will get absolutely terrible matches in terms of teamwork. The team can completely destroy your chances of win, no matter how well you play.

Try playing late at night when kids have gone to bed…

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Yeah I completely agree with you in all that and I brought this up many times on the forum but apparently you just need to git gud to win 100 comp games in a row, doesn’t matter you play healer, if you git gud = 100% winrate guaranteed!

There are a lot of dummies here protecting this unjust SR system so I wouldn’t waste my time on bashing on it more.

The answer is why you lose so MUCH is probably to narrow the top tiers as much as possible, otherwise everyone would be in GM already. This system (regardless roleQ) only benefits good DPS mains who can kill almost a whole team alone as genji/tracer/ashe and other high skill ceiling heroes. Try to climb from bronze to GM with soloQing as mercy or orisa and then come back here next year all angry how much time you wasted trying.

SoloQ in comp up until plat is like playing russian roulette after that 33% of the games you cannot win 33% of the games you cannot lose and 33% games you will win/lose depends on you. That is because up until plat teams don’t work together, you will encounter throwers, toxic team mates, ppl who wouldn’t switch heroes depending on the enemy teamcomp, leavers etc. etc. Game is changing at plat, everyone is working together to try to win, otherwise they wouldn’t be plat. Just enjoy your current rank and don’t care about SR.

To tell you another story tanks are my least favorite, played role but I still consider myself decent with Orisa, in the old system I played some games at diamond with him and got messages like why are u shield feeding, my first thought would be to just respond with why don’t you go f yourself but that’s a different ballgame when you go higher, you must adapt to certain gamestyle, cannot just do as you like so maybe it’s better for you staying on lower level. After diamond there is decay anyway, aka you don’t play you will lose SR automatically until it decays to 3k, maybe your time is just better spent on playing other games.

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You easily lose more games in a row than win in a row, that’s because after a loss you think “Maybe the next one. Yes the next one we will win”.

Welcome to life. This works just like that everywhere. You can try to build up your reputation, career ect your whole life long. And 1 tiny mistake is enough to shred it all down to zero. :smiley: This is just a small lesson you got.

1 lost game does nothing to your SR though.

If u derserve to be in your rank u wont lose it easy

there is simply no single player performance values in the matchmaking rank.
im not even gonna read all your words becouse the first words where toxic about my english.

nä, just det din morsa luktar curry, stick förfan jävla loser.

also no.

the matchmaking system is so flawed.
and nothing you say is logic.

i was won 9/10 matches - was placed at 2.2k
i am now around 2.5 - 2.9k

i can win or lose 400 sr in one day - its all random.
im no “uber carrier” but, im no noob, either…

i often have 2-3 medals AT LEAST.

but… it dont matter at all… becouse i will lose/gain 400 sr all depending on my TEAMMATES.

there is simply no single player performance values in the matchmaking rank.
(unless your godlike).

Erstmal bist du ein absolutes Weichei dafür das du jemanden in ner anderen Sprache beleidigst. That shows that you have no spine what so ever.

Your performance is based on your skill. But i can see why you dont think that if you probably tilt after 1 loss and just believe that you arent tilted.

Git Gut

< cpt obvious mode> because losing is easier than winning. </cpt obvious mode>

there is really no more to it than that. You might even sometimes not even realize that you play bad, not trying hard enough etc. Also there are 5 other people who might be slacking, making you lose.