Will Pink Mercy skin be back?


The title tells my problem pretty much. It’s my absolute favourite skin as a Mercy main and I started playing during last autumn, so I didn’t have a chance to get my hands on it. :frowning:


Doubt it. It would make it less special for those who got it


Yeah, would be unfair for those who bought it since it’s limited.
But you can still donate, just not through blizzard.

My question would be, when the next charity activity will be, and the theme and hero.


It is possible. Many people want her to be available again. Maybe they’ll consider this.


This is a collective fabrication of human minds though. It has no logical basis.

There are up to two Mercys in any match in Comp, including yourself. I personally have never given any care as to which skin my counterpart was using and I have NEVER heard anyone comment or make reference to the skin someone else was using in regards to it being “special” or its presence reducing the “specialness” value of that persons own skin.

(Edited down a bit.)


I don’t feed trolls!


This is absolutely incorrect. What Applepip said does indeed have a logical basis, and despite me playing the game much less these days, it gets mentioned on occasion whenever I’m in a game (and usually it’s my own team). It also helps to main Mercy to really take notice. If you see another Mercy with this skin, you know they’ve at least stuck around for a while.

Oh wait… didn’t realize you were trolling. Oh well I’ll just leave this here anyway.


nope, you wont get it.
it was a one time thing and you’re late.