Will Pink Mercy skin be back?


The title tells my problem pretty much. It’s my absolute favourite skin as a Mercy main and I started playing during last autumn, so I didn’t have a chance to get my hands on it. :frowning:


Doubt it. It would make it less special for those who got it


Yeah, would be unfair for those who bought it since it’s limited.
But you can still donate, just not through blizzard.

My question would be, when the next charity activity will be, and the theme and hero.


It is possible. Many people want her to be available again. Maybe they’ll consider this.


This is a collective fabrication of human minds though. It has no logical basis.

There are up to two Mercys in any match in Comp, including yourself. I personally have never given any care as to which skin my counterpart was using and I have NEVER heard anyone comment or make reference to the skin someone else was using in regards to it being “special” or its presence reducing the “specialness” value of that persons own skin.

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I don’t feed trolls!


This is absolutely incorrect. What Applepip said does indeed have a logical basis, and despite me playing the game much less these days, it gets mentioned on occasion whenever I’m in a game (and usually it’s my own team). It also helps to main Mercy to really take notice. If you see another Mercy with this skin, you know they’ve at least stuck around for a while.

Oh wait… didn’t realize you were trolling. Oh well I’ll just leave this here anyway.


nope, you wont get it.
it was a one time thing and you’re late.


I don’t believe so. This skin is equivalent to Noir Widow, Demon Hunter Sombra, and Blizzcon Winston skins. It was for charity. I bought it when i didn’t even have a ps4 or the game mainly bc I love overwatch and wanted to support the cause because I have family members that have died from cancer (not breast cancer but that doesnt matter at all imo) I’m hoping blizzard will do another charity event with another representing hero. Unfortunately, I think Pink mercy should stay exclusive unless they do it again for breast cancer awareness month and only gift it to ppl who donate. (that is the most humane and morally correct thing to do) It’s hurtful to see people demand the skin be for free, that’s just wrong to me. There will be more cute skins for mercy to come out in the future though im sure ( :


One thing to mention here is Blizz have confirmed the Sombra Demon Hunter skin WILL be available at a later date. Now whether this is in-game, an event or something else, it’s coming and BlizzCon people just have it exclusive first that’s all.

So saying this, their stance on exclusive items could be changing. Will have to wait and see.


My mistake, it was mentioned by a tech support in forums already stated that pink mercy is a legacy skin which is equivalent to noir widow or blizzcon winston/bastion and they do not believe it will be coming back any time soon, if not, at all. I would actually really like if they did another charity skin. there’s tons of ow fans out there that have certain illnesses that have mentioned they would love to see more organizations represented bc of how successful pink mercy was. I personally do not agree AT ALL that pink mercy should be free (some ppl have asked for that). It’s wrong morally and ethically tbh esp to those who have been affected by the disease.


Definitely I agree if the skin does come back it should be paid for again, it’s not like other skins that are purely cosmetic, this one is for a good cause. I’d say they should do a new skin (not sure for who) for another charity but also make the Pink Mercy available as well so people can choose which one they want to support. Granted one might get more money than the other, but it’s still supporting something at the end of the day.


they need to do more charity skins like a series of WWF endangered animal skins…
like imagine a Mei Panda PJ skin! it would be adorable…
Or maybe D.va in a cute tiger Pj skin… /mech look something like that

(i kinda don’t give that much of a crap about human charities… humans wont go extinct so they are less of a priority)

(i often donated to WWF when i baught computer parts at a swedish computer parts store that had charity as an option in the shoping cart… i kind which they would do that again it’s convenient… humble bundle does that too… i just which they had more wild life related charity options… humans kinda suck and only caues problems :stuck_out_tongue:
Like a big dirty stupid never relenting plague! )


I doubt it. But to those saying “it wouldnt make it special because its not limited addition anymore” is so selfish. Its not about getting a skin for a limited time its a charity skin.


Its not about a cool limited addition skin its for charity.


I’m more interested in a pink skin for Genji and an “It’s time to stop!” voice line.


you can do charity anytime you want, don’t need overwatch for this. But I tell you what, you want the skin and not doing charity, thats it.


I got it when it was available, and honestly i would personally not mind if blizz brought it back for others to get.

I of course only speak for myself! I bet there are some other pink mercy’s out there that don’t want to share their skin


I think they will add it again if there is another charity event. A lot of demand for it and can’t expect any company to pass up the money xD.


Maybe they can make another limited one for Ana but also make the Mercy one available if you donate.