Wrongfully banned from ow 2

I am a gm1 player on console. I played a crossplay game with pc players on Quick play. I had aim assist due to being on console with that and me being a Gm1 Dps. I played so good they thought I was hacking but I wasn’t. You can’t even hack on console there are no programs that make you have aimbot as they claim" on console so how are you going to ban me for hacking???. The only reason I got banned is because of the automated ban system on reports. I’ve had my account for 6 years why would I use any cheat programs especially in quick play. I tried to appeal but they gave me the same automated response of
" An additional review of the previously communicated action taken against your Overwatch account has been completed. Unfortunately, we have confirmed our initial findings. The account action will not be reversed or amended.
Again I raise the topic of how a console player can use cheats?
I hope I get help on this topic


Man that’s rubbish. :confused: The report system is so bad and easily abused… I hope Blizzard really sort it out and look deeper. I remember someone on here said they got banned for the same reason but then Blizzard saw they made a mistake and unbanned them. Hopefully the same will happen to you.

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Its so frustrating man getting wrongfully banned just because of the mass false reports you get. Just because they lost they agreed to report me for chaeting.


We don’t have aim assist when we play with pc but with you being such a high rank you probably didn’t notice. Yes the automated ban system is awful, because like you said after a certain amount of reports you can lose everything, people can easily do it out of spite.


I thought they enabled aim assist for console players on non competitive modes, but if what you say is true that furthermore supports the idea of me not looking suspicious in the games I played making the accusation of me using hacks ridiculous!

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Are you using mouse and keyboard while playing on console??

No, I am familiar with people using xim apex on console to play mkb , but I am 100% a controller player you can also see i have low sensitivity in the replays

Did they specifically say hacking in the emails, or just “cheating”

The email specifically said. “Recent activity on this account shows the use of an unauthorized cheat program, also known as a “hack”, which harms the intended player experience.”

Hmm. Well, that isn’t received because of reports, that’s from it actually picking something up.

Curious as to what though. If you care enough, keep appealing and demanding information.

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I do care but the thing as when I appeal they keep giving me the same response of " we already reviewed your ticket and won’t respond to this matter again". What really gets me going is that there are no hacks or cheating programs on console, If I was a pc player there acquisitions maybe justified but being a console player completely denies these claims.

No, aim assist gets disabled for us when we are in pc pools. I don’t play with pc players, only have a few times so I don’t have the issue.

I didn’t notice the difference to be honest because I only played a few quick play games at the time

I noticed immediately, I’ve been playing shooters for a long time, all of which had some form of aim assist. If you didn’t notice anything that’s fair enough. But to be sure when you dragged your aim over a player if it didn’t slow down then you can usually tell.

This is why I think the email might be a generic response and they’ve had you for account boosting.

Seems kinda unfair to deem it hacking. Even if it was account boosting I was just playing quick play with a friend I literally only got banned because people reported me out of spite.

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If it’s hacking, that won’t be because of reports.

If it’s boosting, that will be. But cheating is always verified by someone/some people. The whole “out of spite” argument is common, but completely illogical and basically impossible. People like the one that liked your post believe it because they’d rather have something they can blame.

There have been very rare cases where it’s been wrong and overturned, but that is very rare.

Be interesting to see what it’s picked up. Long shot… Is your friend banned too?

The thing is as I stated before I am a console player I couldn’t and have not used any kind of cheats or hacking. I honestly don’t know how they judged it to be boosting or hacking.

My friend didn’t get banned no people in the chat only wrote “Report ashe he’s rage hacking” as one said. That’s what makes me believe it was mass reports and abuse of the report system that got me banned

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You can’t mass report and get someone banned off 1 game. You need far more reports than that. Hence spite won’t be it.

If it’s genuinely a hacking ban, something would have triggered it, as that isn’t report based. Cheating isn’t unheard of in console, there was a big surge of it in Warzone not long ago.

I would get on to the support pages and talk to them. They do have the option to speak to people.

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Yeah I know but its very rare on overwatch I’ve played the game for almost 6 years and only saw a few cases back in the day.( Btw I played like 3 games not only 1 and people cried about 2 of the games the third one people played normally and no one said a thing )

I don’t know for sure what they picked up because I am 100% sure I didn’t do anything wrong I just played normally.

About the support page where can I find that if you can help me with it?