You should lose less sr for a game with leavers


I consistently get games with leavers, that are literally impossible to win because of how the game works. My suggestion is that you don’t lose the same amount of sr as you would a normal game


I think you do right now. Someone left and we lost and i lost 15 sr. Maybe lower that to like 10?


You shouldnt lose any. Its not tbe remaining players fault someone quit.


Dodging, SR-Manipulation, etc. etc. all discussed without a proper solution.

Go ahead and propose a working solution - bet you guys cant.


Simple if the match has a leaver then sr remains unajusted. Its not that difficult.


Well, that would also be problematic. Imagine you beeing on the winning end and then somebody suddenly leaves, you wont get SR. Not really fair. But hear me out. Since I also would like to see such an system let me propose one.

Anybody not affiliated (Group or Friend) with the leaver will not receive negative SR.
Of course there is the case that somebody is bullied out or possibly hacked. But those would hopefully be edge cases.


I meant on the losing team. The winning team would still get sr as normal.


Congratulations, you just created easy SR Manipulation and a non-competitive-Environment.


If a team is forced to play a player short and still lose sr then it isnt competative anyway.


at least we are trying to let blizzard know that this problem exist, and that we care


no, because if you get disproportionally more leavers than the enemy team you are probably the reason why people tend to bail.

got discussed billion of times. why can’t you use the search function and read old threads, instead of creating another one?

it is. because your team is probably responsible for that one player leaving, your own fault. People don’t ragequit for no reason.


Lol are you slow or something? If you cant come up with a logical discussion then dont bother letting us know your pointless opinion.

Ppl quit even on winning teams.

And i didnt start this thread i replied to it.


the logical discussion has been already had a billion of times, you knew this if you’d be capable of using the search function. Now you just resort to reiterating the same pointless arguments over and over again.


I recommend you- the Looking For Group feature.


I didnt even start this thread you idiot. Maybe you should get some reading comprehension before trying to be a smart ass.


If leaver would lose 250, that would balance doing it for saving teammates. And others don’t need to lose anything if there a troll, he will be bronze after 5 such attempts, while waiting for next one 3 days or so. Just come up with working design, not trash (like KetaKubaner).


easy dunking on people 2-3 tiers below yourself??


Yes, it should be possible to just bully people into leaving so you don’t lose as much SR. That will reduce toxicity.

Honestly, just be a nicer player and fewer people will leave. It’s really, really easy. Besides: 6 potential leavers on the enemy team, 5 potential leavers on your team. So unless you are so repugnant that you make people want to leave, the oppoent will always have a higher rate of leavers.


No-one can bully me, mute, block and enjoy the rest of the game, if he leaves because of failed trolling, perfect, see you in bronze, do not punish 5 other players. I’m not forced to listen to rude and low game IQ teammates. And avoid as teammate was expanded from 2 to 3, what an enhancement!


you are most likely responsible for people leaving your team, so just deal with it and next time you’ll hopefully do some better.