Anubis - AFK botter

Nobody will read this anyway or even care about calling out a botter but this guy has been afking and ruining 4v4 games non-stop

I already reported but nothing will happen, the guy is on 12.600 played games now. Next week I’ll check back and see he played another hundreds of games

Oh look, it’s the same guy. He was at 9.400 games one year ago and even admits to botting

Reported so many of them and still reporting even though I know nothing is gonna happen as Blizzard don’t make any actions against them.

Blizz gives a sh!t about starcraft, no matter if u are using bots or insult other people, blizz doesn’t care

well i had the “honor” to play with this Anubis 4 times. He was AFK i reported him nothing happen. This kind of behaviour affect the game badly. Blizzard doesn t care apparently but i think someone has to do something about Anubis.

Well im doing this on about 20 accounts. In 1v1 2v2 and 4v4.
Never got banned.
But if it makes you feel better i got a 3 Day Chat restriction lmfao. Doing this since wings of liberty release btw

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