Can't connect to EU servers

A previous thread from the beginning of August was already bumped by a few people, including me, but I thought I’d make a new one, because the previous one is marked as “Resolved”, and is also a month old.

I haven’t played StartCraft II in years, and decided to reinstall it. I can connect fine on the launcher, but in-game, I am unable to connect to the EU servers, where all my progress is. I can connect to the US and the KR server, but when trying to connect to the EU server, I get a “There is a temporary outage of the service. Please try again later”. This is weird to me as the login process works fine on, but it doesn’t in SC2.


i have the same issue.

Same issue here. No problem logging in via the launcher,but trying to connect to EU servers,then i get the same message.

Can confirm, have the same issue :frowning:

Same issue here, “temporary” outage of the service

I already commented on beforementioned other thread, but considering how significant this problem seems to be (as in: affecting many people from different European countries) I’d really like to emphasize:
It would be great if something could be done about this.

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Glad it is not just mine, thought it was a computer error but looks like its not the case. Hope they sort this soon

Same issue here. Connecting to US fine, but can’t connect to EU, getting the ‘Outage of services’ message. Installed today after not playing for a few years.
Main progress was on EU in the past (Achievements from campaigns and 1v1 games.)

Hello, same issue here.

Same problem here, cannot connect to EU servers, getting that same error message.

For me as well. Started yesterday.

I have the same problem, connecting to the US works fine and other Blizzard games work fine.

Hello, same issue here.

Same issue here, please fix this.

Same here although i have not tried the us servers

Almost a full day later, the issue persists.

Hi, same for me: I installed SC2 after a couple of years and I get the “temporary unavailable “ erro when I try to log in on to EU servers. US is working. I had a few games there also, but not that much, and it was very long ago…

Same issue here, please fix this.

It’s been two days! Fix it please, I didn’t pay for this, I payed to play whenever I want.

Ayo anyone at tech support still alive or has the game been taken off life support and is officially dead??