Co-op commander lvl reset bug?

Happening to me too. First 3 commanders are max lvl 5 now when they were level 15

Having the same issue, P3 Kerrigan went from 15 to 5, stuck at max xp for the level :confused:
Noticed this yesterday.

Hey all, thanks for the continued reports.

This has already been sent up to our developers to take a look into those levels dropping. If you do notice them pop back up, whether that be by swapping Region, or updating your account’s Password, please do let us know and we’ll get that info added to the investigation!

I have the same issue. US here.

I experience the same problem across multiple regions - playing on Europe and Americas as well and my Co-op commander Kerrigan was reset and capped at level 5.

Changing between regions, changing account password and restarting the game or battlenet did not help with the issue.

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same issue here - artanis bugged, dont know yet for the other 2

Same here.

First 3 commanders capped to level 5 for a few days.

Logout/logic etc did not fix anything.

Same here, Raynor capped at level 5.

Same issue here. There is one other player affected in my friend group, and the only thing in common (that we can think of) is that the last server maintenance hit when we were live in a co-op game. Others, who logged off earlier, didn’t get affected.

Just logged in today and it seems to be fixed for me, Thanks :slight_smile:

As Ivanocu noticed, it should be good now, thanks for your patience as we got this looked into!

If you do still see low levels, you can force refresh your account by updating your password, which should kick everything back up to where it belongs again.

Both myself and friend seem to be encountering this bug now. My friend has reset their password and the issue still seems to persist. Have noticed this seems to only be affecting the free to play co-op commanders as any commanders. (Any commanders that I have purchased previously don’t seem to be affected by this issue. )

Same. My free commander lvl reset to 5.

My artanis just reset to level 5. I was above level 15 for at least 5 years.

I’m currently experiencing the bug. I’ve tried changing region, deleting the cache, and a host of other fixes I’ve found online and nothing has come of it.

same issue USA ASIA 2024-01-27T13:00:00Z

Same here, Raynor capped at level 5

US here. I have tried changing password, signing in/out, etc but still have the issue.

i have a problem after the last update all my commanders who are free became paid and dropped to level 5 and can’t level up they have to be bought

I also came across this after logging in today as I can’t progress Kerrigan past lvl5 anymore and it’s stating I have to purchase her.