Co-op commander lvl reset bug?

Are there any fixes or solutions to this bug, I am on EU and just logged on to see that my first three commanders are level locked at 5, even though it shows my prestige below.

Same problem here, and i tried to lvl them back, it sayes, i have to purchase them before… ridiculous, that i have all chars, at max lvl and prestige, and i cant play the ones i got for free, with the purchase of the game :frowning:

I have the same thing. 3 basics commander stuck at 5. Some one know a strat to fix this?

Same issue. have reset the password as admin suggested earlier. purchased game 4 years ago. please fix this admins.

Hi, resetting the password hasnt sorted the issue. do you have any other suggestions?


That post is from 2023 may, cant do anything atm but to wait till they fix it.

Yep, same issue here.

Saw a comment saying to change your password to fix the “Free commander locked at lvl 5”, but it didn’t work. What is this…

Same issue as of today, with lvl 5 cap on the free commanders. WTF did you do to my game? I paid for the game and bought all the damn heroes, and now I get this crap? FIX THIS!!!

Is anyone actually fixing this? Or are they just sitting on this hoping we will quit the game all together?

Same issue. Can’t seem to fix the free commanders being locked, which sucks as prestiging them was my next goal.

I have the same problem.
Still not fixed.

I’m having the same problem started today. any fix?

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Problem still exists for me too. Changing region didnt help. I installed the game and the bug was there from the start if this helps. Didnt play for a long time until i installed it again.

I’ve got the same issue as well with Raynor being locked back to level 5 with max XP.

Same issues here. Pls fix it @_@

Same issues. Pls fix