Co-op Update - June 13

Greetings Co-opers!

Over the years, you’ve fought (and usually defeated) Amon’s vast armies across the Koprulu sector. After succumbing to never-ending defeat, Amon has had enough of the abuse. Today, we’re excited to announce the following changes to Co-op in an upcoming update.

New Upgrades

On Hard and Brutal difficulties, Amon will now research the following upgrades over time. These upgrades will benefit enemies who initially spawn on the map, as well as those who spawn from attack waves.

  • Combat Shield

  • Stimpack

  • Concussive Shells

  • Infernal Pre-Ignitor

  • Ares Class Targeting System

  • Metabolic Boost

  • Adrenal Glands

  • Gilal Reconstitution

  • Muscular Augments

  • Chitinous Plating

  • Charge

  • Singularity Charge

  • Extended Thermal Lance

Beware! During testing, we’ve noticed that Marines and Zerglings in particular gain a significant boost to their power levels.

New Attack Wave Compositions

Amon has also devised new horrific attack wave compositions to keep Commanders on their toes. In the next update, Amon will have a chance to spawn one of six new attack waves, two from each race, inspired by the armies used during the First Great War in the original StarCraft. These waves will focus on the themes of Terran Infantry, Terran Mech, Zerg Ground, Zerg Air, Protoss Ground, and Protoss Air.

Composition Callouts

After adding so many new attack waves compositions, we found that they can be a bit difficult to keep track of and counter appropriately. Which is why Commanders have retaliated with new scouter technology! In the next update, when Amon’s troops are first discovered, players will be shown a description of the composition and a list of key units to watch out for.

We hope you enjoy these new challenges. Please let us know what kinds of new attack waves you’d like in the future!

Kevin Dong

Lead Co-op Designer



I would gladly see attack waves that contain leviathan/mothersip/loki and not just in the final wave like on Void launch or as base defense like on Korhal.

And attack waves that contain all type of hybrids.


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sweet !!
great changes :slight_smile:
gj blizzard

This will be interesting.

Awesome nice one! Amon really did need a buff! My two cents after playing the changes is I felt maybe it was a tiny bit harder. Still pretty easy though. Amon is meant to be super evil so would be great if he was hard :P.

So blizzard arent going to be sorry for ruining co-op for what feels like months with three options of enemies only?
At some point you just get tired of vikings, mass zerglings and adepts.

Typo: Gilal -> Glial

Hell yes! It’s about time time co-op got harder! Thanks Blizzard!


Since the latest patch 4.9.2 the attack waves are bugged again, the same way like before; each race has only one kind of composition. At least on the EU server. Could you please fix this asap?

Best regards,

The “Classic Skytoss” composition is evil! Corsair/Scout kind of wrecks everything, since Light ground units get evaporated by the Scouts, Light air units are melted by Corsairs, Armored air units are eradicated by Scouts and the heavier ground units fall foul of Disruption Web. This one will take some thought to counter! The challenge begins!

Haven’t noticed anything different tbh. Couple of new units that weren’t before… that’s it.

Many thanks for correcting the attack wave bug!

Hello guys from blizz, could you sell bundles of commander alarak, stukov, mira and han, mengsk please??

Hardly gonna happen. If I remember right there was only once that kind of situation. A year ago for Black Friday/Christmas or smth.