Free-to-play Commanders progress reset to Level 5 - Bug Report

In StarCraft II coop, there is a bug where the first 3 free-to-play commanders (Raynor, Artanis, Kerrigan) have been changed to Level 5 (even though I have completely leveled them and all their prestiges). This bug has happened before btw. Where can I report this bug?


Same here (except i have only prestiged Kerri) Eu server.

Same issue again. They’re also capped at level 5, so it’s not even possible to level them up anymore.
This happened after the server maintenance on EU server.

Same here. They’re also capped at level 5
This happened after the server maintenance on EU server.

Same here on Raynor.

Same on Raynor & Artanis.

Same for me, had raynor Level ~30 and now it’s been resetted to 5 and also can’t progress cause of level threshold of not buying the game which is weird since I bought all the expansions.

I have that problem too with Artanis and Kerrigan.

Same here, I hope it gets fixed soon

Same issue. Raynor Kerrigan and Artai is limited to level 5 in co-op, but I had them on level 251…So I have original boxed Version of game.

Same issue. Looks like Blizz push us to buy new (but old) bundle (again). Same issue was 5 may 2022

Same here, I hope it gets fixed soon

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I’d played with Kerrigan just now and after the win it said that “XP is capped until purchased”. What that mean? Is it a bug or I have to buy something? I downloaded the game 6 months ago trough the app.

ı have just buy the game still same issue

same has happened to me

same happened to me after the 4/10/2024 update. more than just the f2p commanders have been affected.


Any update/fix? I was about to prestige all 3 :frowning:

Same here Raynor is capped at level 5 even though last time I played I was level 8.

It seems they have a history with this issue occurring after maintenance.

Same here. When will this be addressed?

Same here my commanders has gone to lvl 5 again