Good Bye Starcraft 2 Good Bye Blizzard, Your multiplayer games is a TRASH!

I know, SC2 has always been broken in multiplayer mode … why? Is it so difficult to group players correctly? why if with only 1000 players, you already have more than enough possibilities to create fair teams!

Yesterday I played 5 games, the 5 lost games were like this: !!

My team = 2 goldies, 1 play, me Diam
Other team = 3 Masters, 1 Plat

All games went like this! why Blizzard !!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? !!! (ANSWER!!!)

After 10 years I have realized that I lost 9 years of my life believing I played a balanced game, it is clearly not like that … so:

Goodbye and FU! Starcraft 2, Goodbye Blizzard !!

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Maybe start playing 1v1 ?
Who cares about 4v4 like for real lol. U are bad at this game and got carried till dia. Gj bro.
No one needs you cya o/
LG Anubis


Damn son. Truth is team gaming is very dead compared with custom and 1v1

My team = 2 goldies, 1 play, me Diam

me Diam

Click on his profile. Hes Plat.

me Diam

Try not to smiley guys HAHAHAHHAHA fuck sad fuck.
Maybe get better ??! I also enjoy 4v4 from time 2 time. But you cant balance a game with 100 players u shit head.
Im happy that u dont play the game annymore

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There probably was only one other team. Just not enough people like multiplayer.

Personally I can’t get the hang of multiplayer every time I try I die and contribute basically nothing and pretty much just bring my whole team down.

Skills and styles are completely different