Ladder is frustrating

Lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose.

Why does it take so many games for this fucking MMR system to figure out I don’t play as good as I used to?! Spending my entire evening just loosing is not fun.


blizzards matchmaking has always been broken. only fanboy sheeps will disagree. their team matchmaking is the most broken , they have no way to accurately measure skill. their system only puts carried and carry

it’ll be benficial when the game tells you when you are expected to carry and when you are the carried. but nope they like to hide that stuff cause they think its balanced. pathetic company can’t get it right after 10 years


mmr shouldn’t exist at all , like it doesnt exist in real sports and competitions.

MMR system was supposed to be an answer to smurfing back in days when u could do milion accounts with one CD-key.
in fact in never sorted it , it just got abused ;D

however "the smurfing problem " is not a thing anymore…somehow tho we still have this MMR abomination ;D

The matchmaking system is f***ing broken.
I know what you’re saying. I also keep losing, and losing, and losing. You know why? Because I’m platinum and the system decides to put me with diamond players who are way above me or with some weird silver players who are actually masters. Screw this, totally unfair


We should have filter on matchmaking system. I am really sick of matching with retarded, inresponsive players. we should have some filters on players Age, nationality, experience, achivement point ongame etc.

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Hey buddies! I got the solution.
Remove unranked or let thems fight only each others.
(actually unranked crossed ranked)
Temp ban from ranked for thoses who surrend at -1mn (they just lowering their mmr to fight against more ez opponents)

THEN You can fight vs opponent of your lvl :slight_smile: No thx needed, i’m just genius

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