Poor sound quality due to forced using of bluetooth headset mic


Apr '21

As I opened my game after some 250-ish update 11 April 2021, I see in my toolbar that StarCraft 2 (not battle.net) is using my microphone. Whats up with that?

So, it’s June 8 and I have the exact same issue and cannot find a way to fix it. ALSO there is NO voice chat options ingame - it’s just missing.

I turned off the voice chat on my account here and in the battle.net app options for SC2, and still no luck - when I open the game, it sets Windows to a “call-mode” and the sound is crap

Sooo maybe you please PLEAAASE will finally do your job and fix it? I hope it’s not like with the kids in school when someone is getting to popular he/she starts to bully everyone and being a total douche. It doesn’t work like that with companies, right? I hope not.


December 29th, 2023

I love using my Bluetooth headset but this damn game just screws with it. I’ve disabled microphone use on the launcher settings and it still doesn’t work.

Edit: My PC has a built-in microphone and set that as a default in the OS and the launcher so it does not interfere with my Bluetooth headset’s audio. Works for EVERY OTHER APP except this one.